Bound Brook Wrestling: Welcome




       The Crusader wrestling team has qualified for the Sectional tournament and will try to win their fifth consecutive title next week and in turn earn the right to try for the fifth consecutive Group I State Championship a week from Sunday. With that said the Crusaders will begin the drive for five on Monday night with a match against Belvidere at 7 P.M. If they win that match they will wrestle Roselle Park at Roselle Park on Wednesday at 7 P.M.; and then, if they win that match they will wrestled in the Section final somewhere in North Joisey on Friday night at 7 P.M. Then, then, then if they win the Section final the State Group I Finals will be wrestled at 9 A.M. at Toms River North High School on February 14th. 


       The Crusader coaching staff knew in the war for bonus points they would lose bonus point war on Wednesday night on Senator Stout Road in Alexandria and because of that they would need to win eight matches. After losing this toss that seemed less likely also, but in the end the Terriers of Del Val were just too good at pinning and won the match by a 36-32 score.

       The match started out well as George Walton scored a nice pin and then Mike Borja listened to his coaches and scored two takedowns in the last two periods to edge out his opponent at 220. Then Jervey Sistrunk held their senior region place winner Kyle Schlittler. However, then a forfeit and Sean Snodgrass being pinned in a cradle he avoided in the first period gave Del Val a 21-9 lead.

        Joe Casey and Tyler McIntosh each won their matches, but neither was able to score bonus points. That left the Crusaders with two freshman next in Mason Gage Horsburgh and Carlos Acevedo and both couldn't avoid being pinned. The Crusaders were now down by a 33-15 and the room for error evaporated.

       After Mekhi Lewis earned a tech fall and Stephan Glasgow a fall, Matt Duate lost a 5-4 match where the Bound Brook coaches and fans thought he earned a reversal with 1.8 seconds left and not a neutral as he was behind and on top of his man. Unfortunately, the ref disagreed and the match was decided.

      Here is the box score:

106 CJ Heaps (DV) wb Forfeit
113 AJ DeRosa (DV) p. Sean Snodgrass (BB)  3:14
120 Joe Casey (BB) d. Vito Intelli (DV) 5-1
126 Tyler McIntosh (BB) d. Kyle Refavley (DV) 10-9
132 Jake Moore (DV) p. Mason Gage Horsburgh (BB) 2:57
138 Matt Kolonia (DV) p. Carlos Acevedo (BB) 1:57
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) tf. Connor Mills (DV) 24-9
152 Stephan Glasgow (BB) p. Rhys Zigich (DV) 3:54
160 Chase Bauberger (DV) d. Matt Duarte 5-4
170 Travis Hays (BB) wb Forfeit
182 George Walton (BB) p. Matt Meehan (DV) 3:56
195 Kyle Lightner (DV) p. Eric Gersick (BB) 1:05
220 Mike Borja (BB) d. Joe Pandy (DV) 9-5
285 Kyle Schlittler (DV) d. Jervey Sistrunk (BB) p. 7-2
Bound Brook 6-6  
106 No wrestler
113 Sean Snodgrass 6-11
       Jose Gonazlez  1-2
120 Joe Casey 20-7
126 Mason Gage Horsburgh 2-10
132 Carlos Acevedo 1-9
        Tyler McIntosh 11-2
138 Carlos Ugalde 2-13
145 Mekhi Lewis 24-1
152 Stephan Glasgow 25-1
      Matt Duate 8-7
160 George Walton 23-3
        Nazareth Saavedra 0-1 
170 Travis Hays 13-10
182 No Wrestler
195 Mike Borja 10-13
220 Jervay Sistunk 13-11
        Eric Dubecky 1-3 
       Erik Gersick 0-1 
285 No Wrestler  



        The Bound Brook Crusader wrestling team traveled to Montvale on Saturday morning to face off against the St. Joseph Regional Green Knights. The Crusaders came away with a 43-21 victory. Pinners included Tyler McIntosh, Mekhi Lewis, Matt "Korean Egg Roll" Duarte and JJ Sistrunk.

         George Walton had a nice match as he defeated New Jersey State place winner Vin DiFilippo by a 9-2 score. In another match of New Jersey State place winners, Jonathan Tropea came back from a 4-0 score to defeat Joe Casey 11-9 in sudden victory. A match is never won until the bell has rung!

       Congratulations to Carlos Acevedo on getting his first win of the season and was joined by Carlos Ugalde and the aforementioned Sistrunk in freshmen who were victorious. 

         Here is the box score:

106 Sonny Mucci (SJ) wb Forfeit
113 Sammy Alverez (SJ) md. Sean Snodgrass (BB)  16-2
120 Jonathan Tropea (SJ) d. Joe Casey (BB) 11-9 s.v.
126 Tyler McIntosh (BB) p. Michael Suarez (SJ) :50
132 Carlos Acevedo(BB) md. Guerino Tondreau (SJ) 10-2
138 Carlos Ugalde (BB) d. Seamus Burkert (SJ) 2-0
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) p. Dylan Scasserra (SJ) :34
152 Matt Duarte (BB) p. Rahul Prince (SJ) :43
160 George Walton (BB) d. Vin DiFilippo (SJ) 9-2
170 Stephan Glasgow (BB) wb Forfeit
182 Joe Napoleone (SJ) d.  Travis Hays (BB) 15-9
195 Mike Borja (BB) d. Patrick Kohn (SJ) 2-1 utb
220 Michael Carfagno (SJ) tf. Eric Dubecky (BB) 15-0
285 Jervey Sistrunk (BB) p. Brian Sidle (SJ) 3:56
Bound Brook 6-5  


        It was clear by the team's attitude on Wednesday night that the Crusader wrestling team was going to wrestle poorly against Voorhees as the team showed zero intensity and laugheed their way through warm-ups. The result was that the Crusaders eeked out a 36-28 victory and gave up fifteen team points in three matches where they got the first takedown. So much for that stat that you win 80% of the matches where you get the first takedown!

        Pinners on the evening were Joe Casey, Mekhi Lewis and Matt Duarte. Stephan Glasgow continued his streak of getting forfeits on Wednesday nights. The Crusaders are now 5-5 and next take to the mat on Saturday at 11 A.M. against St. Joseph-Montvale. 

         Here is the box score and updated records.

106 Colby Koshinski (V) wb Forfeit
113 Sean Snodgrass (BB)  Hunter Rinthard (V) 8-4
120 Joe Casey (BB) p. Josh Cysani (V) 1:43
126 Colton Riley (V) p. Mason Gage Horsburg (BB) 2:27
132 Matt Brandner (V) d. Carlos Acevedo(BB) 5-3 s.v.
138 Tyler McIntosh (BB) d. Liam Cutri-French (V) 5-0
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) p. Ben Brandner (V) 1:17
152 Matt Duarte (BB) p. Brad Kalinchak (V) 1:41
160 Stephan Glasgow (BB) wb Forfeit
170 George Walton (BB) d. Michael Fernandes (V)
182 Lewis Fernandes (V) p. Travis Hays (BB) 3:47
195 Scott Fernandes (V) d. Mike Borja (BB) 3-1 s.v.
220 Derek Howarth (V) md. Eric Dubecky (BB) 14-3
285 Jervey Sistrunk (BB) d. Adam Murdock (V) 4-1
Bound Brook 5-5  


        The Jack Welch Duals were modified on Friday night so that each team could get three duals and the Crusaders took advantage of that set-up to put three wins on their record against zero losses.

        In the first match of the evening the Crusaders wrestled and defeated Holy Cross High School by a 41-29 score. Pinners included Michael Borja, Stephan Glasgow, Mason Gage Horsburgh and Mekhi Lewis. The pin by Mekhi constituted the 100th win of Mekhi's career. Congrats Mekhi!

        In the next match the Crusaders eeked by Cherokee by a 36-27 score. Pinners included Mekhi Lewis, George Walton, Jervey Sistrunk and Stephan Glasgow. This match came down to heavyweight and JJ clinched the match with a second period fall against a much bigger opponent.

       Our final match was against a depleted Riverside team and the Crusaders won by a 61-12 score. Pinners included Joe Casey (I swear he pinned someone) and Mekhi Lewis.

106 Jason Shine (HC) wb Forfeit
113 Connor Mularkey (HC) d.  Sean Snodgrass (BB)  7-4
120 Joe Casey (BB) tf. Chase Mularkey (HC) 15-0
126 Mason Gage Horsburg (BB) p. Shane Corson (HC) 1:23
132 Robert Rodelico tf. Carlos Ugalde (BB) 24-7
138 Tyler McIntosh (BB) md. Beau Bruneua (HC) 15-3
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) p. Troy Longley (HC) :38
152 Mike Rodelico (HC) d. David Ugalde (BB) 5-3
160 Avery DiNardi (HC) p. Matt Duarte (BB) 3:30
170 Stephan Glasgow (BB) tf. Cam Wasson (HC) 17-2
182 George Walton (BB) wb Forfeit
195 Mike Borja (BB) p. Connor Kirby (HC) :38
220 Matt Correnti (HC) p. Eric Gersick (BB) :16
285 Jervey Sistrunk (BB) d. Bobby Cristella (HC) 7-1
Bound Brook 2-5 
106 Ryan Rhoades (C) wb Forfeit
113 Colin Wickramaraatna (C) p.  Sean Snodgrass (BB)  1:56
120 Joe Casey (BB) md. Connor Cosgrove (C) 11-3
126 Ryan Manahan (C) md. Mason Gage Horsburg (BB) 9-1
132 Nick Moffa (C) d.  Carlos Ugalde (BB) 3-2
138 Tyler McIntosh (BB) d. Ryan Burke (C) 3-1
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) p. Shawn Webb (C) :46
152 Gaspeiro Alessi (C) d. David Ugalde (BB) 5-1
160 Matt Duarte (BB) p. Noah Bell (C) 1:32
170 Stephan Glasgow (BB) p. Daniel Cascio (C) 1:43
182 George Walton (BB) p. Dylan Rhodes (C) :33
195 Michael Kringler (C) d. Mike Borja (BB) 7-2
220 Robert Liv***s (C) d. Eric Dubecky (BB) 7-2
285 Jervey Sistrunk (BB) p. George Coulter (C) 2:54
Bound Brook 3-5 
106 No Match
113 Sean Snodgrass (BB)  wb Forfeit
120 Jose Gonzalez (BB) wb Forfeit
126 Joe Casey (BB) p. Jordan Senior (R) 1:52
132 Antino Fratello (C) md.  Mason Gage Horsburgh (BB) 11-2
138 Dom Dreadin (R) d. Carlos Acevedo (BB) 7-3
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) p. John McElroy (R) :43
152 David Ugalde (BB) d. George Graves (R) 7-1
160 Ariel Carreno (R) p. Nazareth Saavedra (BB) 1:37
170 Stephan Glasgow (BB) p. wb Forfeit
182 George Walton (BB) md. Zeke Brinson (R) 20-6
195 Mike Borja (BB) wb Forfeit
220 Eric Dubecky (BB) wb Forfeit
285 Jervey Sistrunk (BB) wb Forfeit
Bound Brook 4-5   


        The wrestlers of Bound Brook and Phillipsburg High Schools gave the fans a very exciting match on Wednesday night. With Phillipsburg winning 33-30 going into the final match, Mike Borja and Daniel Fisher left it all on the mat with Fisher scoring a third period takedown to score a 6-3 victory and ensure Phillipsburg a 36-30 match. Certainly both teams could've put better teams on the mat on Wedneday night, but the kids who wrestled gave there all and matches that went the distance included some tired kids on both teams.

         Therein lies the rub and thats the matches that went the full six minutes. Clearly the Phillipsburg kids did a much better job of keeping the Crusader stars from scoring bonus points, as all but one Crusader who lost gave up bonus points. That can be fatal in a match where the teams split the bouts 7-7 and tonight was clearly an example of the need to stay off your back. However, the Crusaders only put one senior on the mat tonight, so maybe as long as we learn we will get better.

         The Crusaders did get one lonely fall from Stephan Glasgow as he seemed to be the only one to realize that when you hit a double there is usually a half nelson waiting for you at the end. Joe Casey and Tyler McIntosh scored tech falls while Travis Hays was able to hold for a major decision. Other winners were Matt Duarte and George Walton, the latter of which scored a takedown with 25 seconds left and then rode out Daniel Wissing for the win.

          The Crusaders hopefully have some duals this weekend in Moorestown, lets hope the snow comes on Saturday so we can at least get two matches on Friday.

         Here is the evenings box score and the updated records: 

106 Cullen Day (P) wb Forfeit
113 Kyle Markus (P) tf. Sean Snodgrass (BB)  20-4
120 Joe Casey (BB) tf. Tyris Manley (P) 17-1
126 Tyler McIntosh (BB) tf. Kyle Tino (P) 18-2
132 Tyler Agans (P) p. Mason-Gage Horsburgh (BB) 1:54
138 Lance Wissing (P) d. Carlos Ugalde (BB) 10-4
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) md. Brian Meyer (P) 14-3
152 Matt Duarte (BB) d. Chris Ruiz (P) 11-4
160 Stephan Glasgow (BB) p. Austin Roth (P) 4:45
170 George Walton (BB) d. Lance Wissing (P) 6-5
182 Travis Hays (BB) md. Jason Barna (P) 11-3
195 Daniel Fisher (P) d. Mike Borja (BB) 6-3
220 Robert Melise (P) wb Forfeit
285 Kyle Nothnagel (P) p. Jervey Sistrunk (BB) 4:46
Bound Brook 1-5 Phillipsburg 7-2 


        The Crusader wrestling team was swept away by the Green Wave of Long Branch by a 42-19 score as the team seemed to be allergic to getting to their feet on bottom and carrying any type of offense on their feet. The result will create a interesting practice on Monday as the team will need to be convinced by the coaches that right way to wrestle will be the way you wrestle. Leave all forms of personal expression to the art majors.

        The only pinners on Saturday were Mekhi Lewis and George Walton. Blah.


106 Ray Guzman (LB) wb Forfeit
113 Chris Dean (LB) d. Sean Snodgrass 4-1
120 Joe Casey (BB) md. Joel Astacio (LB) 15-4
126 Isaac Shohet (LB) d. Mason-Gage Horsburgh (BB) 6-4
132 TJ Conlon (LB) d. Tyler McIntosh (BB) 4-1
138 Danny Rios (LB) p. Carlos Ugalde (BB) 3:31
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) p. Luke Arnold (LB) :58
152 Danny Mullen (LB) d. Matt Duarte (BB) 7-5
160 Stephan Glasgow (BB) d. Mike Shohet (LB) 5-1
170 Lamont Reid (LB) d. Travis Hays (BB) 6-4 O.T.
182 George Walton (BB) p. Dan Santos-Silva (LB) 2:00
195 Peter Wersinger (LB) d. Mike Borja (BB) 1-0
220 Joseph Jasio (LB) wb Forfeit
285  John Tomilson (LB) p. Jervey Sistrunk (BB) 5:48    



       The Bound Brook wrestling team had to overcome two forfeits on Wednesday to overcome a undefeated Warren Hills team. Last week the Crusaders lost the toss and that hurt their chances to win, this week the tables turned and the Crusaders won the toss which helped them win. Big falls were scored by George Walton at 170 and Matt Duarte at 152 which helped the Crusaders win the match by a 37-27 score.

        Other wrestlers who had bonus point wins included Joe Casey, Travis Hays and Mekhi Lewis. Travis Hays perhaps had the nicest effort as after getting taken down to start the match, he scored six tilts from top to win by major deccision 12-2. Jervey Sistrunk out-foxed a much bigger opponent to win 2-1 at heavyweight (Is that politically incorrect now?).

        Unfortunately, among the Crusaders four losses on the night twowere by a one point margin and one on a last moment takedown. These wrestlers need to increase the drill intensity so that they can carry the action in the matches and score in all positions.

        The Crusaders next match will be at Long Branch on Saturday at 11 A.M.

Here is the box score:

106 Cody Harrison (WH) wb Forfeit
113 Kyle Wulff (WH) d. Sean Snodgrass 3-2
120 Joe Casey (BB) md. Codey O'Rourke 12-2
126 Matthew Valli (WH) p. Mason-Gage Horsburgh (BB) 3:53
132 Pedro Cruz (WH) d. Carlos Ugalde (BB) 3-1
138 Tyler McIntosh (BB) d. Zach Nauta (WH) 7-2
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) tf. Cameron Nauta 15-0
152 Matt Duarte (BB) p. Rashon Wade-Taylor 2:58
160 Stephan Glasgow (BB) wb Forfeit
170 Travis Hays (BB) md. Jared Ostir (WH) 10-2
182 George Walton (BB) p. Anthony Roessner (WH) 4:25
195 Kurt Nemeth (WH) wb Fofeit
220 Brody Oberly (WH)  d. Mike Borja (BB) 3-2
285  Jervey Sistrunk (BB) d. Taylan Zafis (WH) 2-1




      The Bound Brook wrestling team has a long history of wrestling well at the annual Somerset County Wrestling Tournament. In fact the last time the Crusaders finished out of the top five of the tournament was over twenty years ago. In that time the Crusaders have amassed 64 individual Champions the most of any school in the County. That prideful history repeated itself on Saturday at Hillsborough High School as the Crusaders won their fifth consecutive County Championship and sported the outstanding wrester in Joe Casey.

    The Crusaders ascent to their fifth title however goes beyond their big four and all repeating Champions Joe Casey, Mekhi Lewis, Stephan Glasgow and George Walton and squarely falls on the shoulders of two freshman Sean Snodgrass and JJ Sistrunk who came out of non-seeded postions to reach the finals. They both showed great composure and the benefits of wrestling in challenging tournaments leading to the County tournament. Here is each wrestlers record and results:

113 Sean Snodgrass (3-1) beat the first seed and the fourth seed before falling in the finals. Showed he's going to just get better and better.
120 Joe Casey (3-0) Beat State place-winner Brian Kuhlman 5-1 to earn the OW.
126 Carlos Acevedo (0-1) First match at his new weight, he needs to gain some composure.
132 Tyler McIntosh (3-1) Had a good day losing to State Qualifier Evan Drill 6-3. Look for him to make real noise when he drops to 126 in the near future.
138 Carlos Ugalde (0-1) Had a winnable first match but refused to do the technique he is taught.
145 Mekhi Lewis (3-0) Sailed to his third County title with a pin in the finals.
152 Stephan Glasgow (3-0) Also sailed to his third County title with a impressive finals pin of a Region place-winner.
160 Matt Duate (2-2) Lost a close match to the eventual runner-up by not being in his stance on the whistle. He's better then he wrestled Today.
170 George Walton (3-0) Grabbed his second County title with a very clean 10-1 victory in the finals.
182 Travis Hays (3-1) Got sloppy in his first match but aveneged that loss with a tech fall against the same opponent in the third place match.
195 Mike Borja (2-2) He almost broke through but needs to finish his shots.
220 Abe Saavedra (2-0) Took second.
285 Jervey Sistrunk (3-1) Beat the third seed and second seed, but the big Montgomery heavyweight was a little much in the Finals. He had a great day. 



        When a team lacks depth and depends on freshmen, that team has no room for errors when it comes to the basic tenants of wrestling. In other words, the Crusader wrestling team lost to the Hunterdon Central wrestling team on Wednesday night by 36-28 score because they failed to execute some basic wrestling skills, such as fast feet, heavy hands, maintaining your stance stuffing the head on a opponent's shot, setting up your shot so that it's not a half-shot, riding on your toes, breaking the man's hips, looking away from a half and finally but never least getting to your feet on bottom.  

         The result of this ignorance of basics resulting in the Crusaders only winning four matches and reciving two forfeits. The sole winner by fall was Mekhi Lewis while Matt Duarte got his first win of the season with a nice and effecient tech fall. George Walton and Stephan Glasgow received the ultimate sign of respect which was a forfeit and Tyler McIntosh wrestled through a injury for a nice decision. 

         The Crusaders will spend the next two days getting a review of the basics of wrestling with the hopes that the County wrestling tournament goes better then their first three dual meets this season. 

106 Jared Siegel (HC) wb Forfeit
113 Hunter Graf (HC) p. Sean Snodgrass :27
120 Pasquale Vizzoni (HC) d. Jose Gonzalez (BB) 8-2
126 Peter Nace (HC) d. Joseph Casey (BB) 4-3
132 Vincent Romaneillo (HC) p. Carlos Acevedo (BB) 5:08
138 Tyler McIntosh (BB) d. Chris Taylor (HC) 6-0
145 Mekhi Lewis (BB) p. Kevin Ciresa (HC) 1:38
152 Matt Duarte (BB) tf. Dan Furmato (HC) 15-0 
160 Stephan Glasgow (BB) wb Forfeit
170 George Walton (BB) wb Forfeit
182 Michael Iodice (HC) p. Travis Hays 3:43
195 Abe Saavedra (BB) d. Gavin Hoff (HC) 4-34
220 Connor Wheatley (HC) d. Mike Borja (BB) 3-1
285 Victor Lacombe (HC) d. Jervey Sistrunk (BB) 5-1
Records: Bound Brook 0-2 Hunterdon Central 5-1 


          Coach Manny's Middlesaders placed third at the Parsippany Duals on Sunday with a 3-2 record. They defeated Howell 2 by a 54-45 score, Connecticut Gladiators 46-43 and Madison by a 49-46 score. They lost to Howell 1 by a 92-15 score and Parsipppany by a 73-33 score. Making the All Tournament Team was Jeremy Lamberty with a undefeated record. Michael Meola and Christian Caldwell each had one loss on the day. The team is now 8-4 on the season.

        The team wrestles home against Monroe on Friday at the St. Josephs School Gym, (or New Community School if you prefer) at 4:00 P.M. 


       This is going to be a long regular season! The Crusader wrestling team fell to St. Peter's Prep on Saturday morning by a 39-38 score. The team didn't do a bad job winning seven of the ten matches contested, but unfortunately the four forfiets the Crusaders gave away became too much to overcome. The last match decidend the meet when Matt Russo defeated Carlos Ugalde 5-1 to clinch the win for the Marauders. 

        Pinners which were many for the Crusaders included Stephan Glasgow, Travis Hays, George Walton, Mike Borja and Jervey Sistrunk. Mekhi Lewis won a good 5-0 match against Beast of the East runner-up Nick Santos.

         The Crusaders and their four non-wrestlers next take the match against Hunterdon Central on Wednesday at BBHS.

106 Bennett Freeman (SPP) wb Forfeit
113 Michael Simonetti (SPP) wb Forfeit 
120 Thomas Kelner (SPP) wb Forfeit
126 Joseph Casey (BB) tf. Matthew Forget (SPP) 16-1 6:00
132 Ian Hartnett (SPP) p. Mason-Gage Horsburgh (BB) 3:20
138 Alec Kelly (SPP) p. Carlos Acevedo (BB) :51
145 Matt Russo (SPP) d. Carlos Ugalde (BB) 5-1
152 Mekhi Lewis (BB) d. Nick Santos (SPP) 5-0
160 Stephan Glasgow (BB) p. Richard Aldarondo (SPP) 5:14
170 Travis Hays (BB) p. Kevin Millard (SPP) 3:17
182 George Walton (BB) p. Nick Colucci (SPP) 3:00
195 Mike Borja (BB) p. Quinn Candelaria (SPP)  3:39
220 Zachary Lewis (SPP) wb Forfeit
285 Jervey Sistrunk (BB0 p. Max Contreras (SPP) :37
Records: Bound Brook 0-2 St. Peter's Prep 1-0 


       "The Powerade" as it's called in wrestling circuit likes to remind you that it is the second toughest in-season tournament in the country. However, for the Bound Brook Crusader wrestling team it is the toughest in-season tournament in the country because our season start date prevents us from attending "The Ironman". Coca-Cola products and endurance contest names aside, what the Powerade presented the Crusaders was a New Jersey State Tournament feel two months before that tournament begins, and this State Tournament feel turned-out to be a useful exercise for Mekhi Lewis, Stephan Glasgow, Joe Casey and George Walton as they all placed in the top eight of the tournament. 

         Leading the team in the battle was Mekhi Lewis who was our sole finalist wrestling out of the sixth seed position. Mekhi started the tournament with two victories which placed him in the quarter-finals against the number two ranked wrestler in the country at 145 Jared Verkleeren of Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. Mek was taken down fairly early in the match, but quickly escaped and got a takedown of his own which seemed to change the tenor of the match. From that point on the two wrestlers became less aggressive and the match ended tied after regulation and a overtime period on their feet. However, top wrestling proved to be the skill of the day as Mekhi rode out Verkleeren in the ultimate ride-out to earn the victory.

        On day two of the tournament in the semi-finals Mekhi repeated that same exact victory method when he defeated the second seed and Ironman place-winner Kevin Burdock of Good Counsel, Maryland in the semi finals. However, all success was fleeting as Mekhi couldn't finish his 'upset' run in the finals and he fell to the number 3 ranked wrestler in the country and impressive Cam Coy of Penn Trafford, PA by a 7-1 score. Kudos to Mek, but in March we need to finish the job!

        Right on Mek's heel with a impressive tournament was Stephan Glasgow who was seeded third and placed third at the 152 pound weight class. Stephan started his tournament with two pins but then had a tough loss against nationally ranked Trevell Timmons of Lockport, Illinois by a 3-2 score in the quarter finals. However, he was undeterred as he moved through the wrestle-backs with four straight wins including wins against Derek Verkleeren of Belle Vernon 3-1,  Nationally ranked Nick Monico of  Saegertown, PA 5-2 and Jacoby Ward of Arch Bishop Moeller, OH 5-2 in the third place match.  In fact, the only two wrestlers who finished ahead of Stephan were the number one and two ranked wrestlers in the country at his weight.

      Going a little further down the podium, but having a good tournament out of a unseeded position was Joe Casey who placed sixth at 126. Joe started strong with two wins but fell short against the first seed  and Pennsylvania State Champion Cole Matthews of Reynolds, PA where he loss by a 9-3 score in the quarter-finals.  Joe won two more matches to get into the semi-finals of the wrestlebacks, but there he fell to Kordell Rush of Penn Ridge, PA by a 3-0 score. That placed him in the fifth place match where he loss to Travis Hays doppelganger and sixth seed Brandon Ramos by a 6-4. Joe had a good tournament but needs to tighten up his techinque to compete better in the future.

      The final Crusader place-winner who was also unseeded was George Walton who placed seventh at 160 with a 4-2 record. George started his tournament with a major decision, he then defeated the sixth seed Garrett Neff of Good Counsel, MD by a 5-4 score. That placed in the quarter finals against the third seed Jose Taylor of Arlington-Martin, TX. However, George had a hard being aggressive in this match and he fell by a 3-2 score as a poor shrug left George's leg exposed. He then won another match against Tom Starr of Kiski Area, PA which placed him against Dale Tiongson of St. Pauls, MD. George got off to a good start but couldn't finish the match as gave up the winning takedown in the third period. In the seventh place match he defeated the fourth seed Mitchell Hartmann of Belle Vernon by a 7-1 score.

       The other five Crusaders who made the trip all had 1-2 records which helped the Crusaders place 19th in the 47 team tournament.




        INTELLECTUAL HONESTY.  One of the best, if not best part of wrestling is that is a one-on-one sport and you cannot hide your efforts from others. If you don't do the work to succeed, that will show when you wrestle in front of the big crowd. In such times of stress one must be intellectually  honest with themselves on why they have failed to succeed and what they can do to change their chances for success. At North Hunterdon on Tuesday night the Crusader wrestling team was intellectually bankrupt in a 49-19 loss.

        Going in to the match the coaches team faced a tall mountain do to multiple starters being out with injuries and the fact that they were going to have to give up three forfeits, but even in the matches wrestled the Crusaders did not put their hands on their opponents, nor did they move their feet. The result was a bunch of wrestlers who know how they are supposed to wrestle, but failing to wrestle they way they are coached. However, as in all things this will pass and their will be brighter days if and only if we can be intellectually honest with ourselves and change the way we are executing our technique.

       On the bright side pinners included Mekhi Lewis and Stephan Glasgow. George Walton had a nice win against a region place-winner and Travis Hays showed with a few corrections he can compete at a high level.

       Merry Christmas!

       Here is the box score:

106 Connor Robinson (NH) wb Forfeit
113 Robert Spies (NH) p. Jose Gonzalez (BB) 5:25
120 William Hughes (NH) wb Fofeit
126 Andrew Gapas (NH) md. Joe Casey (BB) 10-7
132  Tucker Kirchberger (NH) p. Carlos Acevedo (BB) :28
138 Cole Marra (NH) d. Carlos Ugalde (BB) 5-3
145 Tyler McIntosh (BB) md. Nick Luberto (NH) 12-1
152 Mekhi Lewis (BB) p. Ian Kirk (NH) :31
160 Stephan Glasgow (BB) p. Matthew Gregory (NH) 1:15
170 George Walton (BB) d. Brian Smolinsky (NH) 7-6
182 Derek Ciavarro (NH) Travis Hays (BB) 8-4
195 Wyatt Vracken (NH) wb Forfeit
220 Carmen Ricciardi (NH) d. Mike Borja (BB) 6-2
285 Charles Tordick (NH) p. Jervey Sistrunk (BB) :43
Records: North Hunterdon 1-0 Bound Brook 0-1   




