Baltimore Bays 93/94 Girls: HEAT News: Bad karma haunts Bays on big weekend; 9 points left on the board; 5/31-6/1

Monday, June 2
Bad karma haunts Bays on big weekend; 9 points left on the board; 5/31-6/1

The 94Bays had a chance to vault up in the standings this weekend, but knew the job would be tough, with extensive travel and a depleted roster the result of late season no shows and a hugh medical issue on the back line. Some luck would have aided the cause, but none was to be had, as every bounce went against them and the results would instead scar the season record.

In Virginia on Saturday the side would only surrender 1 goal in each game, but could not manufacture any for the good, despite hitting the posts and even bouncing a header over the goal after beating the keeper in game 2. There was not a break to be found all day in the heat after much travel, and even with players out of position and only 2 subs, the side should have faired better in both.

Sunday's game would have Baltimore at home vs Reston, and the trend continued as the Bays came up short again 2-1, in avery even and well played match. Chances were created but not finished, and a soft PK call in the first against the Bays did not help. Again, despite tired legs the side pressed hard; no lack of effort for sure. But the variables were too much to overcome for the slim side, and again, no luck. A weekend to forget indeed, but also part of the landscape as the journey continues. The season wraps up next week as even fewer numbers are available for yet another trek into VA. But the team will show up.