BBSL: Bylaws




Section 1        The name of this organization shall be Big Bear Valley Youth Soccer League.


Section 1        The purpose of the BBVYSL is to teach the sport of soccer to the youth of the community by sponsoring club and league teams, clinics, and other educational programs.


Section 1        The elected officers of the organization shall be as follows, and collectively, they shall constitute the Board of Directors.
A.        President
B.        Vice-President
C.        Secretary
D.        Treasurer
E.        Registrar
F.        Sponsor/Fund-raising Coordinator
G.        Head of Coaches
H.        Head of Referees
I.        Fields and Equipment Manager
J.        Uniforms Manager/Trophies
K.        Head Team Mom
L.        Head of Snack Bar
M.        Auxiliary Board Members (two each year)
N.        Red Book/Web site Coordinator
O.        Head of Schedules

Section 2        Duties of the Board of Directors
It will be the duty of the Board of Directors to determine and ensure the compliance of the policy of this organization, with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and its Southern California affiliate, the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA-S).

Section 3        Duties of Board Officers
A.        President
1)        Shall have complete responsibility and authority to conduct the business of the organization within the framework of these by-laws and CYSA and USSF Constitution, By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations
2)        Shall ensure that all functions are carried out as set forth in these by-laws for the advancement of goodwill and sportsmanship in the organization.
3)        Shall act as Chairman at all Board and General Meetings.
4)        Shall appoint persons for special duties, e.g. special events director, representatives, liaisons, etc. as the need arises.
5)        Shall appoint special committee(s) which the Board deems necessary to carry out the functions of the organization.
6)        Shall be the liaison person with the District Commissioner of his/her district, CYSA-S
7)        Shall be responsible for submitting a preliminary budget to the Board for the upcoming year at the May meeting.
8)        Shall administer, through subordinates, all of the following activities:
a.        Registration of players and coaches
b.        Location and securing of playing fields
c.        Securing uniforms, balls, goals, etc. for the league
d.        Scheduling of League, Cup, and Exhibition games
e.        Submission of insurance claims
f.        Releasing of publicity
9)        Shall have the power to make purchases on behalf of, incur indebtedness for, or otherwise obligate this organization up to a maximum amount that is within the total cash disbursement authorized by the Board of Directors. It is recognized that such maximum amount shall be consistent with the total financial plan of the organization as determined by actual income.
10)        Shall establish and head a committee to audit the Treasurer’s records prior to the turn-over of officers.

B.        Vice-President
1)        Shall assume all duties of the president in his/her absence.
2)        Shall be chairman of Disciplinary Board and be responsible for calling it together as it may become needed.
3)        Shall be responsible for reporting all injuries and submitting insurance claims to the State Office of CYSA-S in the appropriate manner:
a.        Shall follow up all injury reports to verify that the families are totally covered by insurance and to see how the injured party is recovering.
b.        Shall verify that the injured party has received a medical release to participate in sanctioned activities.
c.        Shall keep a record of all facts pertaining to injuries and insurance.
4)        Shall be the chairman of the Protest Board and be responsible for calling it together as it may become needed.

C.        Secretary
1)        Shall be responsible for the preparation of minutes of meetings and provide copies to members of the Board.
2)        Shall assist the President in handling correspondence.
3)        Shall be responsible for providing all Board members with an agenda prior to Board meetings, and to all members prior to general meetings.
4)        Shall be responsible for publicizing the activities of the League, e.g. registrations and meetings.

D.        Treasurer
1)        Shall be responsible to keep an accurate account of all financial transactions authorized by the Board and/or President.
2)        Shall insure payment of all bills up to $300.00 as authorized by the Board of Directors. The Board must authorize any purchase made by Board Members exceeding $50.00. All bills must be sent to Big Bear Valley Youth Soccer League, P.O. Box 1717, Big Bear City, CA 92314.
3)        Shall, upon direction of the President or Board of Directors, open the books at any time for an audit.
4)        Shall provide sufficient copies of the treasurer’s report to the Board and at all general meetings.
5)        Shall deposit all funds in an accredited banking institution checking account entirely separate from his/her own personal account.
6)        All payments shall be made by check, no petty cash shall be kept on hand without Board approval.

