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Monday, May 10
BTAA Meeting Minutes March 8, 2010
BTAA Meeting Minutes     March 8, 2010       Meeting called to order: 8:07 ACTION ITEMS:Minutes from February’s meeting read and accepted by members.    Changes/Corrections:  NoneMotion to accept:   Annette Mease   2nd   Paul RoldTreasurer’s Report – read by Donna Grenauer    Copies available upon request.Motion to accept:  Lynn Spina     2nd    Ray Russin                                    EXECUTIVE REPORT:  Vince SpinaTwp. began activity at Hope Rd. site.Bulldog Award to be presented at Spring Softball Opening Day.  See By-laws for Bulldog Award details.Board nominations being accepted.Twp. getting turf management and fertilization for soccer fields.John KochLottery calendars are done for now.  Thanks t Lynn Spina for taking that over.  Looking at a spring raffle then lottery calendars again in fall.Cathy Shay – Nominations for Board.Jill Volkert – No report.Donna Grenauer–We must submit a list of names of people who are allowed to sign for verifying community service from high school students.  Only coordinators and board members are permitted to sign. DISCUSSION ITEMSSub committees to research a new concession stand.Fundraising?Matching funds?Corporate sponsors?If interested in being part of this committee, please sign up. COORDINATOR / COMMITTEE REPORTS:  SOCCER –as per Tony Ruffino163 players – 10 teams3/22 practice beginsWebsite being worked on.Fall Registration is 4/19, 22, 27 and 28.  6:30 – 8:30 @ BTCC.In communication with FC Freedom.Flyers will be finalized. LACROSSE - as per Joe ConzolaEquipment handed out with $175.00 uniform/equipment deposits collected.League meeting tomorrow.Fields secured at FHS, NCC and E. Hills.Pottstown tournament 3/28 and 29.BTAA is pursuing getting Lacrosse as a Varsity Club Sport at the high school level.  Joe is looking at requirements and is in discussion with Fred Harris.  Must submit proposal by end of the school year for next year.  FHS will not fund it at all. FOOTBALL- as per Vince SpinaNext league meeting is 4/12. CHEERLEADING –as per Annette MeaseLowering ages for flag to first grade.  Spread the word.  Wrestling cheering competition JV’s placed 3rd.  Pep squad and Varsity placed first. BASKETBALL – as per Bill Dosedlo7th grade Lady Pates took the Championship.  Had only 1 loss with coaches Helene Pfeiffer and Tom McCreedy.  They also took 1st place in the Thanksgiving tournament and 2nd place in the Christmas tournament.8th grade Lady Pates won 5 playoff games and lost in the last play off.Galushka Tournament for Pates this weekend.There will be 7-8 CBL teams in play offs.Participation trophies were handed out.3/24 – Summer league signups, 6-9 at BTCC.  5th through 8th grade. CONCESSIONS - as per Lorie Dosedlo Nothing yet, opening in April. WRESTLING as per Ed YouwakimLou is gone.Varsity Tournament – 7th and 8th place winner.League meeting next week.Thanks to all BTAA people, as people-not Bulldogs- who helped revive Rich McIntyre as   HS wrestling coach. Beginning on 3/17, 6:30-8:00, Wed. night wrestling at Freedom open to BTAA.  Have some people in mind to take position of coordinator. Vince commended our Exhibition program.  Praised the entire wrestling program and the coaches for rebuilding it. SOFTBALL: as per John GrenauerDrafts tomorrow night.  Dean –We will provide concessions for Freedom/Liberty girls’ softball game in May. COURTESY OF THE FLOORMiller Hts. is doing a Tricky Tray.  Lynn suggested entering a BTAA basket.  A shirt and free registration for one season’s sport, up to $175. per family.Motion to donate a basket:  Lynn Spina    2nd Lorie Dosedlo      All in favor.                          OTHER:   Board Nominations:  Present board nominated.  Motion to accept:  Annette Mease   2nd Tony Ruffino      All accepted.  MEETING RECOGNITION:1ST meeting:  None2nd meeting:  Wilson Hoke - Juan Cotto3rd meeting and voting members:  Mark CosoverMotion to accept new members:  Tony Ruffino   2nd:  John Shay      All in favor.NEXT MEETING:   4/12 /10 @ 8:00, BTCCMotion to adjourn     Ray Russin      2nd Lynn Spina  Meeting adjourned: 8:48Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert