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Thursday, June 27

Welcome to BGGSA

BGGSA Timeline:

January - Mid February - Early Bird Registration
Mid February - Tryouts - Regular Registration
March -  Tryouts and Draft
April - Pre-Season Practices
May - June Regular Season Play
June - August - All-Stars 

You can reach the BGGSA voicemail at (317)500-4244. Someone will respond to your call within 24 hours.
Any comments for or questions about BGGSA contact us through email at:
Check out our NEW Facebook page at:
Follow us on Twitter @BGGSA 


Friday, June 27
2014 3rd Annual Kris Ogden Softball Fundraiser

Handout: Kris Ogden Softball Games for Charity

Friday, July 11
2014 BGGSA invitational tournament has been cancelled.

We are sorry to announce the cancelation of our tournament for 2014.

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