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    Mon 10/24/11 2pm - Sun 10/30/11 9am Oct 24 to Oct 30 Monday – Warm up to Beryl Park by way of Carnelian. Get in a good stretch, then 6 full field striders on the lower soccer field. 6x 800, 2 min rest (start even with shelter, trail around 2nd soccer field, down next to fields to trail, back to start.) Abs, run back to school, stretch. 
Varsity boys – 2:45, neg split.  Girls – 3:10, neg split
JV Boys – 2:59, neg split        JV Girls – 3:40 neg split

Tuesday – Baseline trail to Haven, return to Amethyst. Stretch, jog to computer store (Baseline)
10 X Amethyst to Baseline loop (500) meters, (mile PR pace) 95 sec(1:35) boys, 90 sec rest
110 sec (1:50) girls 2 mins rest.
Cool down, run to Archibald on trail, down to Baseline, back to school. Stretch.

Wednesday – Recovery run to Upland HS

Thursday  - Warm up to Archibald/Highland, back to Beryl Park. 24 minute tempo run after stretch. (30 sec per mile slower than race pace). Check your pace at each turnaround. Abs at park, run back to school by way of Carnelian.

Friday – Columbine run (Handicapped) Mandatory meeting in Mr. Dodd’s room at 3:15pm

Saturday – 7:00 am workout, TBA.

Sunday - ALHS Booster Club 5K - Go to (roadraces) to sign up. ALHS, Beryl Park
    Sun 10/16/11 12pm Oct 17 - Oct. 23 Monday. Warmup to Hellman/Highland to Beryl Park
4x1 mi 3:30 rest, then 7 min rest 10 x 30/30around 2nd soccer field. Ab work, run back to school

Tuesday - Warmup Baseline to trail down to  past Vineyard to Red Hill CC Dr.
Workout to be given on site.

Wednesday - 8 mi Recovery run Baseline/Mountain top 10 (San Antonio everyone else)

Thursday - Run to Heritage park, 4 x park loops 1 min jog in between
(Be sure to accelerate off the top of all hills) 3 x long grass. Run back to school

Friday - Wash warmup to lower Red Hill
1-2-3-4-2-2-1-1-1 LONG STRETCH! Abs.

Saturday - Early Bus for Mt SAC To Be announced.
Probably 5:30 AM Departure First races at 7:10 -7:30 am,
Last Races at 12 :50 PM. ALHS
    Mon 10/10/11 5pm - Sat 10/15/11 10am October Monday - 4:30 PM
Warm up Red Hill Park to Tanglewood, return and stretch at park. 6 x 800, 2 x 400, 2x150 (finish of Course)
Cool Down - trail to 7-11 back to top of park, Abs

Tuesday - Warm up to Beryl Park, return to track at school  stretch, 2x800 first lap tempo, 2nd lap @ PR mile pace, 3 min rest in between. 2x400 first 200 @ tempo, second 200 @ 800 PR pace. 4 x 200, first 50 @tempo, finish 150 @90%
1.5 perimeter cool down.

Wednesday - League Meet @ Red Hill
Warm up lower loop, upper loop, 40 minutes before race. Stretch. After race, cool down same as warmup, stretch again.
Thursday - Recovery run everyone (Stretch @Gazebo). 2 packs to Upland HS, 2 Varsity packs to San Antonio & Foothill

Friday Long run to Day Creek(V) or Rochester(JV), Solid pace, not recovery

Saturday - PSAT's, Pancake Breakfast, Rummage Sale
Get in a 60 minute Fartlek run sometime during the day.
Fartlek = speed play. Run at long run pace, throw in surges/speed of varying lengths (30 sec, 2 minutes, 4-6 min, 4 light poles, 3 blocks). get used to picking up the pace, unexpectedly. ALHS
    Mon 9/26/11 2pm - Sat 10/1/11 6:30am Sept 25 - Oct 1 <b><U>Monday </B></U>- Long run to East Ave, along trail, Varsity Boys
Varsity Girls - to Etiwanda, JV's to Day Creek, Fr/So Girls to Elena Park

<b><U>Tuesday </B> Bring Watches</U> - Run to top of Beryl, Varsity Boys. All others Shuttle as necessary. 4 x 1000, working on hills. 3 min rest after each. Varsity, jog down to heritage, then run to school. All others Shuttle to Heritage, run to school.

