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Thursday, January 5
Coach Bruce Pearl Of Tenneesee says that you MUST play AAU to get the big Scholarship!

Click on the on the Headline to see the article. Coach Bruce Pearl says that to get a scholarship at a big time school you must play AAU basketball. So all those high school coaches that hate AAU dont have a clue what they are talking about and do not have your kids best interest at hand.

One of our teams played at the Houston Kingwood and I saw every top coach in America there. Tom Izzo, Billy Donovan, Tubby Smith, Roy Williams and more. So if AAU doesnt matter and is so terrible why are these guys at the games. They want to see how you play against other top competition. Not against week schools that your high school might play against.

Thursday, January 5
Basketball Recruiting AAU vs High School
Click on the link to see the article.  The importance of AAU basketball is examined and discussed by the experts.

Wednesday, April 7
How AAU Basketball has increased competiveness and skill - click here