Arkansas Lady Titans: Coaches' Code of Ethics

Saturday, December 4
Coaches' Code of Ethics
* I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my players ahead of a personal desire to win.
* I will treat each player as an individual, remembering the large range of emotional and physical development for the age group I coach.
* I will take reasonable measures to honor all commitments to athletics.
* I will do my best to provide a safe playing situation for my players.
* I will promise to review and practice the basic first aid principles needed to treat the injuries of my players.
* I will lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all my players.
* I will do my best to organize practices that are fun and challenging for all my players.
* I will provide a sports environment for my team that is free of drugs, tobacco and alcohol, and I will refrain from their use at all youth sport events.
* I will support our Christian based club that honors our savior daily. * I will be knowledgeable in the rules of girls' basketball and I will teach these rules to my players.
* I will use those coaching techniques appropriate for each of the skills that I teach.
* I will remember that I am a youth sports coach, and that the game is for the children and not for adults.
* I, like the Lady Titans, will "Never Give Up" and will "Never Lose Faith" in the team.

Agreed to and endorsed by: 
Coach Loren - Lady Titan 95
Coach Scott - Lady Titan 94
Coach Tammy - Lady Titan 95
Coach Dwayne - Lady Titans 00