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Broken Arrow Local Weather
**Broken Arrow DOLPHINS **
Greg McGraw
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
  Dolphins 2003  

tournament time
Tuesday, July 22
Dolphin Tournament Schedule
Here is the summer tournament schedule for the Broken Arrow Dolphins:
June 14-15: B.A. Open @Arrowhead:We are working this tournament.
June 20-22: Claremore AFA Qualifier @ Claremore
June 27-29: AFA "B" State Tourney @ Claremore-Dolphins place 3rd
July 4-6: USSSA 4th of July Tournament @ Muskogee-CANCELLED
July 15-20: AFA Nationals @ Basehor, Kansas-Dolphins only 1st year team to place in the top 6 out of 28 teams!!

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Nationals 2003-41
Wednesday, July 23
    WOW!!! Did these girls play Dolphin ball in Basehor, Kansas for the 2003 AFA "B" Nationals or what?! Hold on to your seat as you folloe the Dolphins through their terrific representation of Oklahoma and Broken Arrow Girls Softball in Basehor, Kansas.
    Lets begin with the Basehor Field of Dreams Softball Complex. The complex itself was 30 minutes from where the Dolphins "lived" for the week. It was a large complex housing 8-9 diamonds that had infields that were made of chat instead of our red dirt we are so used to playing on. The chat made for an extremely dusty and dirty ball game. The complex itself was nestled within corn fields. At any moment you expected to see Kevin Costner or Shoeless Joe come walking out of them. A sign on the consession reads: "If you build it, they will come".

Nationals 2003-42

Nationals 2003-1
Umm umm good!
Nationals Opening Day
Nationals 2003-2
Pin trading.
    Opening day at Basehor brought sunshine and HEAT! The girls showed up in their tie die uniforms for some food, fun, friends and pins,pins, and more pins!
    The first thing out of our cars and the Majestics were waiting for us to trade pins. Wow! They didn't waste any time.
    We then headed towards the pizza and pop. This was a great time to relax and gear up for the week to come.
    After pizza their were several competitions for the girls to participate in. There was a homerun derby, fastest pitch, catchers drill and many other chances to show the officials what you were made of. Sosa, Double D, Speedy, Gator, Chipper and Scooter all participated in the fastest pitch and Speedy and Hollywood participated in the homerun derby. Great job girls!
    Each girl also took with them a bag load of Dolphin pins to trade. By the end of the tournament the Dolphin pin was highly sought after.

Nationals 2003-3
Hollywood in Homerun Derby.

Nationals 2003-5
Strange Dolphins!
Parade of Teams
Nationals 2003-6
Dolphins on parade.
    After the daytime festivites the Dolphins headed back to our home away from home and ate lunch, rested and changed into our sparkle green uniforms and headed out to the Basehor High School for the parade of teams. The Dolphins looked awesome all decked out in green and white and proudly displaying the Dolphin banner and our Oklahoma flag.

Nationals 2003-7

Nationals 2003-8
Exchanging gift bags with our sister team.
Pool Game #1vs. The Paola, KS Explosion II
Nationals 2003-9
Double D
    Our first pool game the Dolphins faced a team from Paola, Kansas who looked alot like our Broken Arrow Explosion. These girls were quite a bit larger than our girls as well they should being a 2nd year 10U team. This was to be our only game for the day.
    Double D was on the mound for this game and faced 16 batters striking out 7 of them. Way to throw some heat Double D!
    The Dolphins came out right of the "bat" ready to play and play hard. In the first inning the Dolphins scored 5 runs! Wow! Everybody hits, everybody scores! Next up to bat was the Explosion. Four batters came up and 3 struck out swinging. We held the Explosion to 0 runs.
    The second inning the Dolphins scored 2 more runs and again the Explosion came up to bat with 4 batters and 3 of them striking out. The score was now Dolphins 7, Explosion 0.
    Two more innings came and went and neither team scored any more runs ending the game with a Dolphin win of 7-0. Way to play ball girls!
    The Dolphins had two girls score 3 RBI's each (Sosa and Gator), 7 stolen bases (Scooter 1, Skittles 1,Sosa 1, Speedy 1, Scrappy 2 and Starburst 1) and Sosa caught a pop fly as it fouled back towards her at the plate. Way to hang in there Dolphins!
    Each pool game the opposing team awards a Most Valuable Player medal to the one they felt deserved it. This game the Most Valuable Player was awarded to Double D for her wonderful job on the mound. Congratulations Double D!!!
    Thanks Explosion for a great game and for cheering us on as the week progressed!

Nationals 2003-10
The Dolphins and the Explosion II

Nationals 2003-19
Gator bringin' the heat!
Pool Game #2 vs The Wave
Nationals 2003-20
Scrappy awarded MVP.
    After a good nights rest the Dolphins had to be back at the fields by 7:00am to play The Wave from Wichita, Kansas at 8:00am. It was nice and cool and a bit overcast which was a welcome relief from the heat.
    The Wave were all dressed in turquoise and white and were also a second year 10U team.
    Gator was on the mound for this game facing 20 batters and striking out 7 of them. Gator only allowed 1 hit but 0 runs. Terrific job Gator!
    The first inning the Dolphins came up to bat 6 times but couldn't score a run. Next up to bat was The Wave with 4 batters and 0 runs.
    The next inning brought a little excitement. After The Wave brings up 3 batters and the Dolphins throw them out Scrappy was first up to bat with a walk and 3 more batters followed her moving her around to scoring position. As Chipper lays a bunt down the third base line the catcher proceeds to grab the ball and tag Scrappy as she runs for home but instead they collide and the catcher accidently takes Scrappy's legs out from under her and she does a flip over the catcher's head landing on her stomach a couple of feet from home plate. With her helmet over her eyes she proceeds to crawl to the plate to score with the catcher on her heels. Scrappy beats her home bringing the score to 1-0. Please don't scare your mom like that again! Next up is Starburst and she hits one to 2nd base which throws her out but Starburst hits another one in bringing the score in the 2nd inning to 2-0. Way to do your job Starburst!
    The third inning the Wave had four batters, 2 striking out and 2 put outs the Dolphins scored 4 runs. Skittles hit a hard one out to right field, Speedy hit a hard one out to center and Hollywood rounded it out with a hard one out to center as well. Way to smack it girls. At the bottom of the third inning the score was Dolphins 6, The Wave 0.
    The fourth inning brought 6 Wave batters and 0 runs and 3 Dolphin batters with 0 runs.
    The fifth had 3 Wave batters, 2 of them striking out and 0 runs. The game was called and the Dolphins walked away with another win of 6-0. Wow!
    The Dolphins had 3 RBI's (Sosa 1, Skittles 1 and Starburst 1), 7 stolen bases (Scooter 1, Skittles 2, Sosa 2, Scrappy 1, Slide 1), Skittles caught 2 pop flies at 2nd base and Double D got a HOMERUN on a BUNT knocking in 2 runs! Awesome girls!
    The Wave awarded the Most Valuable Player medal to Scrappy for her acrobatics at home plate! Way to take it for the team Scrap!
    Thanks Wave for a great game!

Nationals 2003-21
The Dolphins and The Wave.

Nationals 2003-23
Chipper fires it in there!
Pool #3 vs Blue Springs Lightening White
Nationals 2003-24
Sosa earnes MVP!
    Our second game for the day and our 3rd pool game brought the Blue Springs Lightening White. Chipper was on the mound for this one and did an awesome job. Chipper faced 27 batters striking out 10 of them and only allowing 3 hits and 3 runs. Way to throw the ball Chipper!
    The first inning brought 6 Dolphins up to bat with Scooter coming home and scoring 1 run. Way to put the wheels on. The Lightening brought up four batters 1 popped up to Chipper and two striking out. The score after the first inning was Dolphins 1 Ligthening 0.
    The next two innings neither team could seem to score but the Dolphins were not finished yet.
    The fourth inning brought 2 hits. Double D came up to bat with Skittles (running for Sosa) in scoring position. Double D gets a triple on errors and brings in Skittles for another run. Way to go girls. Four Lightening batters came up next. Another pop up to Skittles and 2 striking out. The score at the end of the fourth inning was Dolphins 2, Ligtening 0.
    During the 5th inning while the Lightening were up to bat we saw a pretty good move by the Lightening coach. They had 2 outs and one on 1st base with time running out. Since the Lightening was home team they had last bats so the first base coach sent his runner while Chipper was obviously in control of the ball on the mound. This was called a challenge by the Lightening and the inning ended moving them to one more at bats. Pretty clever.
    The 6th inning the Dolphins came up to bat and exploded. Starburst is first up to bat and hits a hard one to right field earning her a single. Scooter comes up to bat and sacrifices herself to move the runner to second. Way to do your job girl. Skittles is next and gets a double putting her at first and Starburst at 3rd. Sosa is next and gets a single bringing Starburst home. Speedy is next with a double on errors bringing Skittles in for the score. Next up is Double D who hits one toward 1st base and is tagged but brings in Scooter (who is running for Sosa) for another run. After 3 outs the Lightening had one more chance to beat the Dolphins. They seemed to come alive as well scoring 3 runs but still not enough to win. The final score was Dolphins 5, Lightening 3.
    The Dolphins had 4 RBI's (Sosa 1, Speedy 2 and Double D 1), 4 stolen bases (Scooter 1, Speedy 1, Double D 1 and Scrappy 1) and 4 pop flies were caught (Speedy 1, Double D 1, Skittles 1 and Chipper 1). Teriffic job ladies!
    The Blue Springs Lightening White awarded Sosa the Most Valuable Player medal for her excellent job behind the plate. Way to snag the ball back there Sosa. You were awesome!
    The Dolphins won their pool allowing only 5 runs total in 3 games. They headed on the double elimination bracket play as 1st seat.
    Thank you to the Blue Springs Lightening White for a well played and exciting game!

Nationals 2003-25
Dolphins and Lightening White.

Bracket Play-Game #1 vs Tartan Titans Lightening
Nationals 2003-27
Dolphins waiting for their first bracket game.
    The Dolphins started the bracket with a bye so we only had to play the one game today. Thank goodness because it was HOT!
    Our first game was against the Tartan Titans Lightening from Maplewood, Minnesota. The Dolphins had one good advantage over the Titans. We were used to the heat!
    Double D was on the mound for our first bracket game. She faced 19 batters, striking out 5. Great job as usual Double D!
    The first inning brought up 4 Titan batters with 2 striking out and one out on a force at 2nd base. Then came 5 Dolphins with 1 hard hit by Sosa to left field. Way to hammer it Sosa. Scooter was our run this inning. The score at the end of the first inning was Dolphins 1, Titans 0.
    The second inning started with 5 Titan batters and 0 runs. Then came 5 Dolphins with one hard hit by Hollywood out to center field. Hollywood and Scrappy came in for 2 more runs. The score was Dolphins 3, Titans 0.
    The third inning picked up quite a bit with the Titans bringing 5 batters scoring 0 runs. Next up came 10 Dolphin batters. Skittles hit a good one out to right field, Speedy hit a HOMERUN on errors scoring herself and Skittles and Hollywood hit another one out to center field. All in all the Dolphins scored 4 runs. The score at the end of the 3rd inning was Dolphins 2, Titans 0.
    The fourth and final inning saw the Titans score 2 runs and the Dolphins scoring 1 run. The Dolphins earn a 8-2 win. How awesome are these girls?
    The Dolphins had 7 RBI's (Speedy 2, Hollywood 1, Scrappy 1, Gator 2 and Slide 1), 6 stolen bases (Speedy 2, Double D 1, Hollywood 2 and Scrappy 1) and two pop flies were caught (Speedy 1 and Double D 1).
    Thank you to the Tartan Titans for a very good game!

Nationals 2003-28
Dolphins and Titans

Nationals 2003-38
Scooter on the mound.
Bracket Play-Game #2 vs Kansas Flash
Nationals 2003-39
Bring it home!
    On Saturday the Dolphins had a date with the Kansas Flash in the heat of the day 12:40p.m. OUCH! I know us parents were frying!
    The Dolphins were on fire and ready to play some ball. Decked out in our white uniforms they set out to meet the Flash.
    Gator started out on the mound for this game pitching 2 innings and facing 11 batters, striking out 2. Then in the 3rd inning Chipper came in to pitch 1 inning facing 8 batters. Scooter came in in the bottom of the 3rd inning and pitched 3 innings facing 11 batters. These girls pitched hard and worked together as a team. Great job!
    The Dolphins were struggling very early in this game scoring 3 runs against the Flash but the Flash came out the stronger team and won the game 9-3 knocking the Dolphins with their first loss into the loser bracket and 3 more games before the day was finished.
    The Dolphins despite losing this game had several really good hits. Double D hit one way out to the right fielder down the 3rd base line and received a triple on errors, Hollywood hit one to the fence in right field earning an RBI but it was caught in the air by the right fielder and Scrappy hit one way out to the right field at eye level but was also caught by the right fielder. Way to crack the bat girls!
    The Dolphins had 1 RBI (Hollywood), 1 stolen base (Skittles and 3 pop flies were caught (Speedy 1, Sosa 1 and Scooter 1). Good job ladies!
    The Dolphins were determined not to let this loss get them down. They had come so far and played so well that they were going to try and go as far as they could. They headed back to their hotel for a change of uniform, lunch and a small rest before heading back for their 6:30p.m. game.
    Thanks to the Kansas Flash for playing such a great game. You all did very well.

Nationals 2003-40
Dolphins and Flash.

Bracket Play-Game #3 vs St. Louis Menaces
Nationals 2003-43
Good Game!
    The Dolphins headed back to the diamonds in their tie die uniforms rested and pumped.
    Our first game was delayed by and hour so the Dolphins practiced and tried to stay cool as well. At 7:30p.m. they faced a well known 2nd year team from St. Louis, Missouri called the Menaces.
    Double D pitched an awesome game pitching 7 innings, facing 28 batters and striking out 6 and only allowing 3 hits. WOW!
    The first 2 innings were uneventful but tight. Both teams held one another 0-0.
    In the third inning the Menaces made it interesting scoring 1 run bringing the score at the end of the 3rd inning, Dolphins 0, Menaces 1.
    The fourth inning fourth inning saw the Dolphins tie it up at 1-1.
    The fifth and sixth innings both teams were still holding one another at 1-1.
    Then in the top of the seventh inning the tie breaker started. The Dolphins were first up to bat and literally exploded! Scooter was our beginning runner at 2nd and Skittles came up to bat. She was hit by the pitch which earned her 1st base. Next up was Sosa who knocked one way out between center and left field bringing Scooter in for the score. Next up was Speedy who hit a double and brought Skittles in next for the run. Double D took her turn at bat and got a triple on errors and bringing in Sosa and Speedy for 2 runs. Next up was Hollywood who hit one to the pitcher and was thrown out at first for our first out but brought in Double D for another run. Scrappy was next up to bat with no one on base as was walked earning her 1st base. Gator comes up next and sacrifice bunts to move Scrappy around to 2nd base. Good job Gator. The Dolphins now have 2 outs and a runner at 2nd. Chipper is next and hits a beautiful hit to center field but the center fielder catches it in the air bringing the Dolphins to 3 outs but with a score of a 6-1. The Menaces still have a chance to catch up as they have last bats. They start with a runner at 2nd base and bring up #11 to hit. She hits a single with her runner at 3rd base which brings her in for a run. #99 is next and is walked. Their next batter pops it up to Speedy at short and is out. #5 comes up to bat and has a runner at 3rd base. She hits a single and brings #11 in for the score. #9 is next and she strikes out swinging. The Menaces now have two outs and only 2 runs in. #4 comes up to bat and strikes out! WOW! What a game! The Dolphins win with a score of 6-3. The Dolphins were determined and played excellent as a team. They played so hard that they broke homeplate at one point during the 7th inning. These girls were on fire and headed to game #4.
    The Dolphins had 6 RBI's (Sosa 1, Speedy 1, Double D 2, Hollywood 1 and Chipper 1), 6 stolen bases (Scooter 1, Skittles 2, Sosa 1, Double D 1 and Hollywood 1) and 4 pop flies were caught (Hollywood 1, Sosa 1, Double D 1 and Speedy 1). Awesome teamwork!
    Thanks Menaces for one of the best games we played at Basehor!

Bracket Play-Game #4 vs PC Xplosion
Nationals 2003-44
Good Game Xplosion!
    Our next game was right after our game with the Menaces. It was now dark outside so the heat was gone and the Dolphins were ready to go. The next team we faced was a 2nd year team from Platte County, Missouri called the PC Xplosion. These girls were BIG! Did I say BIG? Wow were they BIG! Two of them could have taken Greg and Tim easily. WOW! The Xplosion had a fast little pitcher but nothing we hadn't faced at home already. We were ready.
    Chipper was on the mound for this game and pitched 4 innings facing 21 batters striking out 8 and only allowing 3 runs. Great job Chipper!
    The Dolphins were first to bat bringing up 8 batters. Speedy knocked one to the center field fence scoring 2 runs and then Double D knocks one to left field bringing in one run. Top of the first inning the Dolphins scored 3 runs. Next up to bat was the Xplosion bringing up 5 batters with 2 striking out and one poping up to Skittles for the 3rd out with 0 runs.
    The second inning was pretty uneventful except for Sosa hard hit to the left field fence bringing in Slide for a run. The Xplosion brought up 4 batters with 2 striking out and one put out. The score at the end of the 2nd inning was Dolphins 4, Xplosion 0.
    The third inning saw 2 hard hits, one by Skittles bringing in 2 runners and one by Gator out to the right field fence. The Dolphins scored 2 more runs. The Xplosion wasn't giving up yet. They brought up 8 batters and scoring 2 runs. The score at the end of the 3rd inning was Dolphins 6, Xplosion 2.
    The fourth and final inning saw the Dolphins crunching the ball. First up to bat was Speedy with a single. Next up was Double D who went down swinging. Hollywood was next and earned herself a single. The Dolphins now have 1 out with 2 on base. Scrappy is up next and lays down a beautiful bunt on the 3rd base line and moves her runners around and beats the play earning her a single. Bases are now loaded and Gator is up to bat. She hits a single and brings in Speedy for a run. Bases are still loaded. Slide comes up and is walked which brings in Hollywood for a run. Bases are still loaded. Scooter is next and earns a single and brings in Scrappy. Bases are still loaded. Skittles is next and hits a single bringing in Gator for another run. Sosa is next and earns a single but Slide is forced out at home. Speedy is back up to bat and hits a single. The Dolphins have 2 outs and scored 5 runs. Double D comes up next and goes down swinging. Way to play girls! By now the Xplosion is amazed and ready to bring this game to an end in their favor. They bring up 4 batters with 3 striking out. The Dolphins win again with a score of 11-2.
    The Dolphins had 9 RBI's (Scooter 1, Skittles 3, Sosa 2, Speedy 2 and Double D 1), 7 stolen bases (Scooter 1, Speedy 2, Scrappy 1, Gator 1 and Slide 2) and 1 pop fly was caught by Skittles. What a great team all of you are!
    By now it was getting late but the Dolphins still had one more game to play before they could go home and get some rest. If they won the next one they would have to be back at 7:00a.m. for an 8:00a.m. game and would be in the top four teams. As of this game they were in the top 6 teams out of an original 28. Can you believe these girls?
    Thank you to the PC Xplosion for a very fun game. It was late and you still came out to play.

Nationals 2003-45
Dolphins Shake! Na na na na, Shake na na na na.

