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Monday, January 10
BTAA Meeting Minutes Oct. 11, 2010

BTAA Meeting Minutes

Oct. 11, 2010


Meeting called to order: 8:00


· Minutes from September’s meeting read and accepted by members with corrections.

Corrections: In Vince’s executive report, the budget will be submitted to the Twp. Board, not the School Board.

Motion to accept: Tony Raffino 2nd: Dave Capuano

· Treasurer’s Report-read by Donna Grenauer Copies available by request next month.

Motion to accept: Ray Russin 2nd: Wilson Hoke.



Vince Spina: Met with Mr. Kunzler and Mr. Hammer for a “pre-budget” meeting. The budget meeting is in November. Things look dim. We may have to consider fund raising.


John Koch – No report

Cathy Shay – No report

Jill Volkert – No report

Donna Grenauer – No report


SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino

· All going well.

· Municipal Field is in bad shape.

· Soccer night games on 10/16 and 10/23. Concession stand will be open.

CHEERLEADING – as per Karen McIlvaine

· Late sign ups were productive. 52 total

· Cheering for soccer on Oct. 16th and 23rd.


FOOTBALL – As per Juan Cotto

· All going well.

· Home games are over.

· Upcoming 80 lb. tournament.


BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano

· All leases are in now.

· 10/19 Coaches meeting.

· 10/27 Parents’ meeting.

· Stuff from Dicks will be coming.

· Practice for Pates teams begins in Nov.

· Practice for CBL starts in Dec.

· Working with Freedom teams to use the same plays.

SOFTBALL – No report.

WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden

· 50 – 60 sign ups.

· 11/1 practice starts.

· Brandon Hall is the new high school coach.

LACROSSE –as per Joe Conzola

· League wants games scheduled one after the other on Saturdays. May be up to 6 games in a row.

· Sign ups in Dec.

· Looking for additional girls’ coach.


· By-law review and revisions in January.

· Volunteers are always the same few people. “Work bonds” will be necessary, now.

Pen Argyl does it and it works for them. They charge $100.00.

Coordinators will need to email Vince a list of volunteer duties for their sport.


· Joel from Achieve Solutions, Inc. presented information on a Gourmet Desserts fund raiser. With 10 items sold, a sports bag is awarded. If 20 items are sold, the seller receives a sports bag and a long sleeved T shirt.

· Dave asks if we are getting a “Web Master.” Online registrations would be so beneficial!

We could set up a Pay Pal account. This will be researched.

Possible upgrade through eteamz. $100.00 annually. Tony will research.

· Heather asked if the concession stand could sell breakfast items.

· Heather suggests adding something in the by-laws that addresses personal hygiene and inappropriate touching of self and others.

· Lynn asks for purchase of a “Bulldog” flag for “SPIKE” the mascot. There may be one in the office or concession stand.

· Wilson asked about “Dine to Donate” for 5 GUYS.

· Cheering Coaches discuss competition selection for earning Championship jacket. 3 Competitions total. For fall football, Parkland is the “Championship Jacket Competition,” in addition to placing

in one other of their competitions. There are 2 wrestling competitions this season; Pocono Summit and Nazareth. Nazareth will be the selected “Championship Jacket Competition.”

MEETING RECOGNITION : 1st meeting: none,

2nd meeting: Wolfgang

3rd meeting and voting member: Heather Gowdy

Motion to accept: Karen McIlvaine 2nd: Lynn Spina All in favor.

NEXT MEETING: Nov. 8, 2010 @ 8:00, BTCC

Motion to adjourn: John Shay 2nd: Ray Russin

Meeting adjourned: 9:16

Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert