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Wednesday, July 14
BTAA Meeting Minutes June 14, 2010
BTAA Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2010

Meeting called to order:  8:05

Minutes from May’s meeting read and accepted by members.
Motion to accept:  John Grenauer    2nd  Dave Caupano

Treasurer’s Report – read by Donna Grenauer
Copies available upon request.
Motion to accept:  Lynn Spina  2nd   John Grenauer  

Vince Spina- Participation awards :  Deemed by coordinator what award will be for the season.  July-each coordinator will bring ideas.  Wrestling interested in putting the $6.00 toward camp.
Dick’s Sporting Goods:  Giving donations of $500.00, footballs and soccer balls (12 per team), ball bags and night for BTAA to shop at store.  July is for football.  Soccer TBA.  Looking to continue DICK’S participation all year.  Still supporting smaller vendors, as well.
Volunteers:  NEED MORE!!!  What do we need people to volunteer for?  Develop a policy for parent involvement, such as 1 hr. of time and get deposit back.  Revisit “hardship” cases …… (Parent volunteer in exchange for reg. fees?  One time per family per season?) School Board News:  Nothing happening.  Line Painters:  may be purchasing and possibly line our own fields to reduce fees by $6,000.00.   Community Service Coordinator:  revisit and look in by-laws for positions.

John Koch -  Helmets getting reconditioned.  No spring fundraiser, probably lottery calendars for fall.

Cathy Shay –  No report
Jill Volkert – No report
Donna Grenauer – No report


SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino
Spring season finishing up.  Went well.
500 registered for fall.  31 teams.  38 made FC Freedom.  9 quit so far.
Playing phone tag with Promise Land Church.
6/27 - evals.
8/2 + 8/4 - Parent meetings
120 First Aid Kits were donated by St. Lukes, thanks to Joe Kitchell and Tony Raffino.                             Will ask if St. Lukes can do a first aid night, similar to FBT’s.

CHEERLEADING –as per Lynn Spina
Invited to a cheering camp at Freedom.
Competition date set:  11/20 at Freedom’s main gym.


FOOTBALL- as per Juan Cotto
Ready for mini camp.  32 kids
7/20 - pre-season game
League fees are now paid up.
EMTs needed on site for games.  (Freedom trainers?)

Will purchase a professional field liner to be kept @ Meyers Lane.
Brian Flynn volunteered to lone fields for soccer, lacrosse and football.

SOFTBALL- as per John Grenauer  
6/27 - YEAR END CELEBRATION.  12:00 - 2:00.  Getting a dunking booth.
Hosting playoffs this weekend, Fri. - Sat. - Sun., at Meyers Lane.
Purchasing a canopy from DICK’S.
Fancy Fotos did pictures.
Season over for majors and minors.
Will question Gary Metzger about teams stacking.
Trophies are ordered.
Hosting All Star Tournament on July 9, 10, 11.  Will need volunteers.
2nd batting cages are ready to be put up.  Twp. has cemented in the posts.  Not really happy with location.

LACROSSE - as per Tammy Healy and John Shay
Girls did well.  Had end of year picnic.
Working to get club team started.  (Freedom Lacrosse of Bethlehem)  Would be self funded.  Fields will be an issue.  Will have to hire coaches.
Boy’s season ended with a tournament.  Equipment returns are upcoming.
Got a shed for storage.

BASKETBALL – as per Dave Caupano
Summer season at Forks going well.
Difficult getting gym time at BTCC for practice.
Leases turned in to all schools for the season.

WRESTLING as per Keith Lyden
Camp at Liberty coming - 7/5 - 9.

OTHER:  Several (6) lights out at fields.


1ST meeting:  Jeff Silfies, Tammy Healy, Juan Cotto
2nd meeting:  None   
3rd meeting and voting members:  Keith Lyden
Motion to accept new members:  John Grenauer      2nd   John Shay

NEXT MEETING: 3rd Monday of the month:  July 19, 2010 @ 8:00, BTCC.

Motion to adjourn:  John Shay  2nd Bobby Reinert

Meeting adjourned: 8:55

Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert