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Barre Amateur Soccer Association

Club History

Date: 5/17/2013



        Club was formed 20 years ago in 1993, started with one team who joined the Champlain Valley League. The next season we had 2 teams who joined the Champlain Valley league, Myself, John Appleton and Paul Hutchins were the fore fathers of this Club. Back then the weather made it very difficult to get on the fields here in Barre and our teams were practicing in parking lots such as the Barre Town School's parking lot. The Champlain Valley teams were able to get outside on the fields because they had no snow up there in the Burlington area. We had no soccer pitches available and quickly realized we needed to have someone on the recreation boards that would fight for us to get some soccer fields. Phil Acebo was one of our ambassadors for this cause; it took some years to get anything going. Beth Hulbert had joined the recreation board and became president, in which she was able to move things forward quickly giving our fall and spring programs the fields and upkeep we needed to maintain our programs. When I John Appleton and Paul Hutchins moved on we had Rob Moran, Eric Bagley and Dan Roy who step up to run the club for many years. Eric and Dan moved on and Rob Moran kept the club going by himself basically. I was in the back ground busy with other things and Rob and Jamal Jacobs worked together to keep things alive. Finally I came back into it full time to help Rob run the club; we formed the Board in 2008. The board consists of myself as President, Coaching Director, Rob Moran as our Treasurer / Equipment Manager, Jamal Jacobs as our Field Manager and Tim Sargent as our Secretary / Coordinator. One year later we added Peter Sakash to the Board and then this year we added Jamie Paterson to the Board. We have gone from 1 team in 1993 to 11 teams registered to the Vermont Soccer League.



David Bullis

David Bullis

BASA – President

Coaching Director

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