         Surely due to some unfortunate circumstances the Bound Brook Crusaders are headed to a tough dual meet season; however, as far as tournaments go they should still be a pretty formidable squad. This bore out on Saturday when four Crusaders made the finals of the Flo Excalibur Tournament and Mekhi Lewis and Stephan Glasgow each won titles to help the team take second place honors well behind the Champions Wyoming Seminary.

        Lewis who competed at 145 pounds went 5-0 in the tournament defeated Luke Gardner of Pottsville, Pennsylvania by a 3-2 score. He also scored two falls in the competition. 

        Glasgow  went 4-0 and he defeated Albert  Ciccato of the Phelps School in the finals by a 6-3 score and he also scored two falls.

        The Crusaders had two other finalists George Walton and Joe Casey who each lost their finals by one point differentials. First up was George Walton who lost 2-1 to Ironman third place finisher Will Veralis of Wyoming Seminary after giving up a neutral in the overtime ride-out, while not being able to get one himself. Geroge finished the weekend with a 3-1 record in a very tough bracket.

       Joe Casey was fixated on 1-0 scores as after winning his semi-final by a 1-0 score, couldn't produce a escape from bottom and lost 1-0 to Wyoming Seminary's Jake Riegle. 

      The Crusaders had to other placers as Travis Hays placed fourth at 170. Travis lost his first match to Wyoming Seminary's Mike Doggett and then won five straight matches to meet Doggett again for the third place match, but fell by a 2-1 score. The other Crusader was freshman Jervay Sistrunk who upset the sixth and third seeds at 220 before losing three consecutive matches to place sixth.

     Full brackets can be seen in the Flo Arena at The team's next action will be at North Hunterdon on Tuesday at 7 P.M. Here are the team's current records:


        I have posted the complete and extensive middle school schedule for your review. It is located at the schedule link at the left. Their home matches are now wrestled at the Community School, which some of us know  as the St. Joseph School Gym. 

        They have a good start to the their season as they defeated Branchburg Middle School this week. 


       The former Bound Brook wrestlers started the college seasons this month and Nestor Taffur continued on his pursuit of a successful freestyle wrestling career. Here are the Alumni and their details by age:

         NESTOR TAFFUR- Competed this past weekend in the Bill Farrell Open at the NYAC. He had a good weekend as he placed in the top eight of the thirty-two man weight class. Nest had a 4-2 record as his losses were to eventual Champion Bekzod Abdurakhmonov and Cyler Sanderson. In the win column he had a impressive pin against Nate Carr, Jr.

         ROB MURRAY- (Stevens) Rob started his season in the Ithaca College Open and placed second with a 3-1 record. Rob lost in the finals in the tiebreaker by a 5-4 score to the 7th ranked 125 pounder in D3 James Kaishian of Ithaca. Rob is loving to the new four point near fall rule in college. 

       ZACH VATALARE- (University of Michigan Wrestling Club) Currently ranked first in the NWCA at 133, Zach wrestled  149 at the GLC Fall Brawl where he was victorious with a 3-0 record. According to their Twitter account Zach also was kind enough to explain the new rules to the refs.

        SEAN GLASGOW- (Chadron State)- Sean started his season at the University of Wyoming Open at 157 Lbs. where he finished with a 4-2 record and a top eight finish in a 64 man weight class.  Sean most likely will red-shirt this season according to the Chadron coach.

       ANDREW GOMBAS- (Scranton) Andrew Gombas began his college wrestling career for the University of Scranton wrestling 174 at the Monarch Invitational at Kings College.  He had a 1-2 record and learned some valuable insights to top and bottom wrestling in college.

      JOSH UGALDE (Maryland)- Josh Ugalde started his season at the Johnathan Kaloust Open in Binghamton wrestling at 165. He finished with  2-2 record and will also be red-shirted this season. He too, learned some valuable lessons.