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Tuesday, June 21
Team Rules

Team Rules

Our team rules are simple. All runners un¬derstand that this is expected of them of as a minimum:

1. Runners are expected to be suited up and on the field by 2:00 P.M.
2. Roll will be taken each day. Run¬ners must check in with the coaches before practice and out with us before you leave.
3. If you report late, you must submit a note from the teacher who detained them showing the time you were dismissed. You must report, suited up 15 minutes after the time indicated on the note. There are no exceptions. The second time runners are late without a note, you will be dismissed from the squad.
4. The only legitimate excuse from prac-tice is absence from school. When you return from an absence it must be cleared within 3 days or it becomes a truancy as per district policy. Two truancies will result in dismissal from the squad. If runners are in school and out of practice twice (two unexcused absences), you will be dismissed from the squad. If you are kept for detention or a meeting, you are not excused from practice. You are expected to bring a note from the teacher and be suited up 20 minutes after the detention or meeting is completed.
5. Runners must be academically eligible. Eligibility is checked is based per the district’s criteria. The reason for this is that, if you are ineli¬gible, you cannot compete and we cannot depend on you. Runners are expected to work out during their ineligible period.
6. Anyone using alcohol or tobacco is not interested in athletics and will be dismissed from the squad. If you aren't strong enough to resist, or smart enough to stay away from these things, you'll never be the athletes we want.
7. Recommended curfew hours are as follows:
Sunday through Thursday, 10:00 P.M.; Friday or Saturday, 12:30 A.M.
Rest is essential!

One final note:
Each of you represents Alta Loma High School, your family, and your team. Additionally you represent us, the coaches. As such your behavior and demeanor whether at school, on training runs or at competitions reflects not just on you individually, but on all of us. We expect that you will comport yourselves with class!
No horseplay on runs, no walking (we are a running team, after all), no obscene language, be respectful and courteous to others on the road or trails. Win or lose, our teams will always have class!

Team Guidelines:

Commit to the team. Our team will only be as great as you are.
Study hard, prepare for college. Your future is important.
Never lie to your parents, earn and keep their trust
Never lie to your coaches. Keep our trust. Maintain your character
Attend all practices. Practices are important. How you approach practices will determine how you approach your races. How you race will determine the team's opportunities.
Be a great teammate. Encourage and support positive attitudes.
Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished,but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.
Excuses are like garbage cans, everyone has them and they all stink! Don't make-up excuses.
Develop and stick to positive plans and create reasons for success. Become the person you would like others to look up to.
See the trainer for real hurts, not for excuses not to run. Lights out by 10:00 PM. Make good use of your study time.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Stay hydrated.