AZ STATE LL: Welcome

Welcome from the Chairman

Welcome families, players and friends! It is my honor to welcome all of you to our wonderful Little League program!

Let me start off by providing you with some information about Arizona District Administrators Association (ADAA) and Arizona State Little League!

It is the mission of ADAA to provide leadership and support to all member Districts and leagues to ensure that all members and players have the best possible experience. ADAA is the proud home to 14 member Districts providing both Little League Baseball and Softball Programs comprised of player’s ages 5 through 18. The member Districts include District 1 Flagstaff, District 2 Litchfield Park, District 3 Phoenix, District 4, District 5 North Tucson, District 6 Scottsdale, District 7 Mesa, District 8 Nogales, District 9 Yuma, District 10 Camp Verde, District 11 Clifton, District 12 South Tucson, District 13 Tempe, and District 14 Mesa.

ADAA is also proud to administer all of Arizona State Tournaments in both Baseball and Softball. These tournaments provide a great opportunity for our members and players to witness firsthand the possibilities of the Little League program and how, through Courage, Character and Loyalty, they can become a champion on and off the field!

On behalf of the ADAA members, I would like to thank you for visiting Arizona State Little League and for being a member of the largest youth sporting organization in the world. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other ADAA members if you have any questions regarding our Organization or its member Districts and Little Leagues.

All the best,

Carl A. Thompson


Arizona District Administrators Association

2015 State Little League (Majors) Tournament

2015 State Little League (Majors) Baseball is the schedule.  

Congratulations to D13-Chandler National North.  The went through the tournament undefeated.  The now will head to Western Region in San Bernardino to play in the West Regional Tournament.  Good Luck!!  Have FUN! 

Arizona State Little League (Majors) Tournament History

Who won the very first Arizona State Little League (Majors) tournament ever?  What year?  This will take you to a website that has all the information on all of the Arizona State Little League Tournaments.  

Answers: Coolidge Little League was the first Arizona State Little League Champions.  At the time, there were only three districts in the state.  The District Champions were; D1-Flagstaff, D2-Washington and D3-Coolodge.  It was a single elimination tournament.  Coolidge defeated Flagstaff 7-1 and Washington 3-1.  

You can research almost all of the Little League (Majors) Tournaments in all the states and the Little League World Series. 


2015 State 9-10 Softball Tournament

The 2015 State 9-10 Softball Tournament is being hosted by District 4.  The link is to their site for information.

2015 State 10-11 Baseball Tournament

Information posted on District 2 Website.

2015 State Junior Softball Tournament

The 2015 Arizona State Junior Softball Tournament his being hosted by District 14.  Results can be found here

2015 State Junior Baseball Tournament

The Arizona State Baseball Tournament is being held in District 14.  The link is to their site.

2015 State Little League (Majors) Softball Tournament

Congratulations to D12-Sunnyside Little League - the 2015 Arizona State Little League Softball Champions.  They now will advance to the Western Region Little League Softball Tournament at the Little League Western Region Complex in San Bernardino, CA.  

You can follow Sunnyside LL and the results at the LL SB Western Region site. 

2015 State Senior Baseball Tournament

Congratulations to D8-Nogalas for winning the 2015 Arizona State Senior Baseball Championship.  

They now advance to the 2015 Senior League Western Region in Ontario, CA.  The results can be found here.

2015 State Big League Baseball Tournament

Congratulations to D3-Diamondback Little League for winning the 2015 Arizona State Big League Championship.  

They now advance to the 2015 Big League Western Region being held in Bremerton, WA.  The reuslts of the games can be found here

2015 State 10-11 Softball Tournament

Congratulations to D8-Ponytail for winning the 2015 Arizona State 10-11 Softball Championship.  

This level of tournament play ends at the State Level.   

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