<b><U>Wednesday </B></U>- Recovery run to Upland HS, Varsity to San Antonio/Foothill

<b><U>Thursday </B></U>- Tempo Thursday - Warm up run to Archibald/Trail, back to Lower Red Hill. Stretch, Drills. 
Run 24 minute tempo run - From Shelter to East side of Soccer Field, around perimeter, around fields, down to path, around path back to start. Tempo run is quick, you can talk, but don't want to. last 10 minutes are uncomfortable. Stretch (Ice Bath top 8)

<b><U>Friday </B></U>- Haven/Highland recovery run (stretch at Beryl Park on way out). Stretch, Abs

<b><U>Saturday </B></U> - Yucaipa Invitational
Meet at school 6:15 AM, leave 6:30 AM
8:00 AM            F/S Boys                      Blue Div 1
8:30 AM            F/S Girls                       Blue Div 1
9:00 AM            Varsity Boys                 Blue Div 1
9:30 AM            Varsity Girls                 Blue Div 1
10:00 AM          JV Boys                       Blue Div 1
10:30 AM          JV Girls                        Blue Div 1
    Mon 9/19/11 2pm - Sat 9/24/11 9pm Sept 18 - Sept 24 Monday - Warm up at school, after team has checked in and everyone is together. As a Boys' group and a Girls' group, Run the perimeter access road that goes around the portables, and the Var Baseball Diamond, then run 3 laps on the track to complete warm up. Re-group, stretch near High jump area.
Run down to Red Hill Park, lower level by the water fountain. Split up into pairs (two person teams) and each person takes turns doing 6 loops. 

LOOP - up path to snack bar by soccer fields, run between soccer fields. Turn left on to course. run course back to water fountain. Time your segments, each should be faster than the last. No watch?, each segment should be greater effort than the last. Cool down run Vineyard to trail, to Baseline, to school. Abs and stretch.

Tuesday -  Beryl Park Warm up. Run to Haven/Highland. Even-paced, group run.. work on staying together!

Wednesday - Bus time 12:00 pm. Release should be at 11:45 am. Check with coach Dodd

Thursday - Those not going to Fresno. Get in a one hour recovery paced run. (conversational) Stay at Red Hill Park.

Friday - 1-1-2-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1-1  at Red Hill. (Stay committed!) Warm up at school, run at Red Hill.

Saturday - log run on your own - 75 - 80 minutes
ALHS/Red Hill park
    Mon 9/12/11 6am - Sun 9/18/11 11pm Sept 12 - 18 Monday AM - Trail to Haven
PM Warm up - Baseline to Archibald to Red Hill. Recovery paced run to 19th/Euclid (3 large groups). Return to Red Hill. Abs, stretch.

Tuesday - JV, FSWarm up Baseline to Archibald 
3:00 P.M. JV Boys 2 MILES 
3:20 P.M. JV Girls 2 MILES
3:40 P.M. Frosh-Soph Boys (Varsity Warm up to Campus) 
4:00 P.M. Frosh-Soph Girls (Varsity Warm up to Campus)
4:30 P.M. Varsity Boys
5:10 P.M. Varsity Girls 
 Wednesday - AM Baseline/Euclid
PM Recovery paced run to Mountain past Upland HS (varsity) everyone else to Upland.

Thursday - No AM
PM - Run to Day Creek (trail), JV to Elena Park run 4 - 5 minute surges, increase tempo from Ramona to School

Friday - Beryl Park Warm up. Run to Haven/Highland. Even-paced, group run

Saturday: Meet in front of school at 3:00 for travel to Rosemead. ALHS, Red Hill Park
    Tue 9/6/11 2pm - Sat 9/10/11 4pm Sept 6 - Sept 10 <b>Tempo Tuesday</B>- BRING WATCHES, Warm up to Amythyst/Highland
6 x 1 mile (JV 5) Start with solid pace for 1st mile, negative split each mile after. 3:30 min rest.

<u>Need water at Park</U>

<B>Wednesday: AM </B>- Moderate paced run to Columbine, San Antonio?

<B>PM - Before run, check out uniforms from Cassie/Mr. Ellert</B>

Recovery paced 8 miles 24th/Euclid. Run in packs!!!
2nd Pack Euclid/Freeway.

<u>Need water at Fire Station, Freeway/Euclid </U>

<B>Thursday AM</B> Trail to Wash - Medium pace

PM -bus to Chaffey HS.
Warm up TWO MILES, Race, Cool down TWO MILES. Run the race hard, but do the warm up and cool down.

<i>Note: The fate of the world does not hinge on this race. We are still in pre-competition mode. The workout is more important today.</I>

<B>Friday </B>- 9 mile recovery pace pack run, top 10 (7mi JV) Out- Trail to Day Creek.

</U>Need water at Elena Park, Haven

<B>Saturday</B> - Marshall Canyon Work together to maintain contact. Each destination stay together.
<U>Remember, the practice is mandatory!</U> Red Hill Park
    Mon 8/29/11 6am - Mon 9/5/11 7pm Aug 29 to Aug 5th Workouts Week of August 29 – Sept. 5
Monday – AM – Trail to wash
PM – 6 x 8 min runs 3 minute rests, stay in shade, Hydrate during break. Sips, please.  5 x 8 min runs for JV, Abs and stretch

Tuesday – Colonies/Euclid/24th  {further if able } (Freeway – JV)
 Ice bath after as everyone returns. Be prepared with change of clothes.
(Back to school night)

Wednesday AM – 40 minute run (out 21, back 19) Pick up pace on return run
PM – Check in – Report to Coach Dodd at Red Hill run 40 Mins (in shade as much as possible).  Those who ran in the AM, Go with Coach Dodd, Back to school at 2:13. 

Thursday AM – Colonies to Euclid (or beyond) 
PM – BRING WATCHES:  Blue/White Team time trials

Friday – Beryl Park to Hellman to Lemon to Haven to Banyon to Osos

Saturday – If you are in town, Run Marshall canyon or put in a long run, 60-75 minutes if possible if you are out of town.

Monday - Get in an early run – Steady run for 55 – 60 minutes. Pick up your pace after 30 minutes. Pick up the pace again after 45 minutes, push the last 5 minutes.
Red Hill Park
    Mon 8/22/11 6am - Sun 8/28/11 4:15pm August 22 - August 28 Be sure to stay hydrated all week Bring water bottles. - Sip water all day long. Sugar drink only with lunch if you must. Stretch before bed.

Monday - AM, Colonies to 19th/Euclid (or beyond) 40 mins max,total

PM - Varsity -Colonies to Euclid/24th to San Antonio (9),  
JV - 22nd st, Newbies to Euclid St.
Push ups, Abs.

Tuesday - Warm up - Baseline to Wash to Lower Red Hill,
Segments Varsity 10-9-8-7 Strong yet relaxed (7min Break) 6-5-4-3-2-1 push last three.
JV 9-8-7 (7 min break) 6-5-4-3-2-1 
Newbies 8-7-6 (5 min Break) 5-4-3-2-1 Long stretch after!!

Wednesday AM - Beryl to Highland, to ? out & back total 40 mins
PM - (7) Beryl to Highland to Hellman to Lemon to Terrecina (past Haven)
JV to Haven (6), Newbies (4)
Abs and Stretch at school

Thursday AM - Baseline to trail towards Milliken
PM - Baseline to Euclid (re-group) 2 x 13th Street, (2 min:30 Break at each end) 

Friday - Warm up down to lower Red Hill from school (run all the way)
2 - Large groups girls, boys 2 x CC course. (leaders, no shortcuts) 1st time run easy, STAY TOGETHER!  2nd time, Hard 1st mile, easy 2nd mile (re-group), hard last mile. Newbies, learn course, break, Join at playground for last 1.5 mi.

Saturday  12 mile Varsity, Gate everyone, newbies, Gorge. ALHS, Red Hill Park
    Mon 8/15/11 2pm - Sat 8/20/11 4pm August 15 - August 21 Monday - AM Baseline to Milliken (or 20 minutes). Return

Afternoon Warm up two perimeters, stretch, Skip drills, butt kicks, careocas.
Varsity - Mountain, everyone else San Antonio. Water at fountain - San Antonio
Try - out (new in the last two weeks) to Campus.

Warm up to Beryl Park (add Highland to Hellman, Varsity)
Varsity 6 x 1 mile
All others 5 x 1mile
Newbies 2 x 1 mile

Wednesday - AM trail to Milliken or 20 minutes
PM - Baseline to trail to lower Red Hill park, Stretch, skip drills, butt kicks, careocas, water.
10 minutes w 2 minutes active rest (sit ups, push ups, abs) x 4 (new x  3)
12 minute large group team cool down, no walking, very easy run.

Thursday - AM Baseline to Columbine (or 20 minutes) 
PM  Warm up Red Hill park 10 mins. stretch. Everyone - Baseline to Milliken (not on trail) make as many water stops as necessary, no walking, stay in shade. Water (7-11, Subway, Starbucks, Shell or Senior Center) Take water bottles.  Plank abs. 20 seconds per positions.
(New runners to Haven or Hermosa as conditions warrent.)

Friday - Baseline to trail to wash to lower Red Hill park. Stretch, Drills, etc. 
Part I - 35 minutes soccer field hourglass, fast diagonals, jog goal lines. (Can be split into two parts with 5 - 7 min rest)
Part II with try outs Newbiew. Coach Morales will bring material for work out.

Saturday - Marshall Canyon, 5 person groups, Gate and beyond, Gate, 3 fingers Red Hill Park
    Sun 8/7/11 6am - Sat 8/13/11 6:30am August 7 - August 13 Monday - 8 mi morning run (choose Colonies or stair-step to Haven/Wilson)

Tuesday - Baseline to Trail to Lower Red Hill warm up. 8-6-4-4-2-7-5-3-3-1 (Varsity), no double for all others.
Ab work after. (Newbies - 1-1-2-2-3-4-3-2-2-1-1) (Tryout - 7 minute warmup 10 x 1 minute)

Wednesday - 6:00 am - 20 minutes out on PET.
PM workout - Baseline to Upland (aerobic)
Newbies to Euclid/15th  (Try out - to Campus)

Thursday - 6:00 am - 20 minutes Colonies run
PM - Tempo Thursday 
Archibald warm - up to lower Red Hill. Everyone 22 minute Tempo Run.
Newbies - 2 x 10 minute (tempo) 2 minute rest in between. 
Tryout - 7 min, 2min rest, 5 minute tempo

Friday - Colonies run to Euclid/24th, Newbies - Euclid, Tryout Tanglewood/Colonies

Saturday - Marshall Canyon beyond gate 12 minutes, Girls 10 minutes.
Everyone else gate or 3 fingers. Newbies - Gorge. NNB - stable Red Hill Park
    Sun 7/31/11 6am - Sat 8/6/11 9am July 31 - August 6 Here are the workouts while coaches are in Big Bear (Runners in Big Bear ran up to 48 miles, M - Th).

Monday - Baseline to trail, stretch. Run trail - steady effort, relaxed, to Rochester,  
Newbies to Haven or 14 minutes (whichever comes first) Conversational paced run, everyone, non-stop.
Abs, push-ups, and back raises, after.

Tuesday - Baseline to trail to bottom of trail (near Vineyard). Stretch. 7 x 4 minute runs, 2 min jog recovery/regroup. (Newbies, 4 x 4 minutes.) Trail to Baseline to park cool down. Plank abs.

Wednesday - Gazebo warm up. - Baseline to Euclid to 23rd st. Newbies to Euclid (to 17th if you think you can) 7 min Abs.

Thursday - Gazebo warm up - Tanglewood to Colonies, 19th to Euclid to 24th. Newbies to Fire station on corner of 19th and Campus.
Saturday - meet Red Hill 6:30 am to go to Marshall canyon.
Beyond Gate, gate, 3 fingers. Newbies - Flat Top. Red Hill Park
    Sun 7/24/11 12pm July 25 - July 30 Bring your equipment to practice every day.
Monday - Beach trip and run - 8 miles, 6.5 miles, grouped run, conversational pace for Marshall canyon runners, push to stay with group, those didn't go.

Tuesday - Trail warm-up to bottom of park. 
1-1-2-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-2-1-1 Be sure to run strong on the timed part and jog on the rest. Ab & Strength work.

Wednesday - Kenyon Way (7), Day Creek (9), East (Freeway) 12. Strong, steady pace.