E.        Registrar
1)        Shall supervise and be responsible for proper registration of players and officials.
2)        Shall submit collected registration fees to Treasurer.
3)        Shall be responsible for completing team rosters of players involved in post season play.

F.        Sponsor/Fundraising Coordinator
1)        Shall be responsible to contact and solicit sponsors for each team within the league.
2)        Shall recommend to the Board of Directors, fundraising activities for the league to conduct.
3)        Shall be responsible to coordinate all League fund raising activities.

G.        Head of Coaches
1)        Shall be responsible for recruiting, developing, training and upgrading of coaching staff, with the assistance of other members of the organization.
2)        Shall be responsible for ensuring that at least one coaches’ clinic is conducted annually.
3)        Shall be responsible for coordinating CYSA-S Director of Coaching any programs as they relate to the local District and/or CYSA-S Coaching programs.
4)        Ensure that each coach has a complete set of Rules and Regulations and Coaching Aides at the beginning of the season, and to make sure that all “on loan” items are returned at the end of the season.

H.        Head of Referees
1)        Shall be responsible for coordinating referees for league games and those games within the district as requested by the District Commissioner.
2)        Shall be responsible, along with the Head of Coaches, for arranging for a referee course to be conducted annually.
3)        Shall be responsible to see that all referees are provided uniforms; that they are provided with a current copy of all rules and regulations, and that referees show up at the games on time and in proper attire.
4)        Shall determine the qualifications of all referees.
5)        Shall have authority to cancel scheduled games if field conditions render play unsafe.
6)        Shall be responsible for game record-keeping.

I.        Fields and Equipment Manager
1)        Shall be responsible for setting up goals and properly lining all playing fields.
2)        Shall see that all fields are ready for play one half hour prior to playing time.
3)        Shall be responsible for removing all equipment after the last game.
4)        Shall be responsible for the general appearance of the playing fields and post-game clean-up.
5)        Shall be responsible for installing spectator restraints as required.

J.        Uniforms/Trophies Manager
1)        Shall recommend to the Board of Directors the approximate number of new uniforms required, cost and type to purchase, and vendor.
2)        Shall see that all teams are adequately supplied with complete sets of uniforms.
3)        Shall be responsible for the collection of all uniforms, when necessary.
4)        Shall be responsible for ordering trophies for all teams.

K.        Head Team Mom
1)        Shall act as liaison between the League and the team parent of each team to facilitate communication to program participants.
2)        Shall conduct at least one meeting of the Team Parents to provide information on the communication process and specific duties of the Team Parent.
3)        Shall assist in the distribution of team pictures and awards, and the collection of uniforms, when necessary.
4)        Shall be responsible for coordinating League awards and team pictures.

L.        Head of Snack Bar
1)        Shall be responsible for the overall management and operation of the league snack bar including purchasing any supplies, set-up of snack bar, clean-up in and around the snack bar, recruiting and scheduling of volunteers and other related duties.
2)        Shall submit to the Board of Directors for approval, a list of items to be sold at the snack bar and the prices to be charged.
3)        Shall maintain financial records on revenues and expenditures for snack bar operations.
4)        Shall submit all revenues to Treasurer during each week of operation.

M.        Auxiliary Board Members (two each year)
1)        Shall be assigned specific responsibilities by the Board of Directors as League needs dictate.
2)        Shall represent the concerns of the players, coaches, and parents involved in the program at all Board and General meetings.

N.        Redbook/Website Coordinator
1)        Shall be responsible for putting together the Redbook
2)        Shall be responsible for keeping the website up-to-date throughout the season

O.        Head of Schedules
1)        Shall be responsible for the league’s schedule of playing including all league schedules and interleague schedules.
2)        Shall be responsible for rescheduling of any cancelled games.


Section 1        Board of Directors meeting, open to the general membership, shall be held monthly and additionally as necessary, at a designated date agreed to by a majority of the Board of Directors.

