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Bishop Shanahan Eagles
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  My Site News: Titus Sports Academy  

Thursday, June 20
Titus Sports Academy

The goal of Titus Speed-Strength Training is to teach the methods and exercises necessary to bring out an athlete’s full performance potential and improve the psychological capacity of each athlete.

BSHS Girls Volleyball Players and Parents,
Speed-Strength Workouts for BSHS Girls Volleyball Players will be on Monday and Thursday evenings from 5:00-6:00pm OR Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8:30-9:30am, beginning Monday, June 17, 2013. 
We are excited to be part of your team and its success. 
Thanks in advance for all your hard work!!
Titus Sports Academy
302-456-FAST (3278)
717-615-5436 - cell

Bishop Shanahan High School GIRLS

Speed-Strength & Performance Training

Powered By

Bishop Shanahan High School Girls Athletes and Parents,

The information below details the SUMMER 2013 Titus training schedule, programming, workout model and

registration information.

All athletes will have the opportunity to participate in a Performance Training program designed

to build total body strength, mobility/flexibility, stability, power, explosiveness and endurance.

SUMMER Training times will begin on Monday, June 17, 2013 and continue through

Friday, August 16, 2013.

Training will occur at Bishop Shanahan High School on Monday & Thursday evening 5:00-

6:00pm or Tuesday & Friday morning 8:30-9:30am.

Sports Performance Training

The goal of Titus Speed-Strength Training is to teach the methods and exercises necessary to bring out an

athlete’s full performance potential and improve the psychological capacity of each athlete. Our training system

focuses on increasing an athlete's total body explosiveness, ability to run faster, jump higher, throw further,

increase change of direction efficiency and improve speed endurance. Training to be fast and explosive requires

a high level of effort that is based on maximum focus and concentration. Therefore, Titus has a balanced

approach of athletic assessment, evaluation, and planning that gives all athletes the chance to improve their


Workout Model

Titus training methods focus on athletes being able to execute various resistance training, plyometric and

medicine ball exercises correctly. Instruction includes proper sprint mechanics and various foot quickness drills

which lead to better coordination and balance, necessities for fundamental movement in athletics. Titus uses

exercises and movements that will safely increase the efficiency of the body’s physiological and psychological

processes for sport. Workouts will also provide for introducing, implementing and coordinating a program that

can aid in continual development in total body conditioning. Within every workout the following components

will be taught and executed: Mobility/Flexibility, Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance.

Standard Speed-Strength Performance Testing

Titus Speed-Strength Testing will be completed

pre and post training and will include tests from

each of the five physical training components.

Athletes will have their data/results entered into

our Titus Performance Database Tracking

System. Each participant will have a login and

password to view and compare their

improvements. Testing Includes:

Mobility / Flexibility – Sit and Reach Test

Strength/Power Training – Broad Jump / Vertical Jump /

- Seated MB Toss or Bench Press

Speed Training – 10 and 40 Yard Dash

Agility – Pro Agility Test

Endurance – 300 Yard Shuttle at 30 yard intervals

Bishop Shanahan High School Girls

Speed-Strength & Performance Training

Powered By

Athlete Registration and Payment Options


Complete “Titus Member Information Sheet"

Complete and Sign “Titus Medical and Photo Release”

Complete “Athlete Registration and Payment Options”

Check Payable to “Titus Sports” or Credit Card

Return Forms and Payment to: A Titus Coach at the first workout

Or Mail to: Titus Sports

205 Gabor Drive

Newark, DE 19711

Athlete Name: _________________________________ Sport: _____________________

Please select the options below that best suit your needs:

TRAINING SCHEDULE (6/17/13 - 8/16/13):

r? SUMMER 2013 – Monday & Thursday @ 5:00-6:00pm


r? SUMMER 2013 – Tuesday & Friday @ 8:30-9:30am


r? $150 Program Training Fee – For entire Summer training program


r? Check or Cash Please make checks payable to Titus Sports, to cover all team training fees.

Check # __________

r? Credit Card Authorization You may have your training charges paid on your Visa or

MasterCard card. If you choose to do so please fill out the information below.

Card Type: r?Visa r?MasterCard

Name on Credit Card_____________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________Zip_________________

Credit Card #________________________________________________________Exp. Date ______/______/______

Authorized Signature_____________________________________________________ Date ______/______/_______



Training: ___________________________________________________________

____________ Days/Week ____________ Month(s) ( ____________ Sessions)

M T W TH F S Time(s): ____________________________________________

Trial Session Date: ____________ Time: ____________


Name: ____________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _______________________________________________________

Age: ____________ Sex: Male / Female

T-Shirt Size (Circle One):
Youth S M L / Adult S M L XL XXL XXXL

Address: ___________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________ State: ___________ Zip: __________

Phone: _____________________________________________________________

Company / Organization: ____________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________


Primary Contact:

Relation: ____________________________ Phone: _______________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________

