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Welcome To The Angels Girls Basketball Program


Angels Girls Basketball is a not for profit organization. The Angels Girls Basketball Program is a competitive developmental girls travel basketball program. The Angels Girls Basketball Program teams compete in suburban Chicago, Chicago leagues, spring and summer AAU(Amateur Athletic Union, FTG(For the Game), NAYS(North American Youth Sports) United States Junior National(USJN) and many other tournaments. Players are not guaranteed a certain amount of game playing time as in most recreational and park district league teams. Coaches seek to develop girls and give fair amounts of playing time based on talent, work ethic, practice, and game attendance. The AAU teams the organization fields are purely competitive placing the best talent on the teams they field. These AAU teams will compete on the state and national levels. We seek to develop ALL players in the organization to their fullest potential proportional to their own commitment and work ethic. Angels Girls Basketball offers its players many more game and game experiences than most traveling teams. Our teams will generally have over 75 game opportunities from January to August of our travel season.

Our  history shows the vast majority of girls that have played at least two years with the Angels at the middle school level will earn the right play up in their high school program to the sophomore or varsity level as freshmen. Our high school players are consistently amongst the strongest and most skilled players on their teams.  Many of our current high school players have received letters of interest from many Division 1 college basketball programs as early as their high school freshman year.

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Gerald Green, Head Coach & Program Director


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