Aragona Pembroke Little League: Safety

2018 Safety Plan
The 2018 APLL Safety Plan is available through the handout link below...

Handout: 2018 Safety Plan

APLL Safety Rules
1. Safety Rules


- No Playing in parking lots at any time.
- No Playing on and around lawn equipment
- No Swinging Bats or throwing baseballs at any time within the walkways and common areas of Aragona-Pembroke Little League complex.
- No throwing balls against dugouts or against backstop. No throwing rocks.
- No horse play in walkways at any time.
- No climbing fences.
- No pets are permitted at the Aragona-Pembroke Little League complex.
- Observe all posted signs. Players and spectators should be Alert at all times for Foul Balls and Erratic Throws.
- Responsibility for Safety procedures should be that of an adult member of Aragona-Pembroke Little League
- Managers, coaches and umpires should have training in first-aid.
- First-aid kits are issued to each team manager and are located at the concession stand and board room.
- No games or practices will be held when weather or field conditions are not good, particularly when lighting is inadequate. If in doubt about the safety of the participants cancel the event.
- Play area should be inspected frequently for holes, damage, stones, glass and other foreign objects.
- All team equipment should be stored within the team dugout.
- Only players, managers, coaches, and umpires are permitted on the playing field or in the dugout during games and practice sessions.
- Responsibility for keeping bats and loose equipment off the field of play is everyone’s.
- During practice and games, all players should be alert and watching the batter on each pitch.
- During warm-up drills players should be spaced so that no one is endangered by wild throws or missed catches.
- All pre-game warm-ups should be performed within the confines of the playing field.
- Equipment should be inspected regularly for the condition of the equipment as well as for proper fit.
- Batters must wear Little League approved protective helmets during batting practice and games.
- Catcher must wear catcher’s helmet, mask, throat guard, long model chest protector, shin guards and protective cup with athletic supporter at all times (males) for all practices and games. NO EXCEPTIONS. Managers should encourage all male players to wear protective cups and supporters for practices and games.
- During sliding practice, bases should not be strapped down or anchored.
- At no time will “horse play” be permitted on the playing field.
- Parents of players who wear glasses should be encouraged to provide “safety glasses”.
- No jewelry is allowed to be worn by the players.
- Food handling will be done IAW local health rules and regulations.
- Concession manager will be qualified by the local health dept.
- Managers and Coaches may not warm up pitchers before or during a game.
- The speed limit in the parking area is 5mph or less at all times. Remember that pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way. Please be extremely cautious as children (large and small) are present at all times.

Injury Reporting For Coaches and Managers
Reporting Injuries:

What to report - An incident that causes any player,
manager, coach, umpire, or volunteer to receive medical
treatment and/or first aid must be reported to the Safety Officer.

This includes even passive treatments such as
the evaluation and diagnosis of the extent of the injury or
periods of rest.

When to report - All such incidents described above must
be reported to the Safety Officer within 48 hours of the incident. The Safety Director for 2011-2012 is Jeff Gilman.

How to make the report - reporting incidents can come in a variety of forms. Most typically, they are telephone conversations. At a minimum, the following information
must be provided:
- The name and phone number of the individual involved
- The date, time, and location of the incident
- As detailed a description of the incident as possible
- The preliminary estimation of the extent of any injuries
- The name and phone number of the person reporting the incident.
Use the example below as a guide:

Aragona-Pembroke Little League
Accident Report Form
Date/Time of Accident Information
Accident Date:
Time of Accident:        
Report Date:
Location of Accident:        
Filer Name:
Injured Persons Name:
How did Accident Occur:
Age Bracket:                
Parent Name:
Phone No:
Extent of Injuries:
Team Name:
Type of First Aid Given:
Coach/Manager Name:                
Phone No.                
Safety Review: