Arizona Women's Soccer League: Welcome

Welcome to Arizona Women's Soccer!


The Arizona Women's Soccer League (AWSL) is home to 25+ soccer teams comprised of women ranging in age 18 to 67 and include skills from the novice to the more advanced levels.

The AWSL was founded in the mid-1980's and for 20 years has been dedicated to developing women's soccer skills and increasing soccer opportunities, not just in play but also in officiating. Recently the AWSL and SRA co-sponsored a Referee class focused on promoting women in the field. September through April each year we hold 16 games (8 in the first half and 8 in the second). We play on SUNDAYS. 

We also coordinate and/or sponsor multiple tournaments through out the year. By being a member of the Arizona State Soccer Association (ASSA) our players are eligible to participate in other tournaments such as the Copper Cup, the Friendship Cup, and the Grand Canyon Cup, just to name a few.


Tuesday, September 20
Registration Open

If you are on a team, registration is open! Please see the registration tab to the left and get registered! If you aren't affiliated with a team, you can't register just yet. Email the pickup list now! We will find a team for you and then you can register! Season starts October 9. 

Wednesday, July 23
Pickup List


The pick up list format has changed.
Please email with any questions/problems to Kim

If you want to be included on the pickup list, during the season a team may need additional players. Please include in the e-mail the following information:

-Division request (A, B, C, or D)
-Position(s) played
-Brief soccer history

Please be patient if you don't hear from me right away. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 24
Please "LIKE" Us On Facebook!

Check out our Facebook page. Go to and "like" us. You can post pics, leave comments, and talk soccer all day!  Please keep it clean!

Tuesday, June 17
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Sunday, September 13
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