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NEWS UPDATE: Former Lady Titan 93 players (Cheyenne Baker, Hannah Persing, Lindsey Roe, Jesse Parks) won their second 4A State Championship today, March 10, 2011 beating a very talented team from Prairie Grove, AR.  

The Arkansas Lady Titan 93's finished their last season as Titans on July 26, 2009 by winning the Springdale MAYB 11/12 grade division tournament. As you can see below, they played a lot of games over the last six and half years. 

We started this program with one thing in mind, and that was for the girls to  "Create life long friends and memories while playing the great game of basketball"

Over the years we've seen many (major) changes in the girls but what's special about this group is that our core players (Cheyenne, Dia, Tiffany,Courtney, Hannah, Montana) remained committed to the program. These days it's unusually to have a team that stays together this long.

The girls accomplished alot along the way both personally and on the court. The work the girls put into their game has honored them with the following achievements:

22 Tournament Championships

15  2nd Place Finishes

 2  3rd Place Finishes

 5  4th Place Finishes


2006 MAYB 8th Place

2007 Prime Time 4th Place

2008 Prime Time 16th Place 

Former Titan 93 player, Shelbi Honeycutt signs with Ohio State University

Former Titan 93 player, Maddie McCorkle walked on Quachita Baptist

Former Titan 93 player, Cheyenne Baker attending U of A

Former Titan 93 player, Dia Thomas attending U of A

Former Titan 93 player, Jesse Parks attending U of A 

Former Titan 93 player, Kelsey Rodden attending U of A 

Former Titan 93 player, Hannah Persing signs with Quachita Baptist

Former Titan 93 player, Courtney Nelson attending Arkansas Tech

Former Titan 93 player, Tiffany Wiseley signs with Central Arkansas University

Former Titan 93 player, Montana Rickey signs with Windwood College

No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I will always have a very special place in my heart for the Ladies of the Titan 93 team.

God Bless Each One of You,  

Coach Loren   

Overall record:    253 - 74   77.3 % Win/Loss Percentage

2004 Season Record:   50 - 10
2005 Season Record:   74 - 14
2006 Season Record:   52 - 21
2007 Season Record:   38 - 7
2008 Season Record:   23 - 15 
2009 Season Record:   16 - 7 
2009 Season Record: 16 - 7  69.5% Win/Loss Percentage
05/02/09   MAYB Springdale, AR  I 11/12 Grade  2-1
05/15/09    MAYB Springdale, AR II  11/12 Grade 2nd Place 3-2
05/29/09   MAYB Clarksville, AR  11/12 Grade   2nd Place 3-2
07/17/09    MAYB Ft. Smith, AR  11/12 Grade 2nd Place  4 - 1
07/24/09  MAYB Springdale, AR III  11/12 Grade Championship 4 - 1
2008 Season Record: 23 - 15    60.5% Win/Loss Percentage
03/22/08   National Recruiter Camp Springdale, AR
03/29/08   AAU Pool Play Little Rock, AR
04/11/08    AAU Championship Little Rock, AR
05/04/08   MAYB Springdale, AR  Champions 9th-10th Grade Divison
05/30/08   MAYB Alma 2nd Place 11/12th Grade Division
06/20/08   MAYB Branson 2nd Place 9th-10th Grade Division
06/27/08   MAYB Springdale 3rd Place 11/12th Grade Division
07/18/08   MAYB Springdale 4th Place 11/12th Grade Division
07/23/08   Prime Time Nationals  Placed Sweet 16 9/10th Grade Division
2007 Season Record: 38 - 7   84.4% Win/Loss Percentage
04/21/07   Prime Time  Springdale, AR   2nd Place
05/05/07   MAYB Paris, AR Champions 8th Grade Division
05/19/07    MAYB NWA (ASSA) Champions 8th Grade Division
06/01/07    MAYB Springfield, MO 2nd Place
06/15/07    MAYB Fayetteville, AR Champions 8th Grade Division
06/22/07    MAYB Branson, MO 2nd Place
07/13/07    MAYB Ft. Smith, AR Champions
07/25/07   PRIMETIME Nationals Plano, TX  4th Place
2006 Season Record: 52 - 21    71.2% Win/Loss Percentage
03/04/06 Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp (Voluntary Individual Camp) 
03/11/06 Clarksville                  4th Place 7th Grade Division
04/01/06 Springdale                  4th Place 7th Grade Division
04/08/06 Four Seasons Joplin     2nd Place 7th Grade Division
04/28/06 Eagles Invitational       Champions 7th Grade Division
05/05/06 Springdale                  Champions 7th Grade Division
05/19/06 MAYB NWA                 Champions 7-8th Grade Division
06/02/06 MAYB Alma                  Champions 7th Grade Division
06/16/06 MAYB Fayetteville        Champions 7th Grade Division
06/23/06 MAYB Clarksville          Champions 7th Grade Division
07/14/06 MAYB Branson              Champions 7th Grade Division
07/21/06 MAYB Springdale          4th Place 7th Grade Division
07/28/06 MAYB Fayetteville        3rd Place 7/8th Grade Division 
08/03/06 MAYB Nationals            8th Place 7th Grade Division
2005 Season Record:  74 - 14   84.1% Win/Loss Percentage
03/13/05 MAYB Clarksville          Champions 6th Grade
03/20/05 MAYB Alma                  2nd Place 6th Grade
04/10/05 ASSA Springdale           Champions 6th Grade
04/17/05 MAYB Ft. Smith            2nd Place 6th Grade
05/01/05 MAYB Springdale           2nd Place 6th Grade
05/14/05 ASSA Springdale           Champions 6th Grade
05/21/05 MAYB NWA                  Champions 6th Grade
05/26/05 ASSA 6/7th League       2nd Place
06/05/05 MAYB Alma                  2nd Place 6th/7th Grade
06/17/05 MAYB Fayetteville        Champions 6th Grade
06/24/05 MAYB Greenwood         Champions 6th Grade
07/16/05 MAYB Neosho               Champions 6th Grade
07/23/05 MAYB Springdale           2nd Place 7th Grade
07/30/05 MAYB Fayetteville         4th Place 7th Grade
08/04/05 MAYB Nationals - Perry, OK Won 3 Lost 1
08/13/05 ASSA Summer Slam        Champions 6th Grade
2004 Season Record:  48 - 10   82.8% Win/Loss Percentage 

 "The team that wants the ball more than the opponents will win everytime" 

2006 MAYB Nationals 8th Place
2006 MAYB Nationals 8th Place