Section 2        A General meeting shall be held two times per year, once in November, and once in May. All voting members shall be notified of the date, time, and location of any General Membership meetings by some method as approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 3        Additional General meetings may be called by the President or upon written request of a majority of the voting members.

Section 4        The presence of fifty percent (50%) of the Board of Directors currently serving at a meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5        At the Board of Directors meetings, each Board Member, except the President, shall have one vote. The President shall have a vote only in the event of a tie.

Section 6        Voting
A.        At General meetings, each general member, except the President, shall have one vote. The President shall have a vote only in the event of a tie vote. General members shall be: 1) Board Members (except the President for the purpose of the section); 2) Coaches (one per team). The team’s head coach shall be the recognized voting member for each team. The Head Coach may delegate this vote in writing.
B.        Each general member shall have only one vote, even though the member may hold more than one position.

Section 7        Rules and Regulations may be changed by a simple majority vote of the General Membership present.

Section 8        Bylaws may be changed by a two-thirds majority vote of the General Membership present.

Section 9        Amendments to the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of this organization may be voted upon at any General meeting.

Section 10        Proposed amendments to the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date they are to be voted upon. No proposals will be accepted from the floor.

Section 11        All Board Members and General meetings shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.


Section 1        Board of Directors shall be elected at the November General meeting.

Section 2        Board of Directors members shall take office on February 1st of the following year.

Section 3        Board of Directors members may be re-elected indefinitely.

Section 4        In the event a Board Member resigns before his/her term of office expires, the President is empowered to appoint a replacement to fill the vacancy, subject to approval of the Board (Simple majority required).

Section 5        The President shall have served on the Board for at least one year prior to being elected, but not necessarily the previous year.

Section 6        Auxiliary Board members shall be appointed by the Board of Directors by simple majority, and shall serve the same term as the Board who makes the appointment.

Section 7        Any Board member may be removed from office without cause by a two-thirds vote of the remaining Board members or by a two-thirds vote of the general membership.


Section 1        All coaches shall conduct themselves and their teams in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

Section 2        All coaches should attend the coaching clinics arranged by the Head of Coaches and shall attend all special meetings called by the Head of Coaches.

Section 3        Coaches shall be responsible for the organization of their team and training of the players.

Section 4        Coaches shall be responsible for the care of team equipment and uniforms. In addition, coaches will assist in any fundraising programs which are approved by the Board of Directors.


Section 1        Any parent or guardian having a complaint on any matter pertaining to their child, should take the matter up with the team coach. Failing satisfaction at this level, they should submit their complaints IN WRITING through the Head of Coaches to the Board.


Section 1        The referee’s judgment with regard to the physical condition of the field and its acceptance for play, to the actual happenings and occurrences related to the conduct of the game and those prerogatives granted by the “Laws of the Game” published by FIFA, shall not be challenged, and no protest of his or her authority shall be entertained.

Section 2        The Protest Board, as described in Section 3 below, shall deal with all protests arising out of any sanctioned game. The protest shall be in writing (typed or printed), in triplicate, to the Vice President, and shall be accompanied by a $25.00 fee. Only violations of the Bylaws of the league, its Rules and Regulations, those of CYSA-S, and misapplication of the “Laws of the Game” shall be proper subjects to consider for protest. Protests must be submitted within four (4) calendar days (96 hours) following the date of the game or occurrence being protested and must be hand-delivered of sent registered mail. The proper fee must be enclosed, in either cash or a check made payable to Big Bear Valley Youth Soccer League – Protest. The $25.00 protest fee will be forfeited if the protest is invalid or overruled, or will be returned if the protest is upheld.

Section 3        The Protest Board shall be headed by the Vice-President and/or his delegated representative and include two coaches and two Board of Directors members. The coach shall have no vote when the protest involves his division. Members of the protest board shall disqualify themselves on any protest in which a personal conflict is present, i.e. their child is a member of one of the teams involved. The Vice-President shall vote only in the event of a tie vote. The Protest Board shall act as the appeal committee for any appeals filed by members of the organization in response to actions of the Discipline Board.


