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       The Bound Brook wrestling team finished a disappointing second place in the District 18 tournament on Saturday as only seven Crusader wrestlers qualified for the Region 5 wrestling tournament. The lone bright spots for the team were the three Champions Mark Venson, Joe Casey and David Ugalde. Each has a interesting story belonging to their titles.


       First up is Mark Venson who was seeded 7th because of his low match count this year defeated the second, third and first seeds on the way to his first District Championship. In the finals Mark defeated Somerset County Champion Matt Lisanti of Montgomery in overtime for his title.  Mark placed fourth last year.


       One of Bound Brook's  County Champs David Ugalde compounded his success by winning his first District Championship like Venson in overtime. David has had a great season after compling a total of three Varsity wins his first two years of high school. He will be making his first trip to Region 5 on Friday night.


        Three was not enough for Joe Casey who won his fourth District Championship by dominating the previously undefeated and Region 5 runner-up Joe Hatcher of Piscataway by a 13-1 score.  He was voted Oustanding Wrestler of the tournament for his dominance and became only the sixth wrestler in the history of Bound Brook to win four District titles. He will try to gain even rarer air next week when he attempts to become only the third Bound Brook wrestler to win four Region titles. Put your money on Joe.


        Other wrestlers who placed in the tournament included two freshman Region qualifiers as Brandon Bowles took second at 106 and Jahman McNeil took thrid at 160. Other Runner-ups included Xavier Pena and JJ Sistrunk while Mike Meola and Carlos Ugalde placed fourth.


       It is the first time in six years the team didn't win a District team title but that will change this off-season. I promise. 


        Here are the updated records or in this case final records:


 106 Brandon Bowles 17-11
113 Diatou Sane 3-9 (Season Terminated)
120 Xavier Pena 16-6
      Nick Mandato 1-0 (Season Terminated)
126 Justin Ibarra 4-24 (Season Terminated)
132 Mike Meola 21-14 (Season Terminated)
138 Mark Venson 6-4
      Andres Escobar 0-1 (Season Terminated)
145 Blake Johnson 4-20 (Season Terminated)
      Carlos Ugalde 20-9 (Season Terminated)
152 Joe Casey 26-0
       Gotink Amigon 0-6 (Season Terminated)
160 Jahman McNeil 17-18
170 No Wrestler
182 David Ugalde 26-9
      Jon Alonso 1-2 (Season Terminated)
195 Joe Defazio 11-20 (Season Terminated)
220 No wrestler
285 Jervey Sistrunk  29-4



         The Crusaders defeated Manville 49-21 tonight at BBHS and now advance to the Section finals for the seventh consecutive year. They will wrestle at Roselle Park on Friday in the Central Jersey Section Championship. If they win that match they would wrestle in the group finals on Sunday, if they lose that match they will wrestle three matches at Toms River North against the host, Toms River East and Wall on Saturday at 9 am.


          Back to the match as unfortunately Manville was hard hit by the flu tonight as both Shane Demeter and Mike Tyle were missing. However, that does not diminish the effort by the Crusaders which were spurred on by the return of Carlos Ugalde who had a thrilling one point victory over Gavin Potts. 


        Another great effort was had by two freshman in Mike Meola and Jahman McNeil. Mike faced off against senior RJ Thompson son of former Crusader wrestler Ray Thompson and delivered a first period pin. The Mustangs forfieted to Joe Casey to allow senior wrestler Steven Garcia to wrestle Jahman and it didn't work out as Jahman scored a second period fall. Props to these freshman who went out to win! More of our wrestlers need that mindset. 


         Finally, in a profile in courage Joe Defazio was badly hurt with four seconds to go in his match, but still got up and finished the match before going to the hospital. Damn, that's dedication!


       Here is the box score from my memory and I'll update it later:


106: Brandon Bowles (BB) p.  Chris Moore (M)
113: Ethan Burlew (M) wb Forfeit
120: Xavier Pena (BB) wb Forfeit
126: Shane Lallkisson (M) d. Justin Ibarra (BB) 9-2
132: Mike Meola (BB) p. RJ Thompson (M)
138: Mark Venson (BB) p. Alan Rainz (M)
145: Jack Lombardino (M) d. Blake Johnson (BB)
152: Carlos Ugalde (BB) d. Gavin Potts (M)  6-5
160: Bro Casey (BB) wb Forfeit
170: Jahman McNeil (BB) p. Steven Garcia (M)
182: David Ugalde (BB) md. Kyle Budd (M)
195: Alex Abarca (M) d. Joe Defazio (BB)
220: Matthew Rogalski (M) wb Forfeit
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BB) wb Forfeit
Records: Bound Brook 11-9 Manville 13-5 
106: Dean Savercool (WP) over Brandon Bowles (BB) (Fall 4:59)
113: Diatou Sane (BB) over (WP) (For.)
120: Xavier Pena (BB) over Spencer Hugo (WP) (Fall 1:08)
126: Zach Szesko (WP) over Justin Ibarra (BB) (Dec 7-4)
132: Mike Meola (BB) over (WP) (For.)
138: Mark Venson (BB) over (WP) (For.)
145: Blake Johnson (BB) over Jason Hill (WP) (Dec 6-0)
152: Nicholas Graessle (WP) over Gotenk Amigon (BB) (Fall 4:40)
160: Jahman McNeil (BB) over Michael Goodwin (WP) (Fall 1:11)
170: Joe Casey (BB) over Corey Ficchi (WP) (Fall 0:49)
182: David Ugalde (BB) over Zach Rossow (WP) (Fall 1:37)
195: Double Forfeit
220: Jonathan Geroldi (WP) over Joseph DeFazio (BB) (Dec 3-2)
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BB) over (WP) (For.)
106: Connor Robinson (NOHU) over Brandon Bowles (BBH) (MD 8-0)
113: Frank Diesso (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.)
120: Drew Doscher (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.)
126: Evan Klimas (NOHU) over Justin Ibarra (BBH) (Fall 3:40)
132: Mike Meola (BBH) over Luke Hanlon (NOHU) (Dec 5-2)
138: Andrew Gapas (NOHU) over Mark Venson (BBH) (Fall 3:11)
145: Michael Wilson (NOHU) over Blake Johnson (BBH) (TF 15-0 4:57)
152: Joe Casey (BBH) over Tucker Kirchberger (NOHU) (MD 13-2)
160: William Hughes (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.)
170: John Spies (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.)
182: Nathaniel Fossett (NOHU) over David Ugalde (BBH) (Dec 5-1)
195: Ian Gaburo (NOHU) over Joseph DeFazio (BBH) (SV-1 3-1)
220: Francis Vitelli (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.)
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BBH) over Lorenzo Becerril (NOHU) (MD 13-3)
106: Brandon Bowles (BBH) over (DVR) (For.)
113: Stephen Em (DVR) over (BBH) (For.)
120: Xavier Pena (BBH) over Corey Crater (DVR) (Fall 3:42)
126: Tommy Schlittler (DVR) over (BBH) (For.)
132: AJ DeRosa (DVR) over Justin Ibarra (BBH) (Fall 0:41)
138: Mike Meola (BBH) over Chase Christie (DVR) (Fall 1:12)
145: Gage Crater (DVR) over Blake Johnson (BBH) (Fall 3:21)
152: Jahman McNeil (BBH) over Anthony DeRosa (DVR) (Dec 5-0)
