Albany Metro Mallers: Alumni

Here are the memories of those who donned the uniform and played the game.  We hope you enjoy them.  If you know anyone who has worn the 'Blue & Gold', please have them let us know at  We would enjoy adding their voices for all to read.

Dan Allen - #55

Joe Bonarrigo - #49

David DiCaprio - #66

Ted Kruzinski

Al Darling

Paul Szekely - #88

Brian Guynup - #72

Joe Palmerino #54

Friday, July 18
Michael Jones - #77
I was a former player for the Metro Mallers # 77 Defensive Tackle
1984 -1985 -1986
I played with Jeff & Brian Guynup, Sal Iavarone, Jeff Lipscomb, Mike Palmer, Joe Bonarrigo just to name a few

Monday, March 10

This is a list of former players and coaches.  If you have any roster sheets from years past, feel free to contact the Mallers at  We would like to get in touch with as many former Mallers as possible.  If you know any alumni, have them contact us.  The Mallers would like to form an alumni association.

  • Dick Riendeau,  Head Coach
  • Dan Campbell, coach
  • Dick Suker, coach
  • Dave Paganetti, coach 
  • Don Aleksiewicz RB
  • Ed Richardson DB
  • Tom Bougus RB
  • Jim Livesay WR
  • Joe Grasso RB
  • Hilton Perez DL
  • Peter Robinson DL
  • Mandy Adams LB
  • Ken Eitelman DE
  • Tui Halaufia LB/FB
  • Richard Buie
  • Ward DeWitt OT
  • Jerry Ellison DL
  • Joe Izzo OL
  • Nelce Givins OG
  • Dave Fleck LB
  • Bob Baron QB
  • Mike Logan SS
  • Joe Cottone P/WR
  • Glen Waltsak FS
  • Paul Wiedl K
  • Ron Mabra PR
  • Bill Mitchell WR
  • Bill Wideman DL
  • Willie Williams
  • Wayne Dorton
  • Harry Washington SS
  • Frank Owens WR
  • Don Girouard LB
  • Mike Galeo SS
  • Gary Weinlein DB
  • Tim Higgins OL
  • John Kutski RB/LB
  • Nate Simpson LB
  • Nial Howard DB
  • Mike Robochik OL
  • Bll Ellenbogen OL/DL
  • Dave Montagano DB
  • Sandy McCray DB
  • Gregg Dziama LB
  • Randy Troupe OG
  • Eulus Martin LB
  • Mike Shongar WR
  • Vinny Russell WR
  • Jerry Piester TE
  • Robert Starks OL/DL 1978, 81-85