Avon Lake Soccer Organization: Fields

Documents related to fields including field maintenance, setting up soccer fields, field use permits and other related documents.
ALSO Goal Safety Policy

Goal Safety PolicyGoal Safety Policy

Field Layouts

Micro FieldMicro Field

Standard 6v6Standard 6v6

Small 8v8 (Troy 2&3)Small 8v8 (Troy 2&3)

State Cup 8v8State Cup 8v8

Standard 8v8Standard 8v8

Troy Field 1 (11v11)Troy Field 1 (11v11)

Troy Fields 2&3 (11v11)Troy Fields 2&3 (11v11)

Troy Field 4 (11v11)Troy Field 4 (11v11)

Penalty Box (11v11)Penalty Box (11v11)

Learwood-Field E (11v11)Learwood-Field E (11v11)

Learwood-Field F (11v11)Learwood-Field F (11v11)

Learwood-Field G (11v11)Learwood-Field G (11v11)

Field DimensionsField Dimensions

Field Layout ToolField Layout Tool

School/Facility Use Permits

Approved school/facility use permits.

2011 Spring-Learwood Use Permit2011 Spring-Learwood Use Permit

2011 Spring-Troy Use Permit2011 Spring-Troy Use Permit

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