Ames Youth Football: Welcome

The new is going to be under construction starting 2/5/11 with hopes that we will have everything switched over by 2/20/11 at the latest.


For next year, we will be going through Google Sites, and the league is only going to be responsible for the main league page only. Team sites can be made for FREE through Google Sites and it is encouraged that a parent or coach from each team make one for their team. The main league site will provide links to these sites. More information will come soon, and contact me at if you are interested in making a site. There is a chance that if their is enough interest, I may be at a future board/parent meeting where I can actually show how this can easily be done.


The new site will have a side bar with links

  • Home
  • Teams (Teams will make their own this year, and provide their own results, rosters, etc.)
  • Schedule
  • Locations
  • Board
  • Home Results (will post the weekly PDF that I send to WDM for home games)
  • Announcements
  • Handouts
  • Calendar (General league info.)


This may change at any time, but feel free to email me with any questions and/or concerns or if you/someone you know is interested in making your teams' site for this fall and I will try to help get you started. While the new site is under construction, here is the temporary link to the new site. If you see that something is missing or incorrect, please let me know!

-Jake Comstock