Avon Lake Soccer Organization: News: Information about Single Carding - Click here

Information about Single Carding - Click here

The Ohio Youth Soccer Association North (OYSAN), our state soccer association, has made the decision to move to a single carding model in northeast Ohio.  The links below will take you to some articles to try to help explain what Single Carding means and what its impact will be.  The move to Single Carding will impact the "youth soccer landscape" in northeast Ohio for the travel and premier player.  

Single Carding Policy

Single Carding Explained

The Case for Single Carding


 Additionally, I have written a blogspot to try to provide some facts as I understand them regarding Single Carding, its impact and related ideas.  The Avon Lake Soccer Organization (ALSO) will work so that we can continue to offer our youth a rewarding opportunity to grow in and through the game of soccer if Single Carding does go into effect.  

ALSO will host informational meetings early in the new year to help parents and players understand this change so they can make educated decisions in response to this change.