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Wednesday, July 14
BTAA Meeting Minutes May 10, 2010
BTAA Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2010

Meeting called to order:  8:10
Minutes from April’s meeting read and accepted by members.
Motion to accept:    Tony Raffino     2nd  Paul Rold 

Treasurer’s Report – read by Donna Grenauer
Copies available upon request.
Motion to accept:        Dave Capuano        2nd     Bill Dosedlo        

Vince Spina  -   BASD has now changed their tune and now want again charge BTAA for gym use as to the half price amount they agreed to last year.  The school Board says they are down $120,000.00 for not charging us the full amount.  A couple Board members are on our side. May 17 is the next Board meeting.  Will check the agenda to see if this item is on the docket.  We may have to show up again and stand our ground.  We are very close to being charged for field use as well, at all of the schools.

John Koch -  No report
Cathy Shay –  No report
Jill Volkert – No report
Donna Grenauer – No report


SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino
All going well
Moore Twp. Is charging us more $ this spring.
Difficulty reaching “Promise Land Church” - they have a new Pastor.
6/24 - First carding for coaches.  6:00 at Farmersville
6/27 - Try outs at Meyers Lane.
460 sign ups, 96 applied for FC Freedom.  Half should make it, half will come back to BTAA.
5/27  -   Late registration at BTCC.

LACROSSE - as per Joe Conzola
Half way through the season.
Most teams are competitive.
Coaches doing a great job.
June 5 and 6 - post season tournament
Met with Fred Harris in Jan. about a Club team.  Deadline was the end of the school year.  Waiting now to hear back from Fred to see if we can have an extension past the school year to work on this.
Girls team had trouble getting refs.
Need shed space.

CHEERLEADING –as per Lynn Spina
Working on date for BTAA’s Competition.  Looking at Nov. 20, but Fred said that date is already booked.
This year for competitions, combining grades 1 and 2,  -  3, 4 and 5  -   and 6, 7 and 8.

FOOTBALL- as per Vince Spina
Sign ups in progress.
Camps and dates are set.  League dates are set.
2 pre-season games - North Parkland and Northampton
Coaches are in place.
Spirit wear is ordered and paid for in advance.

SOFTBALL:   No Report

BASKETBALL – as per Dave Caupano
Equipment returns in April.
12 teams in summer league.  7 girls and 5 boys.  Runs June to August.
Practice begins this week at BTCC.
5/17 is league meeting.
Coach Stellato will have basketball camp in June.
A BIG thanks to Bill Dosedlo for 5 years of dedication and the great job he did as coordinator!

CONCESSIONS - as per Bill Dosedlo
Going well
Good to go for Freedom vs. Liberty game.
Community Service volunteers Sam and Tori are doing a fantastic job working the stand!

WRESTLING as per Keith Lyden
Looking to work closer with the H.S. program.
Looking for a good summer Camp.  Probably at Liberty.

OTHER:  Winter Sports Coordinators:
        Basketball - Dave Caupano
        Wrestling -  Keith Lyden
               Board Members:  current Board, as is.

Dick’s Sporting Goods does  “after hours sales” with 20% - 30% off for sports in season.  Vince looking into starting a relationship with them.  Mike Ralston from the Twp. is helping with the contracts.
Joe Kitchel is looking into getting F. A. Kits donated or soccer.
Dave Caupano will give name to contact at St. Lukes about sponsoring something for us since they are building in the Twp. and due to open fall of 2011.


1ST meeting:  None

2nd meeting:  Keith Lyden
3rd meeting and voting members:  None

NEXT MEETING:   June 14, 2010 @ 8:00, BTCC.
Motion to adjourn      John Shay     2nd Lynn Spina
Meeting adjourned:  9:07

Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert