Albany Metro Mallers: History

Origin of the Name
The skyline along the Hudson River changed drastically in the mid to late 1960's with the realization of a dream by Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller and Albany Mayor Erastus Corning 2nd as the project that would eventually be named The Empire State Plaza rose in glory from the urban setting of Albany?s Downtown.
When a group of sportsmen and benefactors met in 1968 with the idea of bringing minor league football to the New York tri-cities, they felt that the team name must reflect a sense of community to unify and represent the whole Capital District.
As mentioned, the project site did not have a true name but it did have a prominent nickname --- The South Mall! So, as a tribute to the 6000+ people from all around the area who together as a team, built an incredible architectural landmark, it was in their honor that the "Metro Mallers" were born.

Recent Success

2004 - The Resurrection of a Tradition of Excellence

  • A 15 – 2 Overall Record
  • Empire Football League Southern Division Crown
  • Runner-up for the EFL Title
  • Ranked #6 in the East & 12th in the Nation

2005 – A Shot at Perfection

  • A 16 – 1 Overall Record
  • Undefeated in the Empire Football League
  • Undefeated Regular Season
  • Victories included a mid season non-league win over the 2004 National Champions – the Central NY Express of Syracuse
  • 2005 Empire Football League Champions
  • Ranked #3 in the East and #8 in the Nation

2006 – The Pressure to Repeat!

  • After dropping the season opener, went 13 – 1, the rest of the regular season.
  • Captured their second EFL Southern Division Crown
  • Captured their second Empire Football League Title in 2 years
  • Featured one of the most dominant offenses in Minor League Football history
  • Gaining over 3500 yards passing and 2000 yards rushing
  • Quarterback Scott Lawson & Running Back Sylvester Cooperwood named as Co-Offensive Players of the Year in the EFL
  • Lawson Named National Offensive Player of the Year by the MLFNews
  • Cooperwood captured the MVP at the Minor League Casino Bowl All-Star Game
  • In Post Season, won the USFA North Eastern Region & East Region Crowns
  • Team played in the USA Bowl at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL, losing in overtime to the DC Explosion, 32-26
  • Finished the season 16 – 3, Ranked #2 in the East, & Tied for #2 in the USFA

2007 – Excel with New Challenges

  • Change of league affiliation by joining the North American Football League
  • Of the 6 losses suffered since 2004, 5 of the 6 are to teams that will play in the NAFL in 2007
  • Won NAFL Empire Division in 1st season
  • Went to 2nd round of NAFL playoffs
  • Finished ranked in the Top 50 in the country for the 4th straight season

The Title Games
  • 1973 Chambersburg Cardinals 31 Albany Metro Mallers 12 (Seaboard)
  • 1975 Oneonta Indians beat Albany Metro Mallers (Empire)
  • 1976 Hudson Falls Greenjackets beat Albany Metro Mallers (Empire)
  • 1979 Albany Metro Mallers beat Troy Uncle Sammies (Empire)
  • 1981 Albany Metro Mallers 13 Middleboro Cobras 9 (Eastern)
  • 1986 Albany Metro Mallers beat Marlboro Shamrocks (Eastern)
  • 1987 Scranton Eagles 40 Albany Metro Mallers 34 (OT) (Empire)
  • 1989 Albany Metro Mallers 23 Scranton Eagles 17 (Empire)
  • 1990 Scranton Eagles 35 Albany Metro Mallers 12 (Empire)
  • 1997 Binghamton Jets beat Capitaland Thunder (Empire)
  • 2004 Glens Falls Greenjackets 17 Albany Metro Mallers 0 (Empire)
  • 2005 Albany Metro Mallers 33 Orange County Bulldogs 0 (Empire)
  • 2006 Albany Metro Mallers 39 Watertown Red & Black 0 (Empire)
  • 2006 (Jan 2007) DC Explosion 32 - Albany Metro Mallers 26 (OT)
    (USA BOWL - USFA National Championship Game, Orange Bowl, Miami, FL)

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1973 Albany Metro Mallers