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Monday, January 10
BTAA Meeting Minutes December 13, 2010
BTAA Meeting MinutesDecember 13, 2010Meeting called to order: 8:10ACTION ITEMS:Minutes from November’s meeting read and accepted by members. Changes/Corrections: NoneMotion to accept:   Heather Gowdy         2nd: Lynn Spina Treasurer’s Report – read by Vince $2,809.19 opening balance - $13,581.58 closing balance.  Copies available upon request at next meeting.Motion to accept:  Brian Flynn         2nd    John GrenauerEXECUTIVE REPORT:  Vince Spina  - Exec. Board and Coordinators meeting will resume in Jan.   6:30 for Exec. Board joined by Coordinators at 7:00.Cheerleading and softball still need to submit a list of “work bond” duties.Familiarize selves with by-laws for the next meeting. John Koch – absent Cathy Shay – Coordinators forward reminder of meetings to coaches. Jill Volkert Remember to submit background info. to me. Donna Grenauer–absent DISCUSSION ITEMS:   COORDINATOR / COMMITTEE REPORTS:  SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino·         Sign ups Jan. 17, 19, 25 and 27.·         Have checks for uniforms that were not returned.·         Will try a trial online registration for spring. FOOTBALL- as per Juan Cotto·         Pass Punt and Kick event may be held at our field this year.  DeSean Jackson may appear to sign autographs.·         Some moms are trying to start a “Ladies Auxiliary.” CHEERLEADING –as per·         “Stand Up and Cheer” competition brought in $9,000.00 profit.   A HUGE success!!!  Vince commended everyone involved.  Outstanding  job!  Thanks to all of the people who helped and especially to “Spike!”·         2/6 is the first cheering competition for wrestling. LACROSSE -as per Cathy Shay·         43 sign ups last week, 25 tonight.·         Wed. is the last sign up, but will probably have another late sign up date next month. CONCESSIONS – No report  WRESTLING as per Keith Lyden·         Won first 2 matches in tournament.·         After 2 meets; JV’s 3 and 0, Varsity 2 and 1.·         Wed. 2/15 is “Bulldog Night” at Freedom.·         Sun. 9:30 is our first home match at Freedom. BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano·         Games started this past weekend.  Most teams won.·         Getting gym time is difficult.  Schools keep taking our time away due to school events.·         Ray questioned Wilson renting Freedom’s gym.  Vince will inquire.·         Heather will email Dave NCC’s asst. athletic director’s email.·         Vince commented that Dave is doing an awesome job with creative scheduling for practices during the week. SOFTBALL: as per John Grenauer·         Gearing up for sign ups next month on Jan 17, 19, 25 and 27.·         Fliers are in the works. OTHER:·         We always like to recognize outstanding teams and players.                                         18 players from the 80 lb. Championship, Bulldog football team were present to be recognized for their outstanding performance this season.  They went undefeated :  10 and 0 and won the Bethlehem Bowl!  Congratulations to the players for all of their hard work and to coaches:  Ray Russin, Dave Schneck, Rick Schwind, Earl Jenkins, Jason Cora and “helper” Austin Schneck.  Thanks to team moms Kim Jenkins and Shanen Hoke.      ·         BTAA has a Facebook Page.  Take a look. ·         Nominations  for fall sport’s coordinators:o        Football –Juan Cottoo        Soccer – Tony Raffinoo        Cheering – Karen McIlvaine, Carman Barbosa and Heather Gowdy                                  All above nominees accepted. COURTESY OF THE FLOOR:·         Joe Kitchell – Online soccer registration is being set up through eteamz active sports.  Trial in spring so we’ll be ready for fall.  Will have the ability to upload non-online registrations so everything can be kept together.·         Lynn Spina – Lottery ticket sales showed a profit of over $3,000. MEETING RECOGNITION:1ST meeting:  Jennifer Donchez, Doreen Stocker, David Barbosa, Gloria Colon and Antonio Martinez2nd meeting:  David Delvillaggio, Les Walker, Bill Neusidl, Carman Barbosa 3rd meeting:  NoneMotion to accept new members:  John Grenauer     2nd:  Heather Gowdy     All in favor. NEXT MEETING:            January 10, 2011 @ 8:00, BTCC.  Motion to adjourn:  Ray Russin       2nd:  Brian Flynn                     Meeting adjourned:  8:50 Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert