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Monday, January 10
BTAA Meeting Minutes November 8, 2010
BTAA Meeting MinutesNovember 8, 2010 Meeting called to order:  8:08 ACTION ITEMS:·    Minutes from October’s meeting read and accepted by members with corrections.Corrections:  NoneMotion to accept:   Tony Raffino      2nd:  John Eltringham·    Treasurer’s Report-read by Donna Grenauer      Copies available by request.      Motion to accept: Dave Capuano      2nd:   Tony Raffino EXECUTIVE REPORT:Vince Spina:  - Budget meeting with Twp.:  Reduction from last year of $10,000.00 to $40,000.  All have experienced a 20% reduction.  Suggested increasing our registration fee from $75.00 to $80.00Requests:·         When coordinators meetings resume in January, we begin registration increases.·         Anything exceeding $1,000.00 needs Board approval.·         There is a chain of command for grievances/concerns; in writing. John Koch – absent Cathy Shay –No report Jill Volkert – Coordinators reminded to get coaches’ background info. to me for clearances. Donna Grenauer – Needs to know if a new place is to be used for practices/games at least 2 weeks in       advance for insurance purposes.   Reminder:  ONLY coordinators can order anything from vendors. COORIDNATOR/COMMITTEE REPORTS SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino·         Night games played were great!   Thanks to all.·         Season went very well.·         Tournaments went well.  3 teams went to semi-finals.                                                                            Leftover food was donated to New Bethany Ministries.·         Tentative dates for spring soccer sign ups are 1/17, 19, 25, and 27.·         Request for having 1 team, U12, form an indoor soccer team.  Discussion will follow when a written proposal is received.·         Joe Kitchell reviewed an incident from the U12 boys “B” team during the tournament.·         Vince complimented the Soccer program this year and especially the tournament.FOOTBALL – as per Vince Spina·         Had a great year.   All teams made play offs.·         105 lb. team in Championship this Sat. - 11:45 at the Raiders field.·         80 lb team went 10 and 0 to the championships.·         Flags came in 2nd place.·         Doing sport bags instead of trophies for participation awards. CONCESSIONSNo report SOFTBALL – No reportCHEERLEADING – as per Karen McIlvaine  ·         1st competition, Flags placed 1st, Varsity placed 4th and JV’s 5th.·         Next competition is Northern Lehigh.·         Wed. is uniform returns for those who are not competing.·         There are 60 football cheerleaders and 56 wrestling cheerleaders.  WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden·         Season started with many new kids and parent involvement.·         Uniform hand outs are this week.·         Sun. we will wrestle in Freedom Tournament.·         Attending another tournament on Nov.27th.·         Dec. 5th is first match.·         60 kids registered.  Looking for wrestlers in the upper weights. BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano·         Practice has begun.  40 teams – 450 registered.·         Finally have enough people coaching.·         6 different leagues.·         33 team kits were donated from DICK’S.·         Pates teams begin the end of Nov./beginning of Dec.·         CBL teams start Dec. 8th.·         Looking to do something fun with the younger teams to encourage participation to continue. LACROSSE –as per Joe Conzola·         Dec. 7, 9, 13 and 15 are sign ups.·         Still waiting for leases from NCC and East Hills.·         Fliers are being processed.·         Last year we had 110 registrations. OTHER ·         The written suggestions for duties for “work bond” volunteers were collected from coordinators.  Review will be done and points and values will be assigned.·         Cheerleaders were told that they were getting metals from the “Bethlehem Bowl.”·         Lynn Spina reported that many were hitting on the lottery calendars. CURTOSY OF THE FLOOR -·         Karen McIlvaine inquired about a “Bulldog Award” for the athletes.·         Heather Gowdy suggested a few fundraisers; BINGO, Dine To Donate (Friendly’s, DQ). MEETING RECOGNITION:  1st meeting:  David Delvillaggio, Les Walker, Bill Neusidl, David Hall      2nd meeting:  None        3rd meeting and voting member:  Wolfgang Tichey Motion to accept:     John Shay           2nd:     Tony Raffino                                              All in favor. NEXT MEETING:  Dec. 13, 2010 @ 8:00, BTCC -   No Coordinators’ meetingMotion to adjourn:     Lynn Spina          2nd:   Karen McIlvaineMeeting adjourned:    9:00  Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert