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  Fall 2017 Registration is open. 

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Contact the BCRC Program Director ( bcrcsoccerac@yahoo.com ) with general BCRC soccer questions.

Age group coordinators
You also can send questions to the age group coordinators. Here are the names and emails:

Soccer Academy (5U and 7U)  John Hintermister bcrcsoccer@yahoo.com

Age group coordinators (9U through 19U) to be added soon.

General information
Notify Randy Rupp (current web master) of any typos found on these pages ( rpr5906@comcast.net ).

The 9U through 19U teams usually play in the Frederick County Youth Soccer League (FCYSL).  While most teams are in Frederick and Washington counties, there are FCYSL teams in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and Carroll county MD.

Teams have a minimum of 3 home games in an 8 game regular season.  The league also holds an optional 2 day end-of-season tournament, usually 1 week after the season ends.   Fall 2017 regular season games start September 9th.  The league tries to schedule most games on Saturdays.  There are Sunday games when an age group has an odd number of teams.  Sunday games start at 1PM or later.  Saturday games start 9 AM or later.  Generally the younger age groups start earlier in the day. 

Rainout make-up games may be scheduled during the week, but the two coaches involved are the ones that set the time and day for make-up games.

Parents: there is no need to become an eteamz (nor the new name active.com) member. All BCRC pages should be viewable by anyone.

Field (pitch) locations - follow this link to the FCYSL page.  It has the text directions.  Up in the red banner, click on Directions, and the Google entries (arranged by participating areas) will give you a map.

Becoming a referee - the Western Maryland Soccer Officials Association covers the FCYSL games.  Their website is http://www.wmsoa.net/, and the following link has information on how to become a certified soccer referee.

During the season:
The phone number for field cancellations is 888-372-3318 (this is the latest  -- started Spring 2012 -- FCYSL hotline number).

Here is a link to some soccer training/tips.

BCRC Soccer would like to thank The Community Foundation of Frederick County for a grant that covered the portable goals (used for games) and the pop-up goals (used at practices). The grant also covered a laptop that was used to keep the registration database.