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Arlington Colt Basketball
Arlington Colt Basketball:TEA-UIL Rules  
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Arlington Colts
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Arlington High School
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  TEA-UIL Rules  

Valuable Consideration School Teams and Athletes May Accept
1. Pre-season. School athletic teams may be given
no ...

2005-06 Basketball Manual: Rule Changes

UIL's 2005-06 Booster Club Guidelines

UIL Athletic Booster Club Restrictions
Booster clubs cannot give anything to students, including awards. Check with
school administrators before giving anything to a student, school sponsor or coach. Schools must give prior approval for any banquet or get-together given for

All fans, not just members of the booster club, should be aware of this rule. It affects the entire community.

*Unlike music and academic booster clubs, athletic booster club funds shall not be used to support athletic camps, clinics, private instruction or any activity outside of the school.

*Booster groups or individuals may donate money or merchandise to the school with prior approval of the administration. These kinds of donations are often made to cover the cost of
commercial transportation and to cover costs for out-of-town meals. It would be a violation for booster groups or individuals to pay for such costs directly.

*Individuals should be informed of the seriousness of violating the athletic amateur rule.
The penalty to a student-athlete is forfeiture of varsity athletic eligibility in the sport for which the violation occurred for one calendar year from the date of the violation. Student
athletes are prohibited from accepting valuable consideration for participation in school athletics--anything that is not given or offered to the entire student body on the same basis that it is given or offered to an athlete. Valuable consideration is defined as tangible or intangible property or service including anything that is usable, wearable, salable or consumable.

Salable food items or trinkets given to athletes by students, cheerleaders, drill team members, little/big brothers or sisters, school boosters, parents of other students, teachers or others violate this rule (see exception for “goodie bags” to follow).

*Homemade “spirit signs” made from paper and normal supplies a student purchases for school use may be placed on the students’ lockers or in their yards. Trinkets and food items cannot be
attached. Yard signs should be made of commercial quality wood, plastic, etc. If not purchased or made by the individual player’s parent, they must be returned after the season.

*The school may provide meals for contests held away from the home school only. If the school does not pay for meals, the individual parents need to purchase their own child’s food. Parents
may purchase anything they wish for their own child but may not provide food or other items of valuable consideration for their child’s teammates. The school may also provide supplies for games and practices and transportation for school field trips. Students should pay admission fees during school field trips.

*Parties for athletes are governed by the following State Executive Committee interpretation of Section 441 of the UIL Constitution & Contest Rules.

Arlington Colt Basketball
Arlington Colt Basketball
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