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Tuesday, September 7
BTAA Meeting Minutes July 12, 2010
BTAA Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2010

Meeting called to order:  8:06

Minutes from June’s meeting read and accepted by members.
Motion to accept:   Dave Caupano   2nd Joe Conzola

Treasurer’s Report – None available at this time
Vince Spina -
  *Coordinators need to decide what they will choose for participation awards.
  *Championship games/Tournaments need to be determined in advance at start of season.
  *Annette Mease resigned as cheering coordinator.  Need a replacement immediately.
  *Received coupons from DICK’S for our free items.
  *Our $4,200.00 line painter is in. $5,665.00 cost for line painting last year.  Already a savings.
  *Community service to be signed off by coordinators and board members ONLY!
  *Still looking to generate more volunteers.

John Koch -  
  *Football helmets are back from being reconditioned.
  *All equipment returned.
  *Lottery calendar fundraisers are finished and ready to distribute.  Looking for each player to
     sell 2 calendars @ $10.00 each.  Due back by end of August.  Runs Sept.-Oct.-Nov.  All
     profits go to ENTIRE organization - ALL SPORTS.
     Lynn suggested some type of incentive. Decided on for every 20 sold/seller gets one free.   

Cathy Shay –  Working on article for Twp.‘s fall brochure.

Jill Volkert – No report

Donna Grenauer – No report


FOOTBALL- as per Vince Spina
Ready to go.  Season Begins 8/2.
Taking late registration.
2 pre-season games lined up.  One is with Northampton - Forever 47.
Bethlehem Vol. Fire Company will Provide EMTs for home games @ $25.00/game = $75.00

CHEERLEADING –as per Vince/Lynn Spina
Sneakers are in.
3 teams:  14 on Pep Squad, 24 on JVs and 31 on Varsity.
11/20 is our competition Stand Up and Cheer 2010.  Committee forming.
Freedom’s Cheer Camp didn’t pan out.
Program will be similar to last year’s program.

WRESTLING as per Keith Lyden
Camp at Liberty went well.
SOFTBALL- John Grenauer not present.
End of year celebration went well.  Dunking booth was a big hit.  Congratulations to Glenn Ferrera and Bill and Lori Dosedlo, this years Bulldog award recipients.  Thanks to all who helped.
Tournament weekend (Father’s Day weekend) went well thanks to John.  He was there from dawn to dusk all weekend.  Had no volunteers to help prep the fields, line fields between games, erect canopies, do trash, etc.  Big thanks to John!  Lori, Jill and Sam the Community Service vol. worked the concession stand all weekend.   Not worth being open.  Very little business.  People brought their own coolers, food and drinks.

SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino
Spring season went well
Working on fall season.
Coaches’ meeting on Wed.
Parents’ meetings on Aug. 2 and Aug. 4.
Promiseland Church lease secured.
Nov 6 and Nov. 7 tournament at Forks.


LACROSSE - as per Joe Conzola
Having an additional equipment return in Aug.
Last report on our soccer fields was they would be ready to use fall of 2011.
New Twp. Manager.  Jon Hammer leaving.  We will have to touch base with new replacement.

BASKETBALL – as per Dave Caupano
Summer basketball finishing up.
9 of 12 teams made playoffs.
Uniform/equipment return beginning of Aug.
Leases out for all the elementary schools.
If gym rentals increase, we will review alternate means.
Will meet with new Superintendent.
Sign ups will be in Sept.

Nominations for Cheering Coordinator:  Karen McIlvaine - accepts
    Motion by Lynn Spina  2nd :  Joe Kitchell    All in favor.
Looking for someone to manage our website.  Lynn will research league
First Aid kits are being donated and will arrive Wed. for all fall sports teams.

1ST meeting:  Brian Flynn, Kim Smith, Karen McIlvaine
2nd meeting:  Jeff Silfies
3rd meeting and voting members:  None

NEXT MEETING:  Aug. 9, 2010 @ 8:00, BTCC.

Motion to adjourn:  Ray Russin     2nd   Paul Rold
Meeting adjourned:  8:50

Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert