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Arlington Colt Basketball
Arlington Colt Basketball:A Winning Tradition  
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A Winning Tradition A Winning Tradition
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Arlington Colts
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Arlington High School
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Arlington, Texas
  A Winning Tradition  

Scott Hughes Arlington Colt Basketball Hall of Fame

Allen Winder



All-District (twice), Colt MVP, Most rebounds in a game (22, tie), Most rebounds in a season(444), 300 Point Club (twice), 1,000 Point Club

John Robinson



All-District (twice), Colt MVP (twice), Most free throws in a game (16), Most assists in a game (18), Most free throws in a season (208), Most assists in a career (377), 300 Point Club, 1,000 Point Club

Bill Kendrick



All-District (twice), Colt MVP (twice), 300 Point Club, 1,000 Point Club

Trent Turner



All-District, All-Region, James Crouch Foul Shot Award, 300 Point Club, 1,000 Point Club

Ralph McPherson



All-District, All-Region, All-State, All-American, Colt MVP, Most points in a game (44), Most field goals in a game (18), Most points in a season (867)

Craig Bishop



All-District (twice), All-Region, All-State, Colt MVP, Most points in a career (1,684), Most field goals in a career (731), Most free throws in a career (222)

Gary Gray



All-District (twice), All-Region, Colt MVP (twice)

Jon Coulter



All-District, Colt MVP, 300 Point Club, 1,000 Point Club

* indicates number has been retired.


Season Won-Loss Records

All-District Players

Ralph Harwell Most Valuable Colt Players
1965-66        John Robinson
1966-67        John Robinson
1967-68        Mark Sherrod
1968-69        Lester Rhodes
1969-70        Bill Kendrick
1970-71        Bill Kendrick
1971-72        Bob Taylor
1972-73        Jon Coulter
1973-74        Craig Bishop
1974-75        Allen Winder
1975-76        Dean Dillhoff
1976-77        Ralph McPherson
1977-78        Eddie McClenen
1978-79        Milton Michener
1979-80        Gary Gray
1980-81        Gary Gray
1981-82        Bob Fahey
1982-83        Steve Gomez
1983-84        Steve Gomez
1984-85        Lance Ralston
1985-86        Trent Turner
1986-87        Gary Webb
1987-88        Jake Short
1988-89        Jake Short
1989-90        Bobby Gray
1990-91        Henry Wills
1991-92        Henry Wills
1992-93        Michael Sepulveda
1993-94        Josh Girtz
1994-95        Topher Stockton and Sam Shultz
1995-96        Keith Brandon and Eric Sutton
1996-97        Keith Brandon
1997-98        Aaron Clark and Dakendrick Smith
1998-99        Charles Smith
1999-2000    Brian Fleetwood and Mako Shue
2000-01        Peter Murray
2001-02        Kevin Morgan
2002-03        Jacob Petersen
2003-04        Zach DeKeyser
2004-05        V'Keon Lacey
2005-06 Matt Bowden

Colt Coaches' Defensive Award
1978-79        Don Harris
1979-80        Mark Bishop
1980-81        Scott Engle
1981-82        Scott Hughes
1982-83        Mike Coble
1983-84        Jay Puempel
1984-85        Chris Puempel
1985-86        Chris Puempel
1986-87        Everett Cottrell
1987-88        Jake Short
1988-89        Jake Short
1989-90        Jason Nicholson
1990-91        Trevon Walker
1991-92        Brian Jorgensen
1992-93        David Elizandro
1993-94        Carlos Soto
1994-95        Tevon Taylor
1995-96        Tevon Taylor
1996-97        Dakendrick Smith
1997-98        Dakendrick Smith
1998-99        Willie Martin
1999-2000        Mako Shue
2000-01        Kevin Morgan and Jon Hennard
2001-02        Kevin Morgan
2002-03        Joel McAlister
2003-04        Joel McAlister
2004-05        James Warren
2005-06 Clint Shaffer

Coach Robert Gill
Coach Robert Gill
Colt Coaches through the Years
Dale Archer       1966-1984
Judson Pritchard about 1970-78
Robert Gill         1979-1992
David Slight       1985-86
Joe Tettleton      1993-2001
Robert Greene   2001-2005
David Clyde       2005-present

1,000 Point Club (1,000 in Colt career)
John Robinson Bob Rudolph Jason Bigham
Bill Kendrick Allen Winder Aaron Clark
Jon Coulter Ralph McPherson
Craig Bishop Trent Turner

300 Point Club (300 points in a season)
John Robinson
Mike Leach
Les Rhodes
Scott Bowden
Bill Kendrick
Bob Smith
Bob Taylor

James Crouch Foul Shot Award
1980-81 Rick Risenhoover 1993-94 Sam Schultz
Russel Greer Eric Weaver
Chris Risenhoover Aaron Clark
Steve Gomez Aaron Clark
Lance Ralston Aaron Clark
Trent Turner 1998-99 Kevin McGaw
Jason Baum Brian Fleetwood
Jason Bigham Kevin Morgan
Callan Noakes Chris Smith
Jeff Barnes Jacob Petersen
Brandon Robinson Zach DeKeyser
Rance Wilemon 2004-05 Matt Middleton
1992-93 Sam Schultz 2005-06 Sam Jones

Saturday, December 10
Coach Robert Greene Remembered
At 10:00 a.m. Saturday, December 10, 2005, Robert Thomas Greene's family, friends, former students and players ...

Ralph McPherson's UTA Team Inducted into Hall of Fame
Find out more about Ralph McPherson at

Arlington Colt Basketball
Arlington Colt Basketball
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