Alaska Football Combine: Welcome

If you are a college football coach, we welcome you to the official website of the Alaska Football Combine

Results from the combines can be found on the menu to the left. Please, check out the results and the athlete roster. We are hoping this site helps with your recruiting efforts! If you have interest in an athlete please go to "How to contact an athlete"  and follow the instructions.

This site was established on May 5th, 2011

Our goal is to provide a quality environment to collect testing data for future college football players. The Alaska Football Combine was developed with the belief that Alaska football athletes are as good as any in the nation. The only difference between Alaskan athletes and the rest of the lower 48 states is the advantage they have getting exposure through local colleges. The Alaska Football Combine has a vision to change all of that through this combine, giving our athletes the exposure they deserve.

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*2013 Combine Dates*

The Alaska Football Combine will be hosting combines in Anchorage on May 23rd at Bartlett High School and in Fairbanks on June 8th at West Valley High School.
If you are interested in hosting a combine as part of your football camp or passing league, please contact us at

College Contacts (to date)

Division I FBS (120) Complete data base
Division I FCS (123) Complete data base
Division II (147) Completed data base
Division III (228) Completed data base
NAIA Colleges (89) Completed data base
National Association of Junior Colleges (62) Completed data base
Northern California Community Colleges (32) Completed data base
Southern California Community Colleges (33) Completed data base

Total College Contacts = 834

This combine is for all high school athletes
(Class of 2013 to 2016)

Each athlete will go through a battery of test*

40 yard dash (electronically timed with 10 and 20 yard splits)
Pro Agility Shuttle (5-10-5)
Vertical Jump
Standing Long Jump
Bench Press (185 lbs for Jr's & Sr's - 135 lbs for Frosh & Soph's)

We will also record the weight and heights of each athlete.

In the end all of this data will be collected by our staff and then posted on this website for all to see.

What makes us unique from all of the other football combines out there is we will actively seek out college football programs from all around the nation to send this data to. We are devoted to making contact with EVERY program possible to get the exposure these athletes would not otherwise get.

As an athlete you can not afford to miss an opportunity this good!

What's stopping you? The site for our next combine will be announced soon.

For more information contact us at