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  League Rules  

Rules for the Blue Springs Youth Volleyball League
Generally the league will follow USA Volleyball rules with the exceptions and clarifications listed below. Rulebooks are available online at the USA Volleyball Website.

Liberos and Let Serves
Just a clarification, the BSYVL does NOT permit the use of a Libero player and Let Serves ARE legal.

All matches are three games
Teams will always play three games regardless who wins the first two games. These are NOT "best out of three" matches and the third game is not considered a "deciding game" as referred by USAV.

Games to 21 points
Games will be to 21 points, win by 2, with a 25-point cap, win by 1. Teams must win by 2 points until the 25-point cap is reached.   

Rally Scoring
The BSYVL will use Rally scoring to 21 points (starting at zero) for all three games of a match.

Coaches may stand during play
As permitted by USAV rules, a coach may stand during play to instruct players in a non-disruptive manner and may stand and move about to speak to team members and players. Acts deemed disruptive by the first referee shall be sanctioned. Examples of disruptive acts shall include, but are not limited to:

   - loud or abusive language,
   - comments to officials,
   - comments to opposing teams,
   - throwing of objects,
   - displaying disgust in an overt manner, or
   - interfering with proper officiating of the match.

Underhand Serves
Players may not serve underhand after their first two serves in a given rotation.

For example: a player rotates into service position and successfully serves two points. Her third and any additional serves during that rotation must be overhand. If the game continues until that same player rotates back around into service position she may, once again, serve two balls underhand.

Clarification: it makes no difference how many -- if any -- of her first two serves were made underhand. After her first two serves, all serves must be overhand.

Shortened Serving Line
Players in the 4th, 5th & 6th grade divisions will NOT be required to stay behind the baseline when serving.

In the 4th grade division a serving line will be placed ABOUT 15 ft from the net and remain at the same distance the entire season.

In the 5th grade division a serving line will be placed ABOUT 25 ft from the net and remain at the same distance the entire season.

In the 6th grade division players will be allowed one foot to cross the baseline when serving.

No exceptions are made in the 7th/8th grade division.

Minimum Number of Players
Teams must have at least 4 players present and ready to play within 10 minutes of their match's scheduled start time OR within 10 minutes of the completion of the previous match on that court whichever comes later. If a team plays with 4 or 5 players they will NOT be required to use a "ghost" player.

If they do not have 4 players ready to play in the required time game 1 will be considered a forfeit. If they still do not have 4 players ready after 10 more minutes game 2 will be considered a forfeit. And if they still do not have 4 players ready after another 10 minutes game 3 will be considered a forfeit.

If a game is forfeited, players and coaches from both teams may agree on a re-shuffling of players or allow the team(s) that are short to pick up additional players from other teams and go ahead and play up to three games. However in no case shall these games extend past a time 10-minutes before the SCHEDULED start of the next match.

Minimum Playing Time
Each player MUST play at least one complete game plus parts of the other two games to equal an additional complete game.

Exceptions to this requirement are covered in the League's Bylaws and, as stated in the Bylaws, exceptions must be discussed with League Officers in advance.


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