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Friday, July 11
Bristol Area Swim Association


Welcome to the Bristol Area Swim Association (BASA) home page.  Questions or comments for the web admin?  Contact  Coach Woody Van Nostrand at or 423-534-4235


Sessions Fees are now due.

BASA is a year around competitive swim team that swims at Virginia High School (VHS). Practices are held Monday-Friday evenings and Saturday mornings either at Virginia High School . The practice times are 5:00pm-7:30pm Monday thru Friday and 9:00am-10:30am on Saturday. The number of practices a swimmer attends will depend on their goals and coaches’ recommendation.

 BASA swimmers compete in both home and away meets throughout the region.  Participation and amount of travel are based on the desires and ability of the swimmer.  Typically, there are 1-2 opportunities per month to attend meets.  BASA hosts one meet per quarter at our home facilities.   Away meets will be held as close as Kingsport and Johnson City and as far away as Christiansburg, Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga. 

If interested in joining BASA for the upcoming year. You may do so by contacting Head Coach Woody Van Nostrand for a placement swim to determine correct group placement. Each swimmer must be able to swim at least one length of the pool of acceptable Freestyle and Backstroke. BASA offers groups based on each swimmer’s age and ability. . Please contact Coach Woody at or 423-534-4235 to schedule the placement swim.  

Team Suits: Parents you can go to .  On the top left of the page is the team portal link, click on that.  Our team code is thesharks. Our team suit is the Optik Splice at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions about suit sizes, please contact Woody .   We would like for all swimmers to purchase a team suit to wear at meets. We would also like to ask each swimmer to purchase a pair of fins. The high schools have fins but not always the correct size. This is also a good place to purchase other items you might need for swimming.


If you have any questions please contact me at or 423-534-4235



Monday, March 9
Practice Schedule

Basa Schedule      
9-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
10-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
11-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
12-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
13-Mar   No Practice    
14-Mar   9:00-10:30am    
16-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
17-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
18-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
19-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
20-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
21-Mar   9:00-10:30am    
23-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
24-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
25-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
26-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
27-Mar   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
28-Mar   BASA Meet @ VHS    
30-Mar   No Practice Sprong Break  
31-Mar   No Practice Sprong Break  
1-Apr   No Practice Sprong Break  
2-Apr   No Practice Sprong Break  
3-Apr   No Practice Sprong Break  
4-Apr   No Practice Sprong Break  
6-Apr   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
7-Apr   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
8-Apr   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
9-Apr   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
10-Apr   Black 5:00-6:30 Red 5:30-6:30  
11-Apr   9:00-10:30am    

Wednesday, October 8
BASA Meets and Upcoming Events

BASA upcoming events:

October 20 Pumpkin Patch Entries Due

November 1 and 2 BSC Pumpkin Patch  Kingsport Aquatic Center

November 14-16 Christianburg Invite Va Tech Pool 

November 23 BSC Meet Kingsport 

December  20 and 21 BASA Winter Challenge VHS Pool

Tuesday, July 8
2014 -2015 Sessions and Fees

  • BASA is open to swimmers of all ages. Swimmers must be able to swim 1-lap of acceptable freestyle.
  • New Swimmers interested in joining BASA need to contact Woody  to schedule a placement swim.

Red Group $115 a Session 1 hour a day

Black Group $140 a Session 1.5 Hours a day

Swimmers during high school season wishing to swim in a USA swimminmg meet will pay a BASA fee of $50.00 if not already paying for the session.

All swimmers are required to pay a BASA/USA  Annual Registration fee of $70.00.

The swimming year will is divided into four (4) sessions.

Fall session August 18- November 16 2014

Winter session November 17 2014- February 22 2015

Spring session February 23- May 17 2015 There will be a week break in spring session TBA

Summer session May 18 2015-July 25, 2015
The practice schedule will be posted weekly.

All swimmers need to complete a new BASA Swimmer information sheet. Any swimmer who does not have a current 2014-15 USA Swimming registration on file with BASA, SES, and USA Swimming needs to complete the Athlete registration form and return it to a BASA Coach. Any parent who wishes to serve as meet officials need to have completed the necessary requirements and must have completed a Non-Athlete registration form. All of these forms can be found in the handout below.

Handout: 2012-2013 Registration Forms

Tuesday, August 25
Swim and Tri BASA team portal

Swim and Tri swim shop in Knoxville has established a team portal for BASA in their website.  Simply click on team portal on the upper left hand side of website then enter "thesharks" in the login prompt and you will be taken to special team deals on suits, goggles, bags and more.   If you don't see something you need let them know and they can most likely put it on our portal.  The website is .