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Barre Amateur Soccer Association (B.A.S.A.)


Board Members: Dave Bullis, Jamal Jacobs, Rob Moran, Jamie Paterson, Peter Sakash, Tim Sargent, Lisa MacIver, Bill Durbrow



Club: We are a volunteer operated "non-profit" club which fields teams to play in the Vermont Soccer League, division 2 and 3. Division 1 is for club teams like Capital Soccer, Nordic Soccer, or Far Post.


Season: Around eight games (plus tournaments, not included in registration fee) in the spring starting around the first of May and running through mid-June. Teams travel almost exclusively in Vermont, and the league tries to ensure no team travels more than 90 minutes to get to an away game.


Practices: Typically two per week, held in the Barre area, days and times set by the coaches.


Games: Typically Sunday afternoons or evenings, occasionally Friday evenings. Half the games are played at home and half are played away (farthest points are Milton, Middlebury, Rutland, Springfield, Derby). We encourage carpooling!


Player Age Range: 1-12th grade, broken up into U8 (coed), U10, U12, U14, and U16 girls and boys teams, and U19 boys. Cut-off date is August 1st for age brackets (see the online registration for a list of dates).


Team Sizes: U10s play 7v7, U12s play 8v8, U14s and older play 11v11. Thus the minimum-maximum sizes for teams we like to adhere to is given below. (But the league will let us carry more than the maximum.)

            U10s: 10(min)-13(max) U12s: 11(min)-15(max) U14s: 15(min)-22(max), U16s: 17(min)-25(max)


Cost: $140, $110 if registering before December 31 (some scholarships are available). Covers cost of uniform, ball, Vermont Soccer Association registration, league fees (mostly refereeing costs), coaching development, and equipment.


Philosophy of the Club: Spring Soccer is a step up from the fall recreation league. We provide coaches who know the game of soccer and will help players get to the next level in their game. Regarding team selection and tryouts: We want to keep every player who wants to play; however, we will hold tryouts and make cuts in February or early March if we have too many players for a given age/gender for the number of teams we’re putting in. For example, if we had 17 players for a U12 (8v8) team, that wouldn’t be enough for two teams, but it’d be too many for one team.


Tryouts: If we need to hold tryouts for a given team, they will be held in February or early March.


Time-lines: Early registration October-December; Organizational Meeting in early January; Submit team count to league by mid-February; Rosters set by early March; Game schedules out in April; Indoor practices (if possible) in March and/or April; Season begins early May.


Other Questions:

Q: Is Spring soccer connected with BYSA?

A: No. We work together and overlap, but BYSA covers many sports and so we are separate organizations.

Q: Can my child be double-rostered on a division 1 team (such as Capital Soccer) and Barre Soccer?

A: Yes.

Q: Does this include indoor soccer?

A: No. But, often a coach (or parent) will organize an indoor team to play in January-February and/or a Futsal team to play in March-April. It is not organized or covered by BASA itself.

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