Buffalo Ridge Wildcats: Welcome

Thursday, February 5
Buffalo Ridge Wildcats

    Welcome to the Buffalo Ridge Wildcats official websight.
    Once again this year the Wildcats will be playing in the S.P.F.L.
This will be the teams 13th season in Lake Benton,appearing in
10 championships and winning 5. Last season the Wildcats went 9-0 and won our 3rd consecutive championship.
    There is at least one new team this year,the Owatonna Outsiders.This will put our league total at 5 teams with a couple others interested.
    There was a new rule last year for the rosters. It is still a 50 man roster but we can now dress 40 instead of 30.
    All Wildcat players there will be a $25 players fee again this year!
Only differance is this year it must be paid before you play!!!!!!!
    If anyone knows anyone with equipment belonging to the Wildcats please
return it, we are getting low on everything,most of all JERZEES!!!!!!!!
    Our league also has a websight,which most of you already know,
at www.eteamz.com/spfl.The league commisioner this year is me, Mike Tiedeman.
If you have any questions please call me at 507-368-4274 or cell #507-828-3261.
    If you have team questions feel free to call me at 368-4274 or email
me at tiedman@itctel.com.