160: Joseph Desapio (DVR) over Amigon Gotenk (BBH) (TF 15-0 2:46)
170: Joe Casey (BBH) over (DVR) (For.)
182: Shawne Ramsby (DVR) over David Ugalde (BBH) (Dec 6-0)
195: Eli Kalfaian (DVR) over (BBH) (For.)
220: Karl Burke (DVR) over Joseph DeFazio (BBH) (Dec 6-5)
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BBH) over (DVR) (For.)
106: Brandon Bowles (BB) over Evan Glynos (M) (Dec 4-0)
113: Michael Glynos (M) over Diatou Sane (BB) (Fall 0:46)
120: JT Lumley (M) over Xavier Pena (BB) (Fall 3:37)
126: Ronald McCoy (M) over Justin Ibarra (BB) (Dec 7-2)
132: Mike Meola (BB) over Jack Thornton (M) (Fall 2:55)
138: Connor Brown (BB) over (M) (For.)
145: Christopher Tenenbaum (M) over Blake Johnson (BB) (Fall 2:51)
152: Jahman McNeil (BB) over Coles Griffis (M) (Fall 2:21)
160: Joe Casey (BB) over Matthew Menendez (M) (Fall 0:41)
170: Robert Damerjian (M) over (BB) (For.)
182: David Ugalde (BB) over (M) (For.)
195: Emre Kahyaoglu (M) over (BB) (For.)
220: Joseph DeFazio (BB) over (M) (For.)
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BB) over (M) (For.)
106: Brandon Bowles (BB) over Jason Klemm (HS) (Fall 1:21)
113: Luke Spotts (HS) over (BB) (For.)
120: Xavier Pena (BB) over Kevin Mason (HS) (Fall 1:34)
126: Dominic Sacco (HS) over (BB) (For.)
132: Kolin Driscoll (HS) over Justin Ibarra (BB) (MD 12-4)
138: Mike Meola (BB) over Zach Long (HS) (Fall 1:44)
145: Blake Johnson (BB) over Patrick Newman (HS) (Dec 2-1)
152: Conner Boal (HS) over Jahman McNeil (BB) (Fall 1:07)
160: Joe Casey (BB) over Tim Fitzpatrick (HS) (Dec 7-4)
170: Double Forfeit
182: Michael Waszen (HS) over (BB) (For.)
195: Kurt Driscoll (HS) over David Ugalde (BB) (MD 14-5)
220: Joseph DeFazio (BB) over Joe McCauley (HS) (Fall 0:42)
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BB) over Dimitris Pali (HS) (Dec 1-0)
106: Nicholas Nardone (D) over Brandon Bowles (BB) (Fall 1:59)
113: Anthony Clark (D) over Diatou Sane (BB) (Fall 0:27)
120: Alex Strashinsky (D) over Xavier Pena (BB) (Dec 5-2)
126: Patrick Glory (D) over Justin Ibarra (BB) (Fall 1:51)
132: John Cumming (D) over Connor Brown (BB) (Fall 0:59)
138: Mike Meola (BB) over Matthew Casiero (D) (Fall 1:28)
145: Travis Tavoso (D) over Sophie Hector (BB) (Fall 0:37)
152: Vincent Andreano (D) over Amigon Gotenk (BB) (Fall 0:17)
160: Kieran Calvetti (D) over Jahman McNeil (BB) (Fall 1:39)
170: Joe Casey (BB) over AJ Lonski (D) (TB-1 3-2)
182: Cole Kreshpane (D) over (BB) (For.)
195: David Ugalde (BB) over Nick Ramsey (D) (Fall 4:46)
220: Trey Zgombic (D) over Joseph DeFazio (BB) (Fall 3:23)
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BB) over Liam Gray (D) (Fall 1:28)
106: Brandon Bowles (BB) over Marco Evola (D) (Fall 0:32)
113: Mark Harrison (D) over Jeremy Lamberty (BB) (Dec 2-1)
120: Xavier Pena (BB) over Nick Eastburn (D) (Fall 0:46)
