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Monday, October 28
Adirondack Chill Girls Fastpitch Softball Club

Welcome to the Adirondack Chill Girls Fastpitch Softball Club website.  The Chill was formed in 2009 to fill the need for competitive softball teams in the Northern New York area.

For more information about the Chill contact Greg Hayes at (518) 524-5775 or by email at


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Wednesday, February 8
2017 Lake Placid Family Dental Invitational Tournament

2017 Lake Placid Family Dental Invitational Tournament

July 14-16, 2017

Hosted by the Adirondack Chill

Under the auspices of the Lake Placid Youth Athletic Association

Format: 4-game minimum (weather permitting)

3-game preliminary round followed by single elimination

2 Umpires for each game, 3 for Championship

Player of the Game Awards for Pool Play

Trophies for 1st and 2nd place teams

Medals for players on 1st and 2nd place teams

Game balls provided

Location: James Kordziel Athletic Complex, 5514 Cascade Road, Lake Placid (Bathrooms and conceesion available)

Lake Placid Elementary School, 318 Old Military Road, Lake Placid (Portapotty only, no concession)

Entry Fee: $350 Make checks payable to LPYAA

Rosters & Rules: Official USA Softball roster is required

   Birth Certificates or USA Softball player cards required

   USA Softball rules apply except where noted


Teams Entered as of June 23

1. Adirondack Chill

2. Adirondack White Lightening

3. St. Lawrence Thunder

4. Vermont Screaming Eagles

5. Hudson Valley Vengeance Blue


Tournament Schedule

Friday, July 14

6 pm - Adirondack Chill vs Adirondack White Lightening at Kordziel

Saturday, July 15

 9 am - Hudson Valley Vengeance vs Vermont Screaming Eagles at Kordziel at Kordziel

11 am - Hudson Valley Vengeance vs Adirondack Chill at Kordziel

11 am - Vermont Screaming Eagles vs St Lawrence Thunder at Elementary

1 pm - St Lawrence Thunder vs Adirondack White Lightening 

3 pm - Adirondack Chill vs Vermont Screaming Eagles at Kordziel

3 pm - Adirondack White Lightening vs Hudson Valley Vengeance at Elementary

5 pm - Adirondack Chill vs St Lawrence Thunder at Kordziel

Sunday, July 16

9 am - 4th seed vs 5th seed at Kordziel

11 am - 2nd seed vs 3rd seed

1 pm - 4th/5th winner vs 1st seed at Kordziel

3 pm - Championship Game at Kordziel 


Current USA Softball playing rules in effect. For preliminary round, we will utilize USA Softball Rule 7, Section 2F, which gives teams the option of batting more than 9 players with free substitution. Extra hitters can be placed anywhere in the batting order. You may use the player who had the last batted out as a courtesy runner for your pitcher and catcher. All other USA Softball rules apply. For elimination games, we will use a straight 9 player batting order with the option of using DP/Flex.

Time Limit:

All games except the championship game will utilize a 1 hour and 40 minute time limit. No new inning will start after the time limit is reached. For elimination games, if the game is tied at the conclusion of the time limit inning, the next inning will use the international tie breaker rule for each extra inning until a winner is declared. There is no time limit for the championship game. Teams must be ready to start play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.


Preliminary round games can end in a tie.

Mercy Rule:

15 runs after 2 1/2 or 3 innings, 12 runs after 3 1/2 or 4 innings, 8 runs after 4 1/2 or 5 innings

Scoring and Home Team:

The home team book is the official book and is responsible for reporting the final score. The home team will be determined by coin flip in the preliminary round games. The home team will be the highest seed for elimination games.


Will be settled "on the spot" by the Tournament Director or his designee and the Umpire-In-Chief. If neither is available, the decision of the umpire is FINAL!


This is a zero tolerance tournament. If you are ejected from a game by an umpire, you are banned immediately from all tournament premises for the remainder of the tournament. This applies to coaches, players and spectators.


Dugouts may be claimed on a first come first serve basis during preliminary round games. During elimination games, the highest seed will have choice of dugouts.

Determining Standings After Preliminary Round:

A win is 3 points, a tie is 1 point and a loss is 0 points. The tie breaker order is (1) head to head games; (2) least runs allowed; (3) most runs scored; (4) coin flip.

Facility Rules:

Both facilities have a NO DOGS ALLOWED policy and a no smoking or alcohol on school property policy.


There is a large baseball tournament going on at the same time as our tournament. There is ample parking at the Kordziel Athletic Complex in the grass area to the right as you enter the park. That is probably the safest area away from foul balls. The Elementary School has parking in front and to the right side of the school. The field is behind the school. We are the only ones using that field so there will be ample parking there also.