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Monday, March 8
BTAA Meeting Minutes January 11, 2010

BTAA Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2010


Meeting called to order: 8:05


Minutes from December’s meeting read and accepted by members.

Changes/Corrections: None

Motion to accept: Annette Mease 2nd Paul Rold

Treasurer’s Report – read by Donna Grenauer

Copies available upon request.

Motion to accept: Lynn Spina 2nd John Grenauer



Vince Spina -

~At the Board of Commissioners meeting there was discussion on an

irrigation system for the soccer fields. $68,000 was too expensive and the fields would

have to be dug up. Decided on a “water cannon.”

~Will get a $231.00 refund from unused gym time.

John Koch - No report

Cathy Shay – Working on RCN commercial to be played during the varsity wrestling

tournament finals. Will send out a mass email about it.

Jill Volkert – No report.

Donna Grenauer – No report.


SOCCER – as per Bob Eaton

Spring registration underway.

Met with FC Freedom guys. Tony will keep informed.

LACROSSE - as per Joe Conzola

Up to 110 boys and 30 girls registered.

Acquired a field at Freedom for girls from Fred Harris.

Coaches are in place.

FOOTBALL- as per Vince Spina

1/27 is the next league meeting

League fee dropped $25.00.

CHEERLEADING –as per Annette Mease - Nothing to report.

CONCESSIONS - as per Lorie Dosedlo - No report

BASKETBALL – as per Bill Dosedlo

All going well.

5th and 6th grades Pates Teams won the Christmas Tournament.

1/19 is BTAA day at Freedom.

1/20 is BTAA day at Lehigh for men.

1/27 is BTAA day at Lehigh for women.

All pictures are back.

WRESTLING as per Lou Colangelo

Half way through the season.

Got pictures back.

Last Wed. was Bulldog Night at Freedom.

SOFTBALL: as per John Grenauer

Sign ups begin tomorrow.

1/30 - open batting at ITZ.

Fri 2/12 -Evals at ITZ. Everyone must be evaluated on 9/10‘s, 11/12’s and 13/14’s.

2/10 is the make up date for evaluations.

League fees are going up $40.00.

Pitching mound changes: 9/10’s - 34’, Majors - 38’.



~ Lynn Spina reported on Lottery Calendars:

In Dec. we only paid out $210.00, with a profit of $910.00.

~ May change the cheering competition for earning jackets this year. It’s always been

the Parkland competition, but not as many are attending this one, now.


Nominations for fall sports coordinators:

Football: Juan Cotto

Soccer: Tony Ruffino

Cheerleading: Annette Mease

Motion to accept: Bill Dosedlo 2nd Paul Rold


1ST meeting: Juan Cotto

2nd meeting: Dave Capuano

Mark Cosover

3rd meeting and voting members: Tony Ruffino

Ray Russin


Motion to accept new members: Karyn Stonehouse 2nd: John Grenauer All in favor.

NEXT MEETING: February 8, 2010 @ 8:00, BTCC.

Motion to adjourn : John Grenauer 2nd Karyn Stonehouse

Meeting adjourned: 8:34

Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert