Bettendorf/PV Youth Baseball: Welcome

Devil's Glen cage finished
The re-made batting cage at Devil's Glen
Monday, February 1
The President's message:

The Devil's Glen batting cage workers
Welcome back to our website!

Online Registration System Link

The 2016 youth baseball season is fast approaching! The registration link above goes live soon to allow people to sign up for one of the five age-levels offered by Bettendorf-Pleasant Valley Youth baseball.

Here are the age levels available and the appropriate league directors to contact if there are any questions:

Ages 6-8: Steve Tappa,, 563-676-8111 or Ron Johns,, 706-220-7286
Ages 9-10: Dan Escontrias,, 563-210-3489
Ages 11-12: Robert Schwan,, 563-209-1949
Ages 13-14: Bob Tappa,, 563-499-4702
Ages 15-19: Steve Tappa,, 563-676-8111

Some important dates to circle on the calendar:

March 15: Early registration deadline
April 2-3: Evaluations for players in the 9-10, 11-12 and 13-14 divisions
April 9-10: Rain dates for those evaluations
May 2-3: Season starts for all levels except the 15-19 division
May 16: Season starts for the 15-19 division 

For those playing in the 15-19 age bracket, or participating in our affiliated Diamond Kings 13-14 travel program, you will notice a new batting cage at Saldivar Field at Devil's Glen Park.

Andrew Dresselhaus, the oldest son of Diamond Kings 14-under coach John Dresselhaus, completely overhauled and refurbished that part of the facility as his Boys' Scout Eagle Project. Pictures of the finished work are posted above. 

We salute the all-volunteer work done by Andrew, his family and friends on behalf of the Bettendorf Parks Department, BPV and the Diamond Kings. We also encourage you to do the same in your own way, whether it's coaching your son's or daughter's team, helping BPV's behind-the-scenes work, or supporting the program financially.

Please consider donating your time and talents on behalf of the children of this community. And, don't feel as if you need to be a baseball expert! From trophies and medals, to team and individual pictures, to concessions, sponsorships, fundraising, game equipment and league management, there's much to do in assuring more than 600 local youngsters annually get to play baseball in our city-wide league.

-- For coaching information, contact the appropriate league director listed above.
-- For information about joining BPV's all-volunteer board, please contact league president Bob Tappa at the appropriate listings above.
-- For information about team sponsorship or making a donation to BPV, please contact Megyn Moser at 563-505-3018 or

Umpires also are needed, and compensated for their work in all leagues except the 6-8 age level (where a parent from each team is asked to umpire those games). If interested, please apply by calling or emailing Don Wendel at or 563-271-7046.

If you are new to our program, here's a little bit about BPV Youth Baseball:
-- Our mission is simple: to offer an affordable, city-based, competitive baseball league for the youngsters of our families in this great community;
-- Our all-volunteer program strives to offer the best experience possible for all players, coaches, officials, sponors and fans by providing a safe, fun, structured outlet;
-- Besides baseball skills, BPV also hopes to develop sportsmanship, leadership, social responsibility and a sense of community;
-- Our non-profit program raises funds to not only support this mission, but also partners with the City of Bettendorf and Bettendorf's Park & Rec Department to continually improve the baseball-playing facilities in our community;
-- BPV annually awards a $500 college scholarship to one senior each at the Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley high schools that went through our program and exhibits the traits we admire the most. (To apply, please see your high school guidance counselor);
-- With backing from our generous sponsors, no youngster is denied the chance to play baseball for financial reasons. (Contact Bob Tappa to inquire about financial assistance);
-- Our motto: It's not about the winning; it's about competing and learning to try your hardest and work together with others. We're all about helping the young people of our great community become productive citizens and fantastic neighbors.

A couple of important facts about BPV Youth Baseball:
 -- More than 600 youngsters annually participate in our program via one of our five age-bracket divisions -- 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-19.
-- All players receive a baseball uniform of a jersey, hat and socks. Baseball pants and shoes are the participant's responsibility;
-- Each team also is provided batting helmets, catcher's gear and bats upon request. Players are expected to have their own gloves;
-- Volunteers are always needed and welcomed, whether for coaching or behind-the-scenes board work. Those volunteers must clear a background check to work with children per city rules;
-- The City of Bettendorf and Bettendorf's Parks and Rec Department allows BPV to use their diamonds at the following parks: Crow Creek, Devil's Glen, Middle, Kiwanis, Hoover, Scheck, Edgewood and Meier. We thank them for their ongoing support and invaluable partnership;
-- BPV partners with youth baseball organizations in LeClaire, the North Scott School District and cross-river East Moline to provide easily-reachable, regularly-scheduled, regular-season and postseason games at certain levels.
-- I'd also like to direct you to the rest of our website, which includes sections for Standings and Schedules, Handouts (division ruiles and other pertinent information), Pictures (please send us 2015 action!) and About Us. 

A look back at the 2015 season:     
-- Ages 15-19: For final regular-season standings, please see the "standings" section of the website.
Tournament bracket:
-- Ages 13-14: For final regular-season standings, please see the "standings" section of the website.
Tournament bracket:
-- Ages 11-12: For a final look at the tournament and final regular-season standings:
-- Ages 9-10: Here's a final look at the tournament. 
-- Ages 6-8: The postseason offered one-game shootouts for the BPV teams, with the regular season's top finisher taking on the No. 2 team, the No. 3 and 4 seeds meeting, and so forth. The three East Moline teams also had a round-robin tournament for bragging rights.  A final look at the Shootout results and regular-season standings is located here:

-- Among the many good works:

G and R Integration
graciously donated a defibrillator in 2015 for any emergencies at the Crow Creek Park 4-Plex. Defibrillation saves lives. The technology is a common treatment for life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias and ventricular fibrillation. Defibrillation consists of delivering a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the heart with a device called a defibrillator. We can't thank G and R Integration enough, or for that matter all of our sponsors and volunteers for supporting us.
Part amenity for the families attending games there, part fundraiser for the many good works of BPV. Please consider volunteering your time to help offer a concession stand! Sign ups are available through Pat English: 563-209-7733 or, Hayley English: 417-439-1212 or, or Deb McGrath: 563-343-2087 or  

Our fundraising efforts allowed BPV to add an electroic scoreboard before the 2015 season at one of our two 13-14 league diamonds, Castro Field (Kiwanis Park/Paul Norton School). This is in addition to scoreboards at the 4-Plex, and at Diamonds No. 5 and 6 at Crow Creek Park, among other improvements we've made to the fields of Bettendorf over the last few years. (We also partnered with the City a few years ago to replace the 30-year-old lights at Castro). Among the long-range goals are adding lights at the 4-Plex. If you would like to help with these good works, please contact Bob Tappa at 563-499-4702 or

Our organization annually awards a college scholarship to a worthy graduating senior each year at both Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley High Schools. Our winners in 2015 were Bettendorf's Thomas Byrne and Pleasant Valley's Grant Morthland. To be considered for the scholarship, seniors need to apply through their guidance counselors, and must have played a minimum of six seasons in the BPV (DiamondKings count). The more BPV seasons, the better. Involvement in the league as an umpire or volunteer also helps. Grade-point average and community involvement also are considered, as well as an essay addressing the candidate's experience in the BPV.

Among the baseball-related ameneties we offer each year for the community are batting cages -- two at the 4-Plex, one each at the 13-14 diamonds (Smitty and Castro) and another at the 15-19 diamond (Devil's Glen). We hang the batting cage nets each year before the season, and take them down each fall after the weather turns too nasty for hitting practice.

Bob Tappa, 
BPV Board President 
or 563-499-4702

Rain-out Hotline: 344-4467

Some of the 2015 All-Stars in the 11-12 year-old division