2 - Girls U8/U9 (Rec): About

Our basic philosophy for Girls U8-U9 Recreation soccer program
  • Developing the mind, body, and self-esteem through sportsmanship, education, skill, teamwork, exercise and enjoyment.
  • Encourage the development of a positive team attitude through cooperative team play.  The attitude and practice of winning at any cost is not acceptable.
  • A commitment to benefit the majority of Avon Lake youth, not only the talented few. Thus  our  programs shall stress maximum participation from all athletes, regardless of ability. Our programs shall be designed to provide evenly balanced competition.
  • Ensure minimal pressure on youth players from coaches, spectators and parents and encourage youth to simply do their best.

If your daughter was born between Aug 1, 2001 and July 31, 2002 (U9) or Aug 1, 2002 and July 31, 2003 (U8), then she belongs in U8-U9 Rec soccer.  This is typically 2nd and 3rd grades.  This league is a developmental league and will help your daughter develop with her soccer skills in a 6v6 game format on fields larger than Micro.

The Avon Lake Rec Soccer program is a 2 season program with a fall season that starts in mid to late August with practices and 6 games that run until mid October.  The spring season starts in April with 6 games that typically run until early June.  Games are on Saturdays at Learwood Middle School.

Team/Game Format
U8-U9 Rec teams consists of typically 10 players.  Games are 6v6 (5 field players plus a goalie for each team).  Games consist of 2 halves that are generally 25-30 minutes long.  Teams practice once per week with games on Saturdays.  Team practice date/time is set by the coach and is usually on a weekday evening.

Registration Information
For information information, go to Rec Registration Information.  Registration begins in the spring and runs through June for the following Fall/Spring season.  Late registration is often available up until a couple weeks before the first fall season game.  See the Registration Information page for details.

For more information, please contact the Girls Rec Director, Spencer Ryan at spencerryan@windstream.net, (440) 930-8796.