Thursday - Upland HS (Medium paced with 1 - 2 minute surges every 5 minutes) 

Friday -  meet at Red Hill 6:30 am. Run - Beryl to Wilson run Wilson trail to Haven (8 miles).
Red Hill Park
    Mon 7/18/11 6am - Sun 7/24/11 10am July 18 - July 24 Hawaii - (use to calculate distance)

Monday - (Colonies run) 75 min timed run for varsity (go left @ 24th street), 60 minutes returning runners, 50 minutes newbies,  Aerobic run -  4 groups Boys, Girls, NB Boys, NB Girls, Ab work. 

Tuesday - Tempo Tuesday - Beryl Park (1 mi warm-up) Var - 5, 4 everyone else. Run back to Red Hill, 3 x 5-10 push ups, 3x10 back raises, 15 sec planks.

Wednesday - Stair step run (aerobic) Beryl park warm up - Highland to Hellman, to Lemon, to Amethyst to Banyon, to Wilson, to Osos ( 6 - 10 miles)

Thursday - Meet at Heritage Park - .7 mi warm up (loop of park), Partner loop relay. returners 5 loops, new 4 loops. 2 mile (new), 3 miles returnees cool down.

Saturday Marshall Canyon. everyone 3 fingers at least. Majority to gate, Varsity, 10 minutes past gate. Red Hill Park
    Mon 7/11/11 6am - Sat 7/16/11 8am July 11 - 16 Monday - Non Saturday, steady effort, relaxed, Stay w/top varsity to Rochester, Milliken, Wash - Saturday, conversational, recovery paced. Everyone, non-stop.
ab & Strength work after.
Tuesday - Wash warm up to trail. stretch (50,50,75,75,100,100,125,125,150,150) x 3V, x 2JV, NB, @ 400 m pace. Trail to Baseline to park cool down. 
Wednesday - warm up course, 2 mi xc time trial. cool down course - Ab, Strength work 
Thursday - Colonies loop NB, 19th to Euclid JV, 22nd st Var (24th) Drills at Alta Cuesta.
Saturday - meet Red Hill 6:30 am to go to Marshall canyon.
Gate, 3 fingers, Gorge.

Add lifting pm, M-W Red Hill Park
    Tue 7/5/11 6am - Sat 7/9/11 6:35am July 5 - 9 Tue: Baseline warm-up to trail. Varsity run to Rochester, JV to Milliken/Elena Park, Newbies to Haven. Ab work, stretch
Wed: Warm-up to Beryl Park. 'Stair step' to Haven - Var, Hermosa - JV, Newbies 12 mins out.
Thurs: Baseline warm-up to trail. Cross street, jog to Hellman on trail.
Run 4min push / 2 min jog between Hellman and Bridge, regroup during 2 min. Varsity - 7 repetitions, JV 6, jog to Vineyard then to parking lot, Newbies 4, then back to parking lot.
Saturday: meet Red Hill 6:30 am to go to Marshall canyon. 
3 fingers, Gorge, Stables. Red Hill Park
    Sun 6/26/11 6am - Fri 7/1/11 9am Week 1 27-Jun-11		
Monday	Warm up 10 min run, stretch - static and dynamic 	
	Be sure to sign in if you don't have paperwork	
	Aerobic Run 45 V, 35 JV, 20 mins Newbies 	
	Abs, push ups, back raises, stretch	
Tuesday	Warm up 12 mins, stretch - static and dynamic	
	check in	
	Aerobic 50 V, 35 JV, 20 NB	
	Drills, core work, strength circuit 	
Wed	Warm up 12 min run - active drills light plyos	
	check in	
	push run - L O2 25 min V, 15 JV, 11 NB	
	Recovery 15 min, 8	
Thurs	Warm up - Baseline, wash, lower park	
	check in	Stretch - S/D
	NB 1,1,2,2,3,2,1,1	
	JV 1,1,2,3,4,4, 3,2,1,1	
	V 1,3,5,5,4,4,3,2,1,1	
Friday	Run Long	60 V, 40 JV, 20 NB
	Finish fast, last 3 minutes.	
	Core work, strength circuit	
Sat, Sun, or Monday		Pick your favorite workout from the week or
		go to Marshall Canyon or
		get together and play Ultimate Frisbee
Red Hill Park
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