Section 1        A Disciplinary Board, consisting of any three Board of Directors members, and any two of the General members, plus the Vice-President shall be appointed by the President as the need arises. The Vice-President shall be Chairman. He/she votes only in the event of a tie vote between the other five members.

Section 2        The Disciplinary Board shall have the authority to issue warnings or to suspend a player, coach, referee, or official for one or more games or for the remainder of the season.

Section 3        Disciplinary action may be requested due to flagrant misconduct during a game, violations of Bylaws or Rules and Regulations, or conduct detrimental to youth soccer in general.

Section 4        Cases may be referred to the Disciplinary Board by the Head Referee when game misconduct is involved, by any coach or by the Board.


Section 1        A plea of ignorance to these Bylaws and Rules and Regulations or to those of CYSA-S is not sufficient, and violators may expect appropriate action by the Board of this organization or of higher soccer authority.

Section 2        Any actions or decisions reached by any committee or Board of the organization shall be presented to the Board of Directors for review prior to implementation or notification.


Section 1        Center referee will be paid U8 $7.00, U10 $10.00, U12 and U14 $15.00, U18 $25.00

Section 2        Assistant referees (2) will each be paid U8 $5.00, U10 $7.00, U12 and U14 $10.00, U18 $15.00

Section 3        Center referee and assistant referees are to sign, legibly, the lineup card. Lineup cards must be turned in at the completion of each game or payment for that game will not be made to anyone.

Section 4        If a center referee or assistant referee signs up to referee a game and fails to show up to referee the game, the center referee will be fined U8 $7.00, U10 $10.00, U12 and U14 $15.00, U18 $25.00, and the assistant referee will be fined U8 $5.00, U10 $7.00, U12 and U14 $10.00, U18 $15.00.

Section 5        No checks will be issued for less than $30.00. If you do not wish to be paid, please notify the Treasurer in writing. No checks will be issued until CYSA Tournaments and Commissioner Cups are over.

Section 6        If asked by the Chief of Referees to referee at a CYSA tournament and/or Commissioners Cup, you will be paid mileage at a rate of .31 cents per mile; or a compensation of a hotel accommodation (pre-approved by the Head of Referees), whichever is less.

In witness that this is the Constitution – Bylaws of the Big Bear Valley Youth Soccer league, we, the Board of Directors, have subscribed our name this 19th day of May, 1982.

(Revised as of November General meeting 2011)



Under 6 co-ed

*Maximum field size 50 X 40/Minimum size 30 X 20 (all fields need to be maximum size whenever possible)
*Ball size 3
*Play 5 v 5 – Maximum on team 8
*Play four 10 minute quarters
*Halftime 5 minutes with 2 minutes between quarters
*No goalie
*Coaches can run the whole sideline, but must stay off the field
*No penalty shots, all indirect kicks
*No off-sides
*Will do corner kicks
*On throw-ins let them have two tries to do it right. If not done right let it go
*Free substitutions
*No scores or standing will be kept
*Referees will restart the 2nd quarter with the team who started the 1st quarter. The team who started the 3rd quarter will start the 4th quarter.

Under 8 co-ed

*Maximum field size 70 X 50/Minimum size 50 X 30 (all fields need to be maximum size whenever possible)
*Ball size 3
*Play 7 v 7 – Maximum on team 10
*Play four 12 minute quarters
*Halftime 5 minutes with 2 minutes between quarters
*Must field 5 or forfeit the game
*If a child is injured and replaced by another, the child who started the quarter gets credit for the quarter
*No off-sides
*No penalty shots
*Referees will restart the 2nd quarter with the team who started the 1st quarter. The team who started the 3rd quarter will restart the 4th quarter
*Coaches may sub only at quarters
*All other FIFA rules will apply

Under 10 girls and Co-ed

*All FIFA rules apply
*Maximum field size 80 X 50/ Minimum 70 X 40 (all fields need to be maximum size whenever possible)
*Ball size 4
*Play 8 v 8 – maximum roster 12/minimum 6 or forfeit
*Play four 15 minute quarters. Two minutes between quarters. Five minute halftime

