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Brookfield Central Lancers
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Brookfield Central Lancers
Coach Sorenson
20550 Dexter Court
Brookfield, Wisconsin


We are a 6th grade boys team that is part of the Brookfield Junior Lancer Basketball Organization and a member of the Wisconsin Independent Basketball League (WIBL).

The Brookfield Junior Lancer Basketball Organization is a feeder program to Brookfield Central High School located in majestic Brookfield, Wisconsin. This organization is devoted to developing basketball fundamentals in a competitive environment, while emphasizing sportsmanship and the offensive / defensive schemes of the high school program.

Please visit the other sections of this site for the latest information such as times and locations for league games, practices and tournaments. You'll also find a link to the official WIBL website under our "Links" section. ENJOY!



Chicago Bulls Theme

Sunday, January 7

When you get what you want in your struggle for self
and the world makes you king for the day
then go to the mirror and look at yourself
and see what that guy has to say

For it isn't you mother, brother or friends
whose judgement you must pass
the person whose verdict counts most in your life
is the one staring back in the glass

You can go down the pathway of years
receiving pats on the back as you pass
but your final reward will be heartaches and tears
if you cheated that guy in the glass

How to be the best shooter in the universe!

First it’s important not to practice old bad habits. So the following isn’t a beginner drill, you must practice it everyday.
You shoot a basketball with one hand - place the ball in the palm of your dominate hand the way a bellhop receives a tip. Keep your other hand behind your back.
Casually rotated 180 degrees at the elbow, and move the ball into a shooting position just in front of your dominate eye. The ball should be on your finger tips and not resting on the palm of your hand. In order to keep the ball from flopping out of your hand, spread your fingers, keep your elbow tucked in, your wrist flexed and in general hold the ball in a proper shooting position.

T-2-T (Toe to the target) - If you’re a right handed player, your right foot is always slightly ahead of your left, and always pointed toward the basket.

L w/ EL (Form an "L” with the right elbow) - Your right elbow should stay stayed tucked in and bent at 90 degrees, no more, no less.

W the W (Wrinkle the wrist) - cock my wrist just enough to wrinkle the skin.

E over E (Elbow over the eyebrow) - actual shooting motion consists of straightening your elbow and wrist so that you end up reaching for the sky.

F the F (Freeze the follow-through) - After releasing the ball, stop for a second, exposing your form, or lack thereof.

Fries in St. Louis – Your shot must have plenty of arc.

It’s a matter of simple geometry. The rim is big. Two balls can simultaneously go through the hoop with room to spare. If the ball rises only a foot or two above the plane of the rim, that big hoop looks more like an “ellipse” from the ball's point of view. No margin for error. But if the shot has a high, lazy trajectory - think McDonald's golden arches or the St. Louis arch - the hoop starts to look like a giant circle again. And there is enough leeway for even an over weight, middle-aged, coach like me to make a basket. The key to eliminating the bad habit of the “flat” shot is simply "elbow over the eyebrow" which puts more arc on the shot, and "freeze the follow-through" which will tell you in no uncertain terms if you really did it.

Finally, shooting with only one hand this doesn't work in a game. You have to ward off defenders. So now move the hand that is behind your back …”the balance hand” ….to the side of the ball, where it can help your right hand move the ball into position but not interfere with the good form you have already begun to develop.
Now the rest is simple and totally up to you as an individual player. To become the best shooter in your school, the WIBL, Wisconsin or the entire universe…..all you have to do is:

(1) Use good form as described above ……..and….. (2) Practice it more than anyone else.

Best of luck.....and GO LANCERS!

Thursday, October 26

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice." - Unknown
These are some of the things that make a player a standout above the rest. The exceptional player:

1. Always plays great defense, even when his/her offense is "off".

2. Always hustles, boxes-out and rebounds.

3. Sees the whole floor and is an excellent passer, able to find the open teammate.

4. Is a good ball-handler, avoids costly turnovers.

5. Can shoot from outside.

6. Can drive, "take it to the hoop".
You can't rely on just an outside shot, or just your ability to drive. You've got to be able to do both. If you can't score from outside, the defense will "sag" and not allow you to drive. If you can't drive, they will guard you close outside, and not allow your outside shot. You’ve got to be able to do both so that the defense cannot key on either aspect of your game.

7. Looks for the open shot all the time. Doesn't stop shooting just because of missing one or two shots early in the game. If a great player starts off "cold", he/she will usually get it going by hustling, playing good defense, getting a steal or two, and getting into the flow of the game, and getting an easy lay-up or free-throw. Then the shots will start falling.

8. Can make clutch free-throws.

9. Stays out of foul-trouble.

10. Has "mental toughness"... is able to sense the critical times in a game and elevate his/her game and teammates a notch (especially with defense, hustle and rebounding). Is able to make the "big plays" in crunch time. Is able to do the "little things" needed to making the pass to an open teammate, setting a perfect screen, making a steal, etc. Keeps focused...does not get upset by a bad call. Is able to forget mistakes and keep playing hard. Understands the game situation, the clock.

11. Inspires and leads his/her teammates by example, hard work and hustle in practice and during games. The exceptional player works harder than anyone else. You can't ask your teammates to practice and play harder if you're not there yourself. Exceptional players are not born...they become exceptional by hard work and dedication.

12. Understands the concept of "team" and "family". It takes more than skill to have a championship team. You must have team "chemistry", respect for each other, a common goal, and help and encourage each other.

13. The exceptional player is "coachable". Listens and works closely with the coach. Is willing to try new things and is willing to "step up" when the coach needs some leadership on and off the court.

WIBL Regular Season Schedule is now out

Click Here & Let's Get It On!
Our schedule for the Wisconsin Independent Basketball League is now available on-line at: All of our games have also been posted under the "Calendar" tab of this web site. GO LANCERS!


-6 minute quarters
-3 minute half-time/5 minutes between games
-2 time outs per half - no carryovers
-Tie breaker is first team to score 4 points, no clock, no time-outs, start with jump ball
-6th grade uses a full size basketball
-Each team must supply adult for official book or clock
-Team listed first - adult for official scorer plus game ball
-Team listed second - adult for clock
-WIAA rules apply - Seat Belt rule
-Sportsmanship Rule: No pressing when ahead by 15 points or more.
-No slaughter rule
-Only water is allowed in all gyms and keep water on benches only, not on courts
-No gum in gyms
-Maximum of 3 non-players on the bench
-All technical fouls will be an automatic 2 points and the ball (excludes intentional fouls)
-Clean up your bench after your game...pick up all water bottles
-Teams can play any kind of full or half court defenses
-Uniforms must have numbers front and back.
-All are reminded to be positive role models and to expect the same from the players

-11/4-5 and 1/6-7 are WIBL League weekends...most/all teams will play-sit-play one day on those weekends

-One player from each team will participate in the WIBL All-Star game and "3-pt Contest"...3pt Contest will be at 5:30, 3/21/07 at CCS...All-Star game for the 8th gr will be at 6:30, 3/22/07 at CCS.


The action of two or more players to achieve an effect of which each player is individually incapable. Always remember this and strive to achieve this "together" each time you take the court. Five working as one is our constant goal.   

The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack." - Unknown


Brookfield Central Lancers
Brookfield Central Lancers
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