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Thursday, February 14
ASA vs. Little League Softball

    The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) has made an investment in the future of softball with the ever-growing Junior Olympic Youth program. More than 83,000 teams and 45,000 individuals register under the ASA Junior Olympic banner. That accounts for more than 1.2 million boys and girls playing ASA Junior Olympic Youth Softball.

    The goal of the ASA Junior Olympic Youth program is to help develop the interest, skills and desire of a new generation of softball players. To achieve this goal we emphasize fun over winning, and advocate a positive, supportive environment for all players.

Opportunity for Involvement at Both the Recreational and Competitive Level

    The JO program offers five divisions of play for boys and girls, including 10-under, 12-under, 14-under, 16-under and 18-under, in both fast and slow pitch. Although the ASA does offer over 50 Junior Olympic National Championship and National Tournament events, the majority of its teams play in recreational leagues. These leagues offer players the opportunity to play for the pure love of the sport, in an environment where they can have fun and be with their friends. Recreational teams make up the bulk of the ASA Junior Olympic Youth program.

    For the more competitive teams, national championship competition is offered for boys and girls in both fast and slow pitch, at all age levels. Teams have to qualify for ASA Junior Olympic National Championship events, which means only the best of the best compete for the title of ASA National Champion. In girls' fast pitch, the ASA recognizes Class A and Class B classifications, with Class A being a higher level of play. In addition, in 18-under Girls Fast Pitch the ASA offers the GOLD classification, which is the highest level of play in girls' fast pitch.

Local Association Scholarship Programs

    The ASA is comprised of 96 local associations, many of which have scholarship programs for deserving student-athletes. For more information contact your local ASA commissioner.

Best Umpires in the World

    The ASA is well known for the quality and professionalism of its umpires. ASA umpires are considered the best-trained and educated umpires in the world of sports. ASA umpires are committed to the sport, and to providing the best game experience possible for the teams.

Reinvest in Our Youth

    The ASA has been putting time and money into its youth programs for more than two decades. Each year, the ASA national office invests nearly a quarter of a million dollars on coaching and skill schools, player camps, training videos and manuals. Numerous staff hours are devoted to ensuring that its youth have the best softball playing experience possible.

Softball and Youth Safety

    Safety is also a major concern of the ASA, and the organization has initiated many safety issues. The ASA was the first association to require all of its youth batters and baserunners to wear helmets; to require catchers to wear a mask with a throat protector and an approved helmet with ear flaps; to allow the use of a double-base system at first base; to eliminate the use of metal spikes, and to recommend the use of safety balls and bats for players at the 10-under levels.

    The ASA JO program is dedicated to building healthy, productive, confident kids. Sometimes adults fail to realize just how difficult the skills of softball can be for youngsters. Therefore, we encourage coaches and parents to allow kids to learn at their own rate, and to praise players as they progress in their development.

    Everyone wants to be a winner. The ASA's purpose is to create a team of winners - winners not only on the softball field, but in life.

    Foremost, the ASA Junior Olympic Youth program is about kids - it's about creating a positive environment where they can grow and develop, and learn a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime. Most importantly, it's about making sure they come away from their softball experience feeling confident about themselves and who they are.