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Wednesday, January 9
Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.        Is this the Little League? 

Answer: No, this is an independent league associated with the Ashland Youth Association chartered through the Cal Ripken – Babe Ruth Association.

  2.        Who is the Ashland Youth Association?

 Answer:   Ashland Youth Association (AYA) is a youth organization that has been active in the Ashland community for over forty years with football, softball, cheerleading, basketball, and they also are the original founders of the Ashland Little League which had to separate from the AYA after 19 years of involvement due to new National Little League rules regarding leagues to be separate entities from area sports associations.  

 3.        Why start up a new league now?

 Answer: The AYA has been exploring the opportunity to expand its already established Babe Ruth Girls Softball program to include Boys Baseball for the past several years. Virginia Babe Ruth decided this year that the Richmond and surrounding areas are now to have actual established league boundaries. By chartering now the AYA has established boundaries that will be protected by the Virginia Babe Ruth Program and giving it a much larger territory than other surrounding youth leagues.  

 4.        Isn’t Ashland too small to handle two separate competing baseball leagues for our area youth?

 Answer: The AYA has known for years that many Ashland residents take their children to other leagues located outside of the Ashland area for one reason or another. The AYA Cal Ripken-Babe Ruth Baseball program’s territory also includes a larger area not included in the other local league’s boundaries, giving it a much larger area to be able to register children from.   

 5.        Where will games be played?

 Answer: Home games will be played at Poor Farm Park or at surrounding Hanover County school fields. Away games are yet to be determined.   

 6.        Will divisions inter-league with surrounding Cal Ripken – Babe Ruth Leagues? 

Answer:  If any division has 5 or more teams in its division then it will not inter-league away games. If we have less than 5 teams we will look into the possibility of inter-leaguing 

 7.        Will the Cal Ripken 50’ 70’ Major division follow similar rules compared to the other local league?      

 Answer:       Benefits of playing in the Cal Ripken Major League Division

  • The Cal Ripken 50'-70' rules will be very similar to the Babe Ruth Junior Division and to the Junior High School rules.
  • Because of the new age determination date change resulting in older players now playing, this offers players the opportunity to further their skills by experiencing more aspects of the traditional game.
  • Players can now tale leads off the bases and steal similar to the older levels of the Babe Ruth Program.
  • Players will now learn to hold runners on and pitch from the stretch.
  • Catchers and infielders will learn to make adjustments to runners on base.
  • Will help players transition easier from the Cal Ripken size field to the Babe Ruth size field, and keep kids in the game longer since the change will be less formidable.
  • Runners will learn how to read pitchers while taking leads and learning how not to get picked off base.
 8.        Who will we be inter-leaguing with if needed? 

      Answer: We will be working with inter-leaguing with other area associations such as Rockville, Glen Allen, Lakeside, and Glen Lea are some of the associations.

 9.        How much fundraising will have to be done by parents? 

      Answer: Fundraising is a critical life support system for any volunteer youth organization, but it is not our primary goal. We will limit our fundraising to most likely one event and we have a buy out opportunity to eliminate the parents from any fundraising projects that we may have.

  10.    Who works the concession stands? 

       Answer: Nobody works the concession stand. Playing at Poor farm Park gives us the opportunity to let our parents enjoy watching their children’s ball games. Hanover County Parks and Recreation has control of the concession stand and we do not have to work it.  

  11.    What is your primary goal? 

Answer: Our primary goal is to make sure the children that play in our league are taught the principles and values associated with the game and have an enjoyable time while participating in our league.

 12.    When will we have schedules? 

Answer:  The schedules will be made as soon as teams are organized. Schedules for games should be out shortly after practices begin.

 13.    I live in Caroline County, can my son play in your league? 

       Answer: Yes, all of Caroline County is included in our boundaries.

 14.    I live in the Atlee area, can my son play in your league? 

       Answer: Yes, but only if you live west of route 301. Areas east of route 301 are not included in our boundaries.

 15.    If I have any questions to ask that are not included here, who do I contact to get answers? 

      Answer: Email us at and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.