Nationals 2003-46
Double D brings it in.
Bracket Play-Game #5 vs The Blue Angels
Nationals 2003-47
12:30p.m. and we are still playing ball.
    The Dolphins headed on to our next game and the final one for the evening. Of course the games were behind and hour and a half so this one began at around 11:30p.m. The girls (and parents) were tired but the knew what had to be done. If the Dolphins won this game that would put them in the top four going into the last day of play, Sunday. As of this game the Dolphins were in the top 6. Wow!
    The team we were to face was another 2nd year team out of Lathrop, Missouri called the Blue Angels.
    Gator started out on the mound for this game and did a great job facing 5 batters. Double D came in next on the mound and faced 21 batters striking out 5 of them. Way to work together girls!
    The first inning the Dolphins were struggling right from the get go. The Blue Angels brought 10 batters up scoring 6 runs. Next up was the Dolphins bringing up 7 batters and only scoring 2 runs. The Dolphins were down but they knew that it was still early. The score at the end of the first inning was Dolphins 2, Blue Angels 6.
    The second inning started with 3 Blue Angels batting 1 striking out one awesome caught pop fly by Scrappy and one play made by Sosa who threw to Scooter at third who in turn picked off a runner trying to steal. TERRIFIC play girls! The Dolphins were next up to bat bringing up 5 batters but just couldn't bring in a run. The score at the end of the second inning was Dolphins 2, Blue Angels 6.
    The third inning was pretty quiet with both teams holding the other to 0 runs except for a great hit by Speedy out the center field. It would have been perfect but the fielder caught it in the air. Score was still 6-2.
    The fourth inning started with 5 Blue Angel batters with 2 more scoring runs. The Dolphins brought up 6 batters but couldn't seem to get them out of the infield and scored 0 runs. The score at the end of the fourth inning was Dolphins 2, Blue Angels 8.
    The Dolphins had one more chance to win this game. They came from behind to win other games this week so they knew it wasn't impossible. First up was the Blue Angels with 3 batters. 1 striking out and the other two put out at first base. The Dolphins were next bringing Speedy up to bat first. She hits another great hit to center field and this time it made it past the fielder earning her a base hit. Next up was Double D who popped up to second base which caused Speedy to remain at first. Hollywood is next and while she is batting Speedy steals 2nd base. Hollywood hits one way out to center field but it is caught in the air for the second out. Scrappy is next and is tagged out at first. The Dolphins just got too far behind in the first inning to pull it off and at 1:15a.m. the Dolphins lost only their second game all week.
    The Dolphins finished Nationals tied with the Majestics for 5th place out of 28 teams of which they were one of 3 first year teams and the only ones to make it this far. Of all 8 games the Dolphins played none of them were against a first year team. Not only did the Dolphins "hang" with the second year teams they flat won them by several runs. These girls exceeded the expectations and left the "Field of Dreams" complex WINNERS!!!
    The Dolphins had 1 RBI (Hollywood), 8 stolen bases (Scooter 2, Skittles 2, Speedy 1 and Chipper 3) and 2 pop flies were caught (Speedy 1 and Scrappy 1). Way to go Dolphins!
    Thank you to the Blue Angels for a great game even at the late hour and to the officials of the Nationals tournament for allowing the Dolphins to come and play some of the best softball they have played all year!

Nationals 2003-48
Dolphins and Blue Angels.

Nationals 2003-49
Congratulations Dolphins!
Dolphins awarded Sportsmanship Award
Nationals 2003-51
Great job coaches Tim and Greg!
    After the Dolphins posed for a picture with the Blue Angels at 1:20a.m. Sunday morning the Director of the tournament came out and awarded the Dolphins the Sportsmanship Award for the overall attitude and awesome behavior of the team as a whole. Wow!
    The whole week the Dolphins were the talk of the diamonds. Not only the board members but the umpires and other coaches were all saying that the Dolphins were the team to watch. They came and not only played great ball but left a huge impression on all they came in contact with. We all are so proud of you girls and the coaches! Watch out next year as the Dolphins will be back stronger than ever. Thanks for a great week!

Nationals 2003-52
Who is that behind the big hat?

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Order of finish for AFA "B" Nationals in Basehor, KS
1st. Oklahoma Storm-OK
2nd. Flash-KS
3rd. Jeff City Heat-MO
4th. Blue Angels-MO
5th. Majestics MO
    Broken Arrow Dolphins-OK
7th. Missouri Warcats-MO
    Platte County Xplosion-MO
9th. St Louis Menaces-MO
    Oklahoma Babes-OK
    Oklahoma Stealers-OK
    Oklahoma Bombers-OK
13th. Blue Springs Lightning White-MO
      Oklahoma Angels-OK
      Tartan Titans Lightning-MN
      Moore Stealer-OK
17th. Oklahoma Access-OK
      Frisco Fire-MO
      Tipton Tigers-MO
      The Wave-KS
      Explosion II-KS
      KC Krunch-MO
25th. Blue Springs Ice-MO
      Magic Thunderbolts-KS
      KC Heat-KS
      Tartan Titan Thunder-MN

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