Baltimore Bays 93/94 Girls: HEAT News: Scoring drought hinders Bays in MM 2; 3/29-30

Monday, March 31
Scoring drought hinders Bays in MM 2; 3/29-30

Comming off an impressive season opening showing in the Baltimore March Madness, the Bays Heat looked forward to continuing the trend at MSI's version this weekend; but were denied by a lack of finishing throughout.

The lack of results (2 draws and a 1 goal loss) were not indicative of the overall play, as Baltimore showed quality possession and ball movement in all the matches, and were dominating at times, but simply could not find the back of the net. Chances were plentiful, as the side did well to penetrate, and the defense held tight as well. All that was missing was a few goals, but it was one of those weekends for the young team.

The team will look to tiddy up the final touches this week as it preps for the first round, and hopefully second as well, of the State Cup this comming weekend.