Secondary Contact: _________________________________________________

Relation: _____________________________ Phone: ______________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________



º Co-Worker º Booster Club º Foundation

º Family Member º Club/Travel

º Friend º School OTHER

º Teammate/Athlete º College º Walk-ins

º Titus Coach Team/School Name º Business/Employer

º Agent ___________________

º Medical Therapy

º Pro Scout

º Pro Athlete


School/Team: ______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Names: ___________________________________________

Sport(s) & Position(s): _______________________________________________


Date of Enrollment: _________________________________________________

º Fit º SST Level I º Level II º Level III º PT º Skills

Pymt: Pd $ ___________ Bal $ ___________ From: ___________ To: ___________

º QB º DB

205 Gabor Drive, Newark, DE 19711




(hereinafter “the undersigned” or “the participant”). To enable

the undersigned to participate in the training program (hereinafter “the program”) of Titus Sports

Academy, LLC, Champions, Protectors, Workstrong, SPRY and/or any of its related entities, (hereinafter

“the program”) the undersigned for and on behalf of himself/herself, consents and agrees to his/her

participation in the program sessions to be held commencing , under the following

terms and conditions and with the following understanding:

TitusSports recommends all participants obtain a physical examination from their physician prior to

participation in the program.

1. The program requires the participant to perform a great deal of physical exertion, including sprints,

weight lifting and agility drills. This form of exercise directly effects heart rate, body temperature and

respiration, and requires the participant to be in good physical condition. In addition, the movement

of weights and use of athletic equipment can cause muscle, ligament and bone injury. It is up to the

participant to ensure that he/she is physically capable and in good medical condition, so as to permit

safe participation in the program. TitusSports shall have no responsibility, nor liability to confirm the

medical condition of a participant. The undersigned recognizes the possible dangers connected with any

physical activity and it is expressly agreed that participation in the program shall be undertaken at the

participant’s own risk. In consideration of the undersigned’s participation in the program, the undersigned

hereby certifies and represents that he/she is in good medical condition and is physically capable of

safely participating in the program and utilizing all exercise equipment, athletic equipment and training

required in the program.

2. The undersigned hereby releases TitusSports, its officers, directors, employees, agents representative,

coaches, and volunteers, as well as the owners of any facilities in which the program is conducted, on

behalf of himself/herself and any one claiming by, through or under the undersigned, from any and all

claims of damage, injury or death, of any kind, arising out of the undersigned’s participation in the program.

In addition, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees that TitusSports shall not be held responsible, nor

liable, for any injury to any participant caused by any other participant and hereby agrees to indemnify

and hold TitusSports harmless from any claims of damage, injury or death arising out of the participation

of the undersigned in the program, including injuries caused in whole or in part by the undersigned, or

another participant.

Moreover, by this release, the undersigned also intends to fully, completely and forever release,

discharge, and absolve TitusSports and all of its officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives,

coaches, and volunteers, as well as the owners of any facilities in which the program is conducted, from

any and all liability for any active or passive negligence whatsoever on the part of the TitusSports, its

officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, coaches, and volunteers, as well as the owners of

any facilities in which the program is conducted and the undersigned hereby waives and relinquishes

any claim or cause of action against them for any loss, claim, damage, personal injury, disability, death,

medical and any other type of expense, damage, or loss caused by any active or passive negligence of

TitusSports, its officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, coaches, and volunteers, as well

as the owners of any facilities in which the program is conducted. The undersigned further agrees and

promises not to sue or exercise any legal right to seek damages or relief of any nature from the TitusSports,

its officers, directors, employees, agents, representative, coaches, and volunteers, as well as the owners of

any facilities in which the program is conducted. The undersigned certifies that he/she has read this release

and all of the statements contained herein and further represents that he/she understood their contents

and has voluntarily executed this release. The undersigned understands that he/she is giving up valuable

rights and is signing this release voluntarily. The undersigned further agrees that no oral representations,

statements, or inducements of any kind apart from this written release have been made with regard to the

subject matter of this release.

3. If any scheduled session of the program is postponed or continued for any reason, or if the session is

extended, or the participant renews for additional sessions, the representations and other provisions of this

release shall extend to such continued, extended or renewed session.

4. My signature below indicates my approval for use of film and photography taken of the athlete/fitness

client listed above by Titus Staff for use as they see fit. This includes but is not limited to: Advertisements,

Brochures, Flyers, Promotional Items, and/or Media Kits. It us understood that there will be no compensation

for use of the film and photography taken by Titus Sports Academy.

5. The undersigned hereby warrants that he/she is over the age of eighteen, is competent to contract in

his/her own name and that the undersigned has the authority to grant this consent and release.

Print Name: ___________________________________________ Date: __________

Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Parent Name: __________________________________________ Date: __________

Signature: ___________________________________________________________

205 Gabor Drive, Newark, DE 19711

Shanahan Volleyball
Shanahan Volleyball
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