Alhambra Bulldogs: Welcome

Tuesday, October 29
2014 Varsity Season Update #1

 The 2014 season is just around the corner and it's time to prepare.

We will begin  the Strength and Conditioning Program Meeting on Saturday January 4th and the program schedule will be handed out at this meeting.

New game rules and lacrosse program information and policies will also be reviewed and implemented as well

Some agenda items being discussed will be-

Locker room rules and Team Conduct Rules.

What it takes to become a Varsity letterman.

Policy for arriving late to practice or games.

Rules regarding a player who is working a after school job.

GPA requirements to letter on Varisty.

Loaning of equipment and replacement costs.

Stay tuned more updates during the Month of December

See you on the field,

Coach AlShooting Bulldog