126: Zach Zuckerman (D) over Justin Ibarra (BB) (Dec 7-0)
132: Eren Ibas (D) over Mike Meola (BB) (MD 10-2)
138: Bryan Miraglia (D) over (BB) (For.)
145: Malachi McNeil-Ways (D) over Blake Johnson (BB) (Fall 1:45)
152: Randy Savage (D) over Amigon Gotenk (BB) (Fall 3:12)
160: Berkant Haliloglu (D) over Jahman McNeil (BB) (Dec 5-0)
170: Joe Casey (BB) over (D) (For.)
182: David Ugalde (BB) over SEAN Theis (D) (Fall 3:12)
195: Zach Bohn (D) over Joseph DeFazio (BB) (Fall 3:33)
220: Burak Ozbay (D) over (BB) (For.)
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BB) over (D) (For.)
106: Jeremy Lamberty (BB) over Joey Smith (HC) (Fall 0:13)
113: Chase Mullarkey (HC) over Brandon Bowles (BB) (Fall 0:00)
120: Xavier Pena (BB) over Jake Rottkamp (HC) (Fall 1:09)
126: Justin Ibarra (BB) over (HC) (For.)
132: Connor Brown (BB) over (HC) (For.)
138: Mike Meola (BB) over (HC) (M. For.)
145: Blake Johnson (BB) over (HC) (For.)
152: Tj Pawlicki (HC) over Amigon Gotenk (BB) (Fall 0:56)
160: Colin Turnbull (HC) over Jahman McNeil (BB) (Dec 8-4)
170: Joe Casey (BB) over Sam Stokes (HC) (Fall 0:25)
182: David Ugalde (BB) over Jason Howe (HC) (MD 11-3)
195: David Luthke (HC) over Jonathan Marcos Alonso (BB) (Fall 1:01)
220: Joseph DeFazio (BB) over Kyle Chandler (HC) (Fall 3:25)
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BB) over (HC) (For.)
106: Brandon Bowles (BB) over Josh Rich (V) (MD 9-0)
113: Colby Koshinski (V) over Diatou Sane (BB) (Fall 0:40)
120: Xavier Pena (BB) over Aidan Taylor (V) (MD 14-4)
126: Justin Ibarra (BB) over (V) (For.)
132: Mike Meola (BB) over Joe Swiston (V) (MD 10-0)
138: Blake Johnson (BB) over Will Peterson (V) (Dec 8-7)
145: Carlos Ugalde (BB) over Garrett Loescher (V) (Dec 7-3)
152: Jahman McNeil (BB) over Jacob Baytoff (V) (Dec 2-1)
160: Joe Casey (BB) over Brad Kalinchak (V) (Fall 1:07)
170: Zach Tong (V) over (BB) (For.)
182: David Ugalde (BB) over Matt Brandner (V) (Dec 5-3)
195: Scott Fernandes (V) over (BB) (For.)
220: Sam Huff (V) over Joseph DeFazio (BB) (Fall 0:31)
285: Lewis Fernandes (V) over Jervey Sistrunk (BB) (Dec 2-0)
106: Logan Maczko (PHIL) over Brandon Bowles (BB) (Dec 6-2)
113: Cullen Day (PHIL) over (BB) (For.)
120: Jason Tino (PHIL) over (BB) (For.)
126: Luke Hardin (PHIL) over Justin Ibarra (BB) (Fall 2:51)
132: Mike Meola (BB) over Brenden Fox (PHIL) (Fall 3:26)
138: Kyle Tino (PHIL) over Connor Brown (BB) (Fall 0:48)
145: Cody Harrison (PHIL) over Blake Johnson (BB) (Fall 1:08)
152: Jayson Zinsmeister (PHIL) over (BB) (For.)
160: Joe Casey (BB) over (PHIL) (For.)
170: Josh Ramos (PHIL) over Jahman McNeil (BB) (Dec 10-3)
182: David Ugalde (BB) over Shamyr Brodders (PHIL) (Dec 6-4)
195: Austin Roth (PHIL) over Kenneth Arias (BB) (Fall 0:11)
220: Cody Cruts (PHIL) over Joseph DeFazio (BB) (Fall 1:40)
285: Jervey Sistrunk (BB) over Ryan Lavrador (PHIL) (Fall 0:49)