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Sunday, November 14
BLB 7 Sub-site

This is the "site within a site" for BLB 7. Here you will find the BLB 7 specific information for games, as well as the BLB 7 Calendar (click on Calendar to the left).

Don't Speak by No Doubt

Monday, November 12
BLB 7 Team Selected for 2007/2008

Congratulations to the following girls selected to the BLB 7 squad for the 2007/2008 season:

1. Morgan O.
2. Molly C.
3. Meredith S.
4. Tate S.
5. Kelly R.
6. Catherine B.
7. Alexa R.
8. Becca B.
9. Maddie B.
10. Raegan F.
11. Molly P.
12. Abbie D

Coaches: John R., Howard F. & Pat D.

Best wishes girls on a productive season!