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Wednesday, December 21
Arkansas Lady Titan Athletics, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation

Arkansas Lady Titans

"Developing Today's Youth To Be Tomorrow's Leaders Since 2003"

The Arkansas Lady Titan Athletic Club is established for the purpose of allowing girls to improve their athletic skills, and play at a competitive level of sports. The club is open to anyone regardless of race, sex, or gender. Any and all decisions related to the operation of the club or the individual teams will be made, as appropriate, in the sole discretion of the club director, the coaches, and / or the executive board.

Our Goals and Objectives
1. Develop and maintain a club, which promotes the game of basketball for girls.
2. Offer a program that focuses on basketball skills development, team play, basketball education, and positive club activities, in addition to providing club members with an opportunity to have fun!
3. To be financially sound and provide affordable membership to all those who are willing and able to make a commitment to our club.
4. Provide assistance to economically disadvantaged members who are willing to make a commitment to our club.
5. To promote family member’s involvement.
6. Provide coaching and use other resources that enhance player development.
7. Be an example of class and quality, conducting ourselves in an honorable and sportsmanlike manner.
8. Strive to seek out the strongest competition; strong competition helps the team/players improve and reveal our weaknesses.
9. To be a positive force in the local community by seeking out opportunities for community service.
10. To compete at the state and national level.
11. To find each athlete a college opportunity.

Our Future Plans
Our goal is to raise the competitive level of girls' basketball in Arkansas and expose our female athletes to the best women's basketball coaches and competition in the nation. We will raise the competitive level of basketball by:
· hosting quality tournaments in Arkansas
· hosting nationally competitive tournaments in Arkansas
· hosting exposure events for Arkansas
· being a leader in competitive girls basketball in Arkansas
· allowing players from any socioeconomic background to participate with our program
· participating in competitive tournaments and exposure events
· participating in intense skills camps
· hosting skills camps and instruction
· teaching/coaching with the best coaches possible Participation in girls' basketball national tournaments, camps and events gives our athletes invaluable experience, skills, friendships and scholarship opportunities they might never have dreamed possible.

Our hope is that their experiences with the Arkansas Lady Titan Girls Organization will continue to open doors for girls who wish to participate in women's basketball at the collegiate level and beyond. Not only are we interested in improving our athletes, but girls’ basketball in Arkansas as well. By hosting basketball events we bring the participation level to a higher level in Arkansas. We hope that we can represent all backgrounds as a voice in girls’ basketball across Arkansas.

Our FUTURE PLANS of the organization include:
· To have five girls’ basketball teams by year 2010.
· To have a developmental league for elementary age athletes.
· To sponsor a competitive basketball instructional camp for all ages.
· To fund all teams and participants to attend tournaments and camps across the United States.
· To receive grants and sponsorship to help fund the organization and its activities. 

2010 Board Members
Pending -
Pending -

Executive Staff
John Thomas, President
Loren Bailey, Vice-President of Basketball Operations
Jon Robinson, Secretary
Holly Baker, Treasurer

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Thursday, September 1
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