Arkansas Lady Titans: Winning State

Big Dog
Winning State: Women's Basketball
Little Dog
I Want To Be A BIG DOG!
* Program your mind to win the confidence battle
* Mentally separate practice from games
* Narrow your focus to conquer arena distractions
* Think with a Game Mode mindset
* Find your true confidence with Demon Slayer Visualization
* Control your Dogs to stay composed
* Dream BIG. Create your POWER

* Make every arena familiar by narrowing your focus to the 4 Battle Zones
* Block out arena distractions
* Be able to turn laser beam focus on and off
* Get horizonal (when possible) to rest and recover
* Use your 7 Core Confidence routines many times each game to maintain emotional stability
* Reduce negative mental chatter * Don't "act" serious, BE SERIOUS CHAPTER

* Think of food as fuel
* Forget taste, Go for types of food your mind and body need to recover
* Grab fruit for an instant boost
* Combine premium carbs and fats to sustain maximum energy levels
* Save proteins for after the game to rebuild muscle and other cells
* Hydrate primarily with water
* DETACH YOUR TOUGUE, Fuel, don't eat

* As competitors, we live or die by attitude
* Don't hide from the truth * Welcome doubt and fear
* Use the Doubt Meter to detect a meltdown
* Talk yourself down; don't be a jumper
* Compose yourself with Demon Slayer Visualization
* Executing under pressure takes guts. Guts are about attitude

* Get real
* Look at your competitive minds truthfully; know whether you're scared, tentative, or confident
* Be able to replace doubt and intimidation with confidence and composure anytime, anywhere
* Don't project. It's worthless
* Use your Confident DVDs to replace Little Dog doubt with BIG DOG confident
* Be Patient, Demon Slayer Visualization takes practice
* Believe in yourself

* Fight the confidence battle in the transitions
* Focus your thinking on positive execution, not negative "what if" mental chatter
* Be able to turn laser beam focus on and off
* Effectively manage emotional dynamics on the bench
* Be prepared; during the critical last minutes your true competitive confidence will get tested
* Control your emotions. Stay calm
* Let your BIG DOG out

* Dedicate leads to accomplishment
* Make couragreous decisions; separate yourself from the pleasure pack
* Submit to the sacrifices required to achieve
* Everyday it's a battle; options demand decisions
* Discipline yourself. Do what's required
* Achieve your potential by having a tangible dream
* Dream BIG. Create your POWER