Under 12 Girls and Co-ed

*All FIFA rules apply
*Maximum filed size 130 X 100/Minimum 100 X 50 (all fields need to be maximum size whenever possible)
*Ball size 4
*Play 11 v 11 maximum roster 15/minimum 7 or forfeit
*Play two 30 minutes halve. Five minute halftime

Under 14 Girls and Co-ed

*All FIFA rules apply
*Maximum field size 130 X 100/minimum 100 X 50 (all fields need to be maximum size whenever possible)
*Ball size 5
*Play 11 v 11 – maximum roster 15/minimum 7 or forfeit
*Play two 35 minute halves. Five minute halftime

Under 18 Girls and Co-ed

*All FIFA rules apply
*Maximum field size 130 X 100/minimum 100 X 50 (all fields need to be maximum size whenever possible)
*Ball size 5
*Play 11 v 11 maximum roster 18
*Play two 40 minute halves. 10 minute halftime

All Age Groups

* 1st and 2nd place teams for U10, U12 and U14 will go to Commissioners Cup based on a minimum of 10 games.
*Minimum of 2 hours between the end of 1st game and the start of 2nd game.
* Coaches and players will be on one side of the field and spectators will be on the other side for U10, U12, U14 and U18.
*Everyone plays one half of the game.
*If a child doesn’t want to play the “must play half a game” rule is waved. For U6 and U8 age groups only with the discretion of the referee.
*All game schedules will be set before the first game is played.
*If start time is 8:00, the referee will start checking out teams 10 minutes before the game; the game will start no later than 8:05 or 5 minutes after the referee is done.


*Kids may wear black sweats only. They must be under their shorts and under their socks.
*They may wear shirts under their jerseys if they are the same color as their jersey or black. Head bands, scarves, beanies, and cotton gloves may also be worn if needed. No knee pads only knee braces, except goalies. NO one will be allowed to practice or play without shin guards. Shin guards must be worn under their socks.


If two teams are tied at the end of season play, ties will be broken the following Sunday. If a play-off game ends in a tie, players will remain on the field for a 5-minute break then play two 5 minute halves with 2 minutes between each half. If the game is still tied, both teams must stay on the field. The coach will give the referee a list of the first five players. The referee will choose the goal at which all of the kicks will be taken. The referee will toss a coin, and the team whose captain wins the toss will take the first kick. They will take the kicks alternately. If, before both teams have taken five kicks, one has scored more goals than the other team could, even if it were to complete its five kicks, the taking of kicks will cease. IF after both teams have taken five kicks, both have scored the same number of goals or have not scored any goals, the taking of kicks will continue with five more players. The kicks will resume until such time as both teams have taken an equal number of kicks (not necessarily five more kicks) and one has scored a goal more than the other.

Substitutions in overtime at half time only. Only the players on the field at the end of regular play will participate in the kicks. A goalkeeper can be replaced if injured by someone on or off the field. But if replaced must stay out.

Under 10, 12, and 14 will have a 5-minute break then play two 10 minute halves with 5 minutes between half.

Under 18 will have a 10 minute break then play two 15 minute halves with a5 minutes between half.

Coaches are responsible for parent’s actions. If the coach cannot contain the parent, the coach may be red carded by the referee. If the parent continues, the assistant coach may be red carded and the game will be forfeited. Coaches must leave the field and the parking lot.

Coaches need to report to the Vice-president and committee according to the by-laws any disciplinary problems at practices, games, parties, or school suspensions.

Parents must stay within the coaching box, if yelling instructions to the players.

Coach, assistant coach, and team mom are not to leave any players of any age at the practice fields, game fields, or parties. They must stay until a parent picks them up.

Coach, assistant coach, and team mom may after waiting 30 minutes for a parent to pick up a child, take the child to the police station. If this becomes a habit then the problem will be turned over to the disciplinary committee.

If a player is not showing up to practices turn them over to the disciplinary committee.


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