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Friday, May 22
Bandit Cheerleaders

     Hey Cheerleaders!         

                 Ready For Some Competition?            



We are now accepting registrations for our competition teams!

Registraton is $80 and other fees will incur during the season.

No further registrations will be taken after September 15th

Please submit check made out to Aston AA for $80 in an envelope marked with your child's name, grade, and date of birth.

You may submit these to your child's field coach or to Natalie on Monday and Wednesday nights            

**You Must Cheer for Football to be a Part of a Competition Team.                  

New for 2010-2011 Season:     

      Lower price and new innovative choreography!!!                     

For More Information Email        

Natalie Schmid at


           Spirit + Teamwork = Success!!!    

Follow the link to check out our Junior Squad in action:

             Welcome to the home page of Aston AA Competition Cheerleading. This site will give necessary and current information about our programs. Coaches and squad members should review the site often for activity updates.

Why be a cheerleader?

Cheerleading is an opportunity for young girls to build self-confidence and teach teamwork. Cheerleading allows girls to learn cheers, stunts, dances and half-time routines for performance on Aston AA football field. If your child wants to participate in cheerleading events at a more extreme level, competitive cheerleading is the answer. Competitive cheerleading allows the girls to show their cheerleading talents and gives them the opportunity to win trophies for their team's routine.  Hope that you can be a part of the traditon that is Aston AA Competition Cheerleading!!!

For more info on our program, please email Natalie Schmid at

Saturday, January 24
Check out our Pee Wee squad at a 2008 Blue Rocks game