American Volleyball Camps: Tuition

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 Overnight Key Deposit

Overnight campers are required to provide a $115 Key Deposit when they check in for camp.  This depsosit will be returned after camp has been completed so long as there is no damage to the room.  Check payable to American Volleyball Camps.  


 Between Camp Lodging

 For campers who wish to stay overnight between camps, there will be an additional housing fee of $75 per night.  Meals will not be provided, however, campers will have access to several on campus eateries.  Campers should bring adequate funds to cover these meals.

Waiting List

 Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. In the event that a section of camp becomes sold out, campers wishing to register can request to be put on our waiting list.  All tuition fees and deadlines as stated above fully apply to applicants wishing to be put on our waiting list. When an opening becomes available you will be notified immediately and registered. If you decline the position or ask to remove your name from our waiting list, we will refund your money less a $75 handling fee. If you are on our waiting list and no openings become available by July 1, 2011, we will refund your entire registration payment.

Cancellation Policy 

If for any reason you need to cancel your registration before June 15, 2011 you will receive a refund minus a $75 per camp administrative fee. If you have paid by credit card online, you will need to contact American Volleyball Camps  to process your cancellation.


*If you cancel after June 15th